Does An IKEA Crib Expire? (Read This First!)

While it is true that seeing your little one grow brings so much joy, you can’t deny the expenses that come with the process.

Buying baby gear doesn’t come cheap, the list is almost endless. In most cases, it is only wise to want to reuse the items you used for your first child for the new arrival(s).

However, while there is a long list of things you can reuse, there are some items you need to be sure of whether they expire or not. One of these items is a baby crib.

If you have an IKEA crib or any other brand of a crib, you want to make sure it meets the safety regulations governing cribs. For that reason, the question of whether a crib expires or not pops up.

Does the IKEA crib expire? How can I know if a crib is not safe for use anymore? How long should I use a crib for my little one? These are some of the questions to answer in this write-up.

Does An IKEA Crib Expire?

Do IKEA Cribs Expire?

No, IKEA cribs or other cribs do not have a specific expiration date. However, some people tend to use the word expire when the crib is not safe to be used anymore.

Unlike car seats and other baby gear that have expiration dates, you can use an IKEA crib for as long as the crib is still in good condition.

The last safety regulations for cribs were published in June 2011 by the United States CPSC. In these safety regulations, the call for stronger and quality materials for the production of cribs was mandated.

Therefore, if you have a crib that was made after 2011, you can be pretty sure that it meets the recent safety regulations, and thus, is safe to use for your kids as long as it stays strong.

Does that mean that cribs made before June 2011 aren’t safe anymore or are expired? Not so! If you have an old crib that is not worn out and the paint isn’t peeling off already, you can still use them.

Some families have the tradition of passing an antique bassinet or crib from generation to generation. While this is a nice thing to behold, you must be extremely sure the old crib is safe for use.

You may want to visit an expert for refinishing and to check if the crib is still in good condition. If it’s not, please let it go and invest in a new one.

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How Long Can I Use An IKEA Crib Before It Becomes Unsafe?

You can use an IKEA crib for as long as it remains intact. If no parts are missing and the painting is still perfect, you don’t need to be worried about safety.

It might take 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, or even longer depending on how you maintain the crib. You may even end up selling the crib, donating to a charity, or blessing a friend or family member.

But before you give out a crib, you must be sure that it is safe for use. You don’t want to give out a worn-out crib because the consequences can be dire.

Whether you have the IKEA Sniglar, IKEA Sundvik, IKEA Gulliver, or any other IKEA crib, you can use them for all your kids.

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Do IKEA Cribs Contain Toxic Materials That Can Harm My Child?

No, IKEA cribs are non-toxic because they are made from natural and baby-friendly materials. The cribs have been tested and approved by different safety agencies around the world.

When using an IKEA crib or any other crib, make sure there are no hazards that could harm your baby. The crib should have just a crib mattress, a mattress cover, and a clean sheet.

At the early stage of your baby’s development, you don’t need bumpers, pillows, blankets, etc. All these items will be needed at the later stage when your child starts having control over himself/herself.

Once you can keep to these safety measures, you won’t have any issue using IKEA cribs because they don’t contain toxic substances.

Can I Convert An IKEA Crib To A Toddler Bed?

Yes, you can convert an IKEA crib to a toddler bed. IKEA is a great company that aims to produce versatile cost-effective products. That can be seen in their cribs.

IKEA cribs are standard cribs that measure 27 1/2 inches wide by 52 inches long. The crib is designed such that you can remove one of the long sides of the rails to meet your baby’s growing demand.

Also, the IKEA crib mattress has a double-sided function – the firm side is the crib mattress while the softer side is the toddler mattress. This means you can easily convert the crib into a toddler bed without ever needing to buy another toddler mattress.

How Long Should I Use An IKEA Crib For My Little One?

You can use an IKEA crib until your child is about 6 to 7 years old. A typical IKEA crib has a maximum weight limit of 50 lb, which is about the weight of a 7-year-old child.

Once your dear child reaches the maximum weight limit, you need to transition to a twin bed.

Since the crib is convertible, you don’t need to spend extra money buying a toddler bed. Both IKEA cribs and IKEA mattresses are designed to serve for a longer period.

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