How Much Are Used Baby Cribs? (Complete Guide)

Parenting is expensive! There are a lot of things to buy for your kids if you want them to have a happy childhood experience.

In some cases, parents are tempted to buy some used baby products or sell the old ones at home. This is never a bad thing, instead, it is a good way to cut costs or make a few bucks from selling used products.

In this article, our focus will be on used baby cribs. Whether you are planning to buy a used baby crib or sell one, you will get clues on how to execute the process.

How much is a used baby crib? Is it safe to buy a used crib? What can I do with a used baby crib? These and many other things will be explained as you read on.

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How Much Are Used Baby Cribs?

How Much Are Used Baby Cribs?

Although there is no fixed price for selling a used crib, you can budget between $30 and $70 to get one. The final amount you’d pay depends on some factors.

First, you would want to have a history of the crib to know how many years it’s been used and for how many kids. You should also consider the newness of the crib to be sure that it is worth buying.

Finally, your bargaining power would also help you to beat down the price a little bit.

The average price of a brand new baby crib is about $180. Assuming a new crib costs $150, I’d pay between 20% and 50% of the price for a used one, which is between $30 and $75. The final price should be closer to the lower benchmark ($30).

If you’re lucky to get a good seller that is bent on selling a crib, you could even get a good crib for as low as $20. A few years back, my cousin bought an almost-new crib for $25. It was a blessing.

If you take your time to find a used crib, you will get yourself a good one that would cost at most half the price of a new one.

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What Can I Do With A Used Baby Crib?

Assuming all your children are grown up and there is nothing to use the baby crib for, there are different ways to dispose of the product.

We shall be breaking it down into two categories; cribs that are still in good shape and cribs that are not suitable for use anymore.

What Do To With Used Cribs That Are Still In Good Shape

Below are what you can do with a used crib that’s still good to be used

Sell The Crib

If you have a used crib that is in good condition and compliant with the safety standards, you can decide to sell it to other parents. There are thousands of parents searching for used cribs every day and you can sell them to them.  We will talk about where to sell used baby cribs in just a moment.

The price you wish to sell the crib depends on you, as there is no fixed price. If you are not all about the money, you can go lower with the price.

Donate To Charity

Did you know that there are several charities in the United States and other places in the world that would be glad to receive the gift from you? You can decide to be a blessing to humanity by giving out your used products.

However, to make your goodwill viable, the crib must be safety compliant and all the parts must be intact.

Give To Family And friends

As it is usually said, charity begins at home! You can look for a family that is close to you and in need of a crib. If you find one, you can bless them with the crib.

What To Do With Used cribs That Are Not In Good Shape?

If you assess your crib and find out it is not worthy to be used by another person, please don’t give it out. Below are some great ideas on what to do.

Look For Recycling Company

You can look up online or offline for a recycling company to help dispose of your condemned baby crib. There are quite a lot of them in the US and you can search according to where you live.

You can also ask in your community if anyone could recommend one to you.

Make Something Out Of A Condemned Baby Crib

If you are crafty, there would be no need to use a recycling service to dispose of a crib. There is a long list of things you can do with old cribs. Below are some:

  • Chairs
  • Child’s desks
  • Dog crates
  • Plate rack
  • Bench
  • Jewelry organizer
  • Wall hanging
  • Magazine rack

To learn more about what to make from an old baby crib, check out this useful resource.

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Is It Safe To Buy A Used Baby Crib?

There is nothing wrong with buying a used baby crib as long as the crib is in a good shape and meets the standard safety measures. There is no law stopping you from doing so, but you need to do it correctly to avoid a penny-wise pound-foolish situation.

Nevertheless, unless you are very low on cash and can’t include a new crib into your budget, you should always strive for new baby products. With coupons, you can get a new baby crib for $100, which is about the same price some people sell their used cribs.

Buying a used crib from the original owner is the best way to go about it. That way, you can ask about the history of the crib to know if it still has salvage value.

Like I said earlier, you can be lucky to get an almost-new baby crib for an unbelievable price.

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The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Used Baby Crib

Virtually everything with good sides also has one or two downsides. If you are considering buying a used crib for your child, below are the pros and cons to know about.

Pros Of Buying A Used Baby Crib

  • It saves you some money
  • You can get a really good deal if you search diligently
  • There are different websites where you can easily find used cribs

Cons Of Buying A Used Baby Crib

  • Buying a used baby product is considered hazardous in most cases. It is always recommended to go for new products when dealing with kids.
  • The deal could go wrong and you’d end up buying a crib twice. If the crib doesn’t meet the current safety requirements, there could be a recall of the product.

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Where Can I Buy Used Baby Cribs And Other Baby Gear?

There are several places to buy used baby gears. Some of these places take their time to inspect the item to make sure it’s in a good state. Below are some places to find a used baby crib to buy.

  • Craiglist
  • OfferUp
  • Weepea
  • Facebook marketplace
  • Rebelstork
  • ThredUP
  • eBay
  • Good Buy Gear
  • Neighbors

Things To Consider Before Buying A Used Baby Crib

Before you buy a used baby crib or any other baby gear, you should use the screening process below.

Buy From A Trusted Person

Although you can find used baby cribs online, it is always better to buy from a person that is close to you. It could be your neighbor, friends, or colleagues.

Inspect The Product In Person

Don’t rely on pictures when buying a used crib for your baby. pictures can be tweaked to appear enticing to the eyes. Visit the owner of the product and see the condition for yourself.

If you notice any safety hazards in the product, please steer clear of it. Your baby’s safety is worth more than anything.

Be Mindful Of Recalls

If a product fails to meet the general safety standards or if there is a defect in the product, there is always a recall. Therefore, before you buy any used product, double-check for any recall notices to save yourself and your child.

Check For Any Missing Parts

Be sure that the crib has no missing parts before buying. Some cribs have loose fittings or missing parts, making them safety hazards to your child.

Wash Before Use!

Assuming you have gotten a crib that meets the requirements above, you shouldn’t use it immediately. You have to wash and sanitize the crib from germs. Clean thoroughly and be sure it is clean enough before using it.

If the seller of the crib is offering you the crib mattress, it must be clean and in good condition. If not, you should set aside some money to get a new crib mattress.

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Final Thoughts

Buying a used crib for your baby shouldn’t be your first option. You should resort to this option only if you have a very tight budget and you trust the person you are buying from.

Overall, you can get a really good deal from a used crib. Just make sure the safety standards are not breached and you should be good to go.

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