Is Graco Crib Mattress Safe? (Everything To Know)

If you are planning to buy a Graco crib mattress for your little one, it is expected that you do thorough research about it. As parents, getting the best baby products should be our top priority.

With the cases of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) recorded in the United States and other parts of the world, it is important to get the right crib mattress that is safe and comfortable.

Graco is an American company that produces baby products such as cribs, cribs mattresses, etc. Are Graco crib mattresses non-toxic to babies? How reliable are these mattresses? You’ll find out in this article

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Is Graco Crib Mattress Safe

Are Graco Crib Mattresses Safe?

Graco crib mattresses have been screened and certified safe by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The mattress is free of harmful chemicals such as lead, mercury, etc. that could pose threat to your child.

Graco Premium Foam Crib Mattress and Graco Ultra Premium Crib Mattress are the two Graco mattresses you’ll find on the market. These mattresses are Greenguard gold certified and CERTIPUR-US certified.

With these two certifications, you can rest assured you are buying a safe crib mattress when you buy from the Graco brand. Graco mattresses are free of harmful chemicals that cause harm to the air and your baby.

Laboratory tests were carried out to ensure that the product is safe before releasing it to the public. Since the company is based in the US, you know what it means to produce substandard products, especially for babies.

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What Is the size of the Graco Crib mattress?

The Graco crib mattress measures 52 inches in length, 27.6 inches in width, and about 5 inches in length. These dimensions are the standard crib mattress size for North America.

The good thing about Graco crib mattresses is that they serve dual purposes – one side is meant for infants, while the other side is meant for toddlers.

For babies around 4 to 18 months, you should use the firmer side of the mattress. That is what babies need at the early stage of development.

Once they are about 18 to 14 months old, you can switch to the softer side. That side is suitable for toddlers.

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How Do I Know If A Crib Mattress Is Safe For My Baby?

Several factors determine whether a crib mattress is safe or not. Whether you are buying an Ikea crib mattress, Graco, or any other brand, below is what to look at when considering the safety of a crib mattress:

The Size

The size of the crib mattress must be compatible with the crib. A mattress should snugly fit the crib, with no more than 1 inch between the crib and the mattress.

Using a mattress that leaves too much space in a crib is a recipe for SIDS.

The State of the mattress

The standard requirement for a mattress is that it should be firm and flat. If you notice any mattress with indentation, that is a safety concern you should take note of.

Even though I frown upon buying a used crib or crib mattress, some persons may find themselves in a position to do so. If for any reason you decide to go for a used crib or crib mattress, it must be as good as new.

Free of Chemicals

Some waterproof crib mattresses contain chemicals that are not good for the environment and your baby. Therefore a safe crib mattress must have been screened for these chemicals.

However, as long as you use a crib mattress cover and a fitted sheet, your baby should be fine with the mattress.


A breathable crib mattress allows good ventilation which is great for your little one. While a mattress with a waterproof surface is good, you shouldn’t allow your baby to sleep on it without a protector and a sheet.

Some of these waterproof surfaces are made of plastic and a baby’s face could get stuck to the plastic surface. That could lead to suffocation.

If you can find a mattress that passes all the safety requirements above, you are good to go. The Graco crib mattress meets these safety requirements and is thus considered safe for babies.

Can I Use Graco Crib Mattresses On Different Crib Brands?

Yes, you can use Graco crib mattresses on other brands of cribs as long as the crib is within the standard size. If you have a Graco mattress and a different brand of a crib, check the measurements to see if they are compatible.

Just make sure the crib is in a good condition and the mattress is firm and flat. Once these conditions are met, you are good to go. Also, make sure you don’t try to pad your baby’s crib with items like bumpers, blankets, etc. 

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Which Graco Crib Mattress Should I Buy For My Kids?

There are two crib mattresses from Graco; the Graco Premium Foam Crib and the Graco Ultra Premium Dual Crib. Of the two, the premium foam crib seems to be more popular amongst parents.

Both mattresses are for infants and toddlers. One side of the mattress is firm (for infants) and the other side is a bit softer (for toddlers).

Whichever one you buy will serve well for its purpose. The premium foam costs $89.99 while the ultra-premium costs $142.99 on Amazon.


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