About Jo-Ann Chatterley

Jo-Ann Chatterley is a mom of four (2 boys and two girls). She’s in charge of all content and editing


Growing up as the family’s first child, I started helping my mom take care of my younger ones at the age of six!

I got married in 2010 to a wonderful husband and we have four kids together, the eldest was born in 2011. As a woman with a lot of experience in taking care of kids, I find it quite exciting to give kids the best treatment they deserve as children. However, no gainsaying the fact that catering to younger ones comes with a lot of challenges.

I have played crucial roles to my friends when it comes to baby things and friends and family know me as “The Baby Specialist.”

My last child was born in 2017 and I must say that I have a thing for helping kids live the best lives they deserve. I’ll be sharing valuable tips on happy parenting for those that are interested in this subject.

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