Do IKEA Crib Sheets Fit Regular Cribs? (Quick Check)

Using the right crib sheet on your baby’s crib is as important as any other thing that pertains to your little one’s sleeping environment.

IKEA is known for producing cribs and crib sheets, amongst other things. Does one need to buy a crib and a crib sheet from IKEA? Or can you use an IKEA crib sheet on another brand of a crib?

We will go through this topic as it is very important to have a sheet that snugly fits the crib mattress. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is serious issue parents need to prevent at all costs.

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Do IKEA Crib Sheets Fit Regular Cribs?

Do IKEA Crib Sheets fit regular cribs?

Yes, IKEA crib sheets will fit regular cribs. This is because there is a standard measurement for cribs and IKEA ensures it works with these measurements.

If you have a standard crib at home and you prefer to use the IKEA crib sheet on it, you can go ahead with it. Just make sure the sheet fits the mattress snugly without any folds that may pose a risk.

IKEA has some of the nicest cribs, crib mattresses, and crib sheets out there. It is okay if you want just crib sheets from the IKEA store. However, if you are in a position to buy both the crib and the sheet from the same company, that’d be nice.

Most brands will advise you to buy both their cribs and their crib sheets because they are made for each other. But this is not compulsory as long as you get the right size from a different company.

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What is the size of an IKEA crib sheet?

The standard size of an IKEA crib sheet is 28″ wide by 52″ long. This is the size of a regular crib sheet and it should fit a mattress as long as the mattress is the standard size.

Nevertheless, it seems IKEA has two sizes of crib sheets – one is 52″ long (which is considered the standard one) and the other is about 48″ long.

Therefore, when buying one, you should ensure you check the size. If you own a standard crib, you should go with the sheet that measures 52″ long.

A typical crib measures about 27″ wide and 53″ inches long (with slight variations from brands). With these dimensions, it suffices to say that a standard crib sheet from any brand would fit any regular or standard crib mattress.

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What are IKEA Crib Sheets Made Of?

IKEA crib sheets are made from 100% cotton, making them safe and comfortable for babies to sleep on.

Since a crib mattress is firm, getting a sheet that is breathable and made of soft material is what you need. That is what IKEA took into consideration when making their sheets.

Note that IKEA crib sheets are not waterproof and I do not recommend using a waterproof sheet for babies. Apart from the discomfort, a waterproof crib sheet is hazardous and could suffocate a child if he/she sleeps face down.

To protect the crib mattress from leaks, you should get a waterproof mattress cover to do the job. As for the sheet, one made of 100% cotton should be your choice and that’s what IKEA presents to you.

Another thing about the IKEA crib sheet is that the elastic helps to keep the sheet smooth no matter how many times a baby turns.

IKEA sheets contain no chemicals that are harmful to a baby’s tender skin or health. In all, I believe IKEA crib sheets are safe and comfortable that’s why most parents like them.

Are IKEA Crib Sheets Any Better?

IKEA cribs sheets are just like any other good sheet out there that is made of breathable and soft material. There are several good crib sheets to buy from different brands and IKEA happens to be one of them.

A sheet that can absorb moisture, breathes, and feels soft and comfortable to the skin is what you need. You also want to get something easy to wash because your baby will definitely mess things up at some point.

IKEA crib sheets meet these requirements, and so are other good crib sheets that are made from 100% cotton. Once you can get a standard size sheet, it can be used on any standard crib mattress.

How many crib sheets do I need?

The number of crib sheets you need depends on what you want. You should get anything from 3 to 5 sheets for your little one. This way, you can’t be taken by surprise as you’d always have at least a clean sheet available.

Changing a crib sheet should be done at least twice a week if you want to keep your baby’s sleeping environment clean. If you can, you should consider changing sheets every other day.

Final thought

As long as you have a standard IKEA crib mattress, you can use it on any regular crib mattress. Just make sure the sheet properly fits the mattress and you are good to go.

IKEA has good crib sheets at relatively affordable prices. Give your dear child the best safety and comfort by going for good baby products.

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