Are Jogging Strollers Good For Hiking? (Explained)

Hiking is a great outdoor event that can keep you in shape and allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature. As a mom with a little one, going hiking with your child in a stroller isn’t a bad thing to do.

When using a stroller for hiking, it is important that the stroller has some special features to withstand rough terrains. So, this brings us to the question of the day – Is a jogging stroller good for hiking?

There are several names given to hiking strollers. While some people call them off-road strollers, others call them all-terrain strollers. Nevertheless, are off-road or all-terrain strollers the same as jogging strollers? Let’s find out.

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Are Jogging Strollers Good For Hiking?

Are Jogging Strollers Good For Hiking?

Yes! Jogging strollers are good for hiking because they are designed with special features that make them suitable for any terrain. The good thing about a jogging stroller is that it is versatile – you can use it as a regular stroller, as well as for jogging or hiking.

Unlike the regular stroller that has four or more wheels, a jogging stroller usually comes with three wheels, which tends to provide a good balance when hiking or jogging.

Also, the large tires of jogging strollers ensure that the stroller can go over rough terrain with just a little effort. Most jogging strollers are well-padded to give your child the necessary comfort while you jog or hike.

Therefore, if you have a jogging stroller or are planning to buy one, you can comfortably use it for hiking or any kind of outdoor event you wish to do. Most jogging strollers come with front wheels that have swivel and lock features.

When jogging or hiking, you can lock the front wheel to prevent any unnecessary maneuvering. If you decide to use the stroller in a crowded environment, the swivel feature would make it easy to maneuver.

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Is It Safe To Hike With A Baby In A Jogging Stroller?

It is absolutely safe to hike with your baby in a jogging stroller as long as you follow the standard safety measure. Your baby should be at least six months old and must be well strapped on the jogging stroller before you venture into hiking.

Apart from the age factor, other things such as the comfort of the seat and the reclining position must be perfect.

For example, a vertical or 90-degree sitting position is not suitable for babies of about 6 months old. It should be reclined about 50 to 70 degrees from vertical to provide the best comfort for your little one.

However, infants that are 12 months old and above can sit up during jogging or hiking. Therefore, hiking with a jogging stroller is safe for your kid as long as your little one is up to 6 months old and above.

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At What Age Can I Go Hiking With My Baby In A Stroller?

The best age to ever start thinking of hiking with your baby is from 6 months and above. If your baby is growing and developing faster, you may consider the 6 months mark. In some cases, you might have to wait a little longer to be sure your baby is ready for it.

There is no need to be hasty about the whole thing. Bide your time and enjoy the developing process of your little one.

Babies between 0 and 5 months are still developing the neck and trunk muscles, thus, it is not advisable to place them on a seat that isn’t completely flat. Typically, a child starts to sit up at about 6 months after birth, which is the right time to place them on strollers.

I usually like to be safer when dealing with my kids. For this reason, I wait until about 6 to 12 months before jogging or hiking with my kids.

Generally, going for a walk, jogging, or hiking is an amazing experience, and it takes away the boredom of staying indoors all day.

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Essential Stroller Accessories You Need When Going For Hiking

If you plan to hike with your little one in a stroller, below are the essential stroller accessories you should look out for.

Rain and Wind Shield

To protect your baby from wind, rain, or insects, you need to get a rain shield in case the weather changes. You can check this rain cover on Amazon and it costs around 10 bucks.


Babies have tender skins and can be affected by the slightest sunlight. If you think the intensity of the sun out there is not palatable for your child, you can wear the sunshade on the stroller to prevent the harmful ultraviolet rays from hitting your little one.

You can get a good see-through sun cover on Amazon for around $29.

Seat Pad For Neck Support And Extra Comfort

Having a seat pad for your baby during hiking can be of great importance. If you want your child to enjoy the adventure, he/she would need neck support and a cushion.

Here’s the best-selling seat pad for strollers on Amazon and it costs around 18 bucks.

Safety Harness Strap

Going for the 5-point safety harness strap ensures that your baby is well-strapped in the stroller. This, of course, is an important factor to consider when choosing the best jogging stroller for hiking or jogging.

Wrist Strap

You want to be connected to the stroller at all times. To do so, you need to wear a strap on your wrist to avoid any slipping.

If you are descending from a hilly surface, you want to avoid anything that would make the stroller slip from your hand. A free fall of a stroller from a hill could be fatal for your baby. A wrist strap is what you need to avoid that from happening.

Here’s a good safety wrist strap on Amazon that costs around $14

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Do I Need A Jogging Stroller and A Regular Stroller?

No, you don’t need to have a regular stroller if you have a jogging stroller already. The versatility of a jogging stroller makes it suitable for strolling, jogging, and hiking.

However, most jogging strollers do not come with big storage baskets when compared to the regular 4-wheeled stroller. If you must visit a store with a jogging stroller, you should make sure you are getting just one or two items.

Overall, a jogging stroller is a good fit for different outdoor activities, thanks to its sturdy design and special features that make it rugged.

Top 3 All-Terrain/Jogging Strollers For Hiking And Jogging

In order not to bore you with a long list of strollers for hiking, we have narrowed it down to 3. Choosing any of the 3 strollers below would be perfect for hiking.

BOB Gear Alterrain Stroller


Britax B-Free Stroller


Baby Trend Race Jogger


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