Do Pottery Barn Cribs Need Special Sheets? (Explained)

Apart from buying a sturdy and high-quality crib, care must be taken when choosing a crib sheet. Not all crib sheets are suitable for all cribs. You must be sure of a sheet’s compatibility with the crib before buying.

If you own a Pottery Barn crib, chances are you have invested some good funds in your baby’s nursery. Do you need a special crib sheet for a Pottery Barn crib or just any other sheet would do? That’s our focus in this article.

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Do Pottery Barn Cribs Need Special Sheets?

Do Pottery Barn Cribs Need Special Sheets?

When you buy a crib and a crib mattress from Pottery Barn Kids, you are persuaded to buy a crib sheet to compliment the mattress. That is not compulsory as you can find other crib sheets that will fit the mattress.

However, you must understand that not all crib sheets are the same. They vary in dimensions, making them suitable for specific mattresses.

Typically, Pottery Barn crib sheets measure 27.5 inches wide and 52 inches long. That is the measurement for a standard crib mattress. Hence, if you can get a sheet within these measurements, you should be able to use it with a Pottery Barn crib.

If you come across a sheet you like and the measurement is the same as that of a standard mattress, nothing stops you from using the sheet. Just make sure the sheet fits snugly, and you’d be fine.

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Which Crib mattress sheets are best for Pottery Barn Cribs?

The best mattress sheets for Pottery Barn cribs are the ones that fit the mattress snugly. There are dozens of crib sheets being sold by Pottery Barn, and you can choose any one that is appealing to you.

Pottery Barn crib sheets are from 100% breathable cotton materials for comfort and safety. Apart from using a Pottery Barn crib sheet, you can also find some good sheets on Amazon or in retail stores.

Just ensure the crib sheet has the same dimensions as the crib mattress and it fits snugly.

Some Useful Tips For Crib Mattress Sheets

Since the crib sheet is where your baby will be lying, you want to make sure it is always clean and free of germs. Babies have delicate skin and can react to germs, thus, leaving their skins with rashes.

You should change a crib sheet at least twice every week. That is because babies often soil their sleeping environment and it is our responsibility to keep the sleeping surfaces clean all the time.

You should have at least 2 extra crib sheets in case of any urgent change.

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If you own a Pottery Barn crib and are thinking of the crib sheet to use on the mattress, you can either get one from Pottery Barn or get one from another brand. However, the sheet must fit snugly for the safety of your little one.

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