Is It Safe To Put Two Mattresses In A Crib?

Parenting can be challenging especially when you know that there are a lot of safety rules to follow. As parents, our instincts always tell us to do something in specific ways, but we need to validate what the mind is saying.

If you wonder if it is okay to stack two mattresses in a crib, you are not alone. Virtually every parent has thought about it at some point.

Nevertheless, is it safe to use two mattresses stacked in a crib? What could be the reason for wanting to double the mattress? These are some of the questions we’ll be seeking answers to.

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Is It Safe To Put Two Mattresses In A Crib?

Is It Safe To Put Two Mattresses In A Crib?

While it could be safe to put two mattresses in a crib, certain conditions must be met before you do so. The two mattresses need to be of the same size and they must be firm without indentation.

A lot of people would tell you not to try it because of the issue of SIDS. If the mattresses are snugly fitted and the space between the crib and the mattresses is not more than 1 inch, there shouldn’t be any problem.

However, I have never tried stacking two mattresses in a crib and I’d advise that you stick to one mattress per crib. A Crib is designed to use one mattress for a reason and you should stick with the recommended standard.

Since we are dealing with kids that are still delicate and developing, we should try to stay as safe as possible. I understand that there are reasons why you’d want to double the mattress, but there are better solutions to that.

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Why Do Parents Think Of Stacking Two Mattresses In A Crib

Parents always want the best for their little ones no matter how ignorant they are about an issue. We want to make sure our kids are comfortable and safe in their sleeping environment.

As your baby begins to roll, crawl, and sit, you will know that it isn’t safe anymore to use the highest height setting of the crib. This means you need to go down to prevent any falls.

Now, it could be stressful to drop your little one at the lowest height setting of the crib, especially if you are not so tall. For this reason, some parents believe that using two mattresses to elevate the sleeping surface is the solution.

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Alternatives To Putting Two Mattresses In A Crib

Nowadays, most cribs come with three adjustable height settings. If your baby is about 4 to 6 months old, you can make use of the highest height without any fear of him or her trying to climb the rails.

However, as they grow older, you should make use of the middle and the lower settings for safety reasons.

If you are struggling to get your baby to the lowest setting, you can enhance your height by stepping on a footstool.

Also, most modern cribs have adjustable rails, making it easier to drop your baby.

Before You Use Two Mattresses In A Crib

Peradventure you are using a crib that has no height adjustment and you think using a footstool won’t be okay for you, you may want to settle for two mattresses.

If you plan to double the mattress, please bear in mind the following key tips:

  • The two mattresses must be firm and of the same size. The space between the crib and the mattresses shouldn’t be more than 1″.
  • After stacking the mattresses, there must be a reasonable height between the top mattress (sleeping surface) and the top of the rails. Your little one shouldn’t be able to climb the guard.
  • Always check your baby from time to time to be sure he or she is doing perfectly fine.  This should always be the case regardless of how many mattresses you are using in a crib.

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What Are The Safety Concerns About Using Two Mattresses In A Crib

The health hazard of using two mattresses lies in getting your baby stuck between the mattresses. The risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is something every parent wants to reduce at all costs.

If you think the mattresses you want to stack are not suitable for the crib, you shouldn’t go ahead with the plan.

Also, if you think the mattresses are not firm enough, you should abort the plan of using two because soft mattresses are not safe for infants.

Once you can pass these tests and your instinct tells you to go with the plan, you can go ahead with it.

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Final Thought

Using two mattresses should be your last option after you have tried other ways but failed. If you think you are safety conscious enough and the mattresses are the same size and in good shape, you can go ahead with your plan.

Just be sure your mind is at rest with your plans. If you are having serious doubts about the whole setting, please use just a single mattress. Get a footstool to enhance your height to make it easy to drop your little one inside the crib.

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