Is Ikea Crib Mattress Standard Size? (Read This First)

When it comes to baby furniture and toys, Ikea is one of the world’s leading companies most parents rely on. Among other products, Ikea baby cribs and mattresses are patronized by people all over the world.

Cribs and crib mattresses come in different sizes – standard crib mattresses, mini crib mattresses, and oval-shaped ones. However, our focus in this article is the standard crib mattress.

Is the Ikea Crib mattress the standard size? What is the standard size of a crib mattress? Can I use a crib mattress from another retail store on Ikea Cribs? These are some of the questions we’ll answer in this short write-up.

Before we find out whether Ikea cribs and Ikea crib mattresses are the standard sizes, let’s look at the standard size of a crib mattress.

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Is Ikea Crib Mattress The Standard Size?

What Is The Standard Size Of A Crib Mattress?

Going by the North American standard Crib Mattress size, a crib mattress must measure between 51 5/8 and 53 inches long and 27 1/4 and 28 inches wide. The thickness can range from 4 to 6 inches thick.

Since there are different brands of crib mattresses, there could be some slight differences in the dimensions of the mattresses. For example, while some mattresses are 27 1/4 inches wide, others could measure 27 1/2 inches.

These slight variations don’t make much difference as long as the mattresses fall within the standard range.

The rule of thumb is that the space between the crib and the mattress shouldn’t exceed 1 inch.

For the safety of your little one, a crib mattress should snugly fit the crib to avoid any form of mishap.

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Is Ikea Crib Mattress The Standard Size?

Yes, the Ikea crib mattress is the standard size. In the US, the Ikea crib mattress measures 27 1/2 inches in width and 52 inches in length, making it fall within the standard crib mattress size.

According to US law, all brands of cribs must produce cribs that must fit the standard crib mattress size. This is so because it gives parents a wide option when choosing a crib mattress for their kids.

Another reason for the standard measurement is safety. There have been cases of SIDS, and to reduce it, all adequate measures need to be put in place to protect vulnerable babies.

Therefore, to comply with the law, Ikea has made sure it produces cribs and crib mattresses that meet the standard size.

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Can I Use Ikea Crib Mattress On Other Cribs And Vice Versa?

Yes, you can use Ikea crib mattresses on other brands of cribs without any issue. Also, if you have an Ikea crib, you can get a mattress from a different retail store and use it on an Ikea crib without any problem.

This is where the US standard crib mattress measurement comes into play. To remove the stress of finding a particular size of crib mattress in the marketplace, hence, the regulated standard measurement.

Once you are able to find a standard crib mattress that is comfortable and safe for your little, the brand of the crib doesn’t matter as long as the crib and the crib mattress are the standard size.

If you find a mattress that you prefer to the Ikea mattress, you can buy it and safely use it on an Ikea crib. However, make sure you double-check the measurements to be sure you are doing the right thing.

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Are Ikea Crib Mattresses Waterproof And Breathable?

Most Ikea crib mattresses are waterproof and breathable. A waterproof mattress prevents leaks and excretion from sipping through the mattress. This is a good thing because it saves you from frequent buying of mattresses.

Another good feature of Ikea mattresses is their breathability. A breathable crib mattress means your baby is safe even when he or she rolls over face down. This reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

However, if you bought an Ikea cot mattress that is not waterproof, you don’t need to worry about it because there are crib mattress covers to use.

With a mattress protector, your mattress will remain clean and it is easier to wash stains off a mattress cover than the mattress itself.

You should also take note that some waterproof crib mattresses are made from harmful chemicals that could affect your little one.

Therefore, whether you choose to buy a waterproof or non-waterproof crib mattress, make sure you get a mattress cover.

Are Ikea Crib Mattresses Safe For Babies?

Yes, Ikea crib mattresses are safe to use for babies since they meet and exceed the strict safety standards set by the relevant authority. For crib mattresses, safety is the number one thing to consider and Ikea meets that.

In terms of comfort, you shouldn’t place your little one on a bare crib mattress. Always make sure you use a mattress cover and a fitted sheet on the mattress.

Ikea cot mattress covers are removable, machine-washable, and breathable for good ventilation.

Therefore, if you are buying or want to buy a cot mattress from Ikea, you can do that without any fear because the mattresses are safe for babies.

However, buying a mattress that is safe is not the only thing that keeps your baby safe. There are other safety practices you must maintain.

For example, your baby’s crib should be free from bumpers, pillows, blankets, etc. These items are hazards to babies and could cause suffocation.

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Must I Use Ikea Fitted Sheets For Ikea Mattresses?

Since most crib mattress sizes fall within the standard measurement, it means that most of the mattress sheets are almost the same sizes.

If you are using an Ikea crib mattress and you can easily buy the Ikea mattress sheet from a store, I will advise you to get the Ikea sheet.

Nevertheless, the major thing you should focus on is to be sure that the sheet snugly fits the mattress. You don’t want to use a loose sheet that can get your baby stuck. This could lead to suffocation.

To me, I prefer to use a sheet for a particular mattress. If I am using an Ikea crib mattress, then I should find an Ikea fitted sheet for the mattress.

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