Are IKEA Cribs Good? (Quick Facts)

Being a parent comes with mixed feelings – the joy of having your dear baby and the daunting feeling of getting the best baby products.

When buying baby furniture or any other baby product, you’d want to be double sure you are buying the best. Many parents get really exhausted at this stage.

If you are searching for a crib to buy for your little one, you probably must have come across an IKEA baby crib. Are IKEA cribs any good? This is a question you’ll seek an answer to.

In this write-up, we will focus on IKEA cribs to see if they are worth investing in.

Are Ikea Cribs Good?

Are IKEA Cribs Any Good?

When it comes to furniture, IKEA is one of the most reputable companies in the world. IKEA cribs are very good in that they meet and exceed the safety standards set out by regulatory authorities around the world.

Before any crib sells in the United States, it must meet the requirements set out by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This means the product must have gone through different tests to be approved.

However, for any product to be termed good, there must be some special features that make them stand out. Let’s go through some of the features of IKEA cribs that make them good to use.

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What Features Make IKEA Cribs Good For Use?

When dealing with babies, your number focus should be on safety. Babies are helpless and 100% depend on their parents to make the best decisions for them. For this reason, we’ll begin with safety!


If you live in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, or any part of the world, there are safety standards set out for cribs. These standards must be met before a company can sell its product.

IKEA cribs were made to meet the strictest safety laws anywhere in the world. The sidebars of IKEA cribs are rightly spaced to prevent your little one from getting stuck and the materials used for making the cribs are non-toxic.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is caused by different factors – suffocation, inhaling harmful chemicals, getting stuck in a crib, etc.

IKEA has done a good job in ensuring that the risk of SIDS doesn’t come from their end. The materials used are baby-friendly, with perfect finishing.


The simplicity of IKEA cribs is another thing to talk about. Although simple, these cribs are sturdy, durable, and easy to assemble.

You don’t need any special technical skills to put the crib together. Just follow the simple manual guide and you will be fine.

IKEA may not be the best crib when it comes to design, but it does the job of accommodating your dear child. If you like something simple, you probably would like what IKEA has.

Note: You should always unpack and assemble the crib inside your home because it may not go through the door if done outside the home. A lot of people have faced this problem, hence, I’m telling you beforehand.


IKEA cribs don’t stop at being a crib alone. It can be converted to a toddler bed, meaning it will serve your child for years. This is a great feature to look out for when buying a crib.

There are three adjustable sleeping positions on IKEA cribs – the top, middle, and bottom. As your baby grows, you go downwards to prevent any falls from the crib.

Also, since IKEA cribs are the standard size, you can use any standard mattress size on them. Of course, IKEA sells crib mattresses and it is better if you can get one for the crib.

However, if you have a preferred choice of crib mattresses and it is the standard measurement, it will fit in your IKEA crib without any fear.


If you are like me who don’t want to fork out thousands of dollars to get a crib, then the IKEA crib is something you’d want to get.

IKEA cribs may not be the cheapest in the marketplace, but with a few hundred bucks ($130 to $400), you will get yourself a decent crib from IKEA.

I normally do not like to splash out money on cribs. As long as the crib is well-built, it is okay for me. I’d want to do better in getting a good crib mattress because that’s where my little one will sleep.

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Which IKEA Crib Is The Best To Buy?

IKEA has about 6 different cribs (Gulliver, Sniglar, Sundvik, Gonatt, Myllra, and SMagora). Choosing any one of these should serve you well.

The Sniglar is the cheapest and costs about $130. However, Gulliver and Sundvik seem to be the two top-selling cribs, and they cost $150 and $200 respectively.

If you want a more sophisticated crib that comes with a drawer at the bottom, the Gonatt and Myllra are your best bet. The Gonatt crib sells for $300 while the Myllra crib sells for $400.

A lot of people go for Sniglar, Gulliver, or Sundvik. Whichever one you choose to buy is fine.

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Final Thoughts – Are Ikea Cribs Good?

IKEA is a Swedish-founded company known for producing good products. Their cribs are good and are one of the most sought-after cribs around the world.

The cribs meet the strictest safety standards, are built solidly with non-toxic materials, and they are affordable.

If you want a crib you can use for your baby both in infancy and toddlerhood, you should get an IKEA crib. It is also the standard size, meaning you can decide to use any other crib mattress on it.

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