Does Newton Mattress Fit Ikea Crib? (Important Facts)

There is a lot to learn about cribs and crib mattresses if you want your baby to be safe and comfortable. Babies spend most hours of the day sleeping, hence, the need to ensure the sleeping environment is set correctly.

Different crib brands tend to also produce mattresses to fit in their cribs. For example, IKEA makes crib mattresses designed for their cribs. So also are brands like Newton, Babyletto, DaVinci, etc.

As parents, we have our preferences! It is possible for a parent to like an IKEA crib but not the IKEA mattress. It could also be that you have a Newton mattress already and would like to use it with another brand of a crib.

In this article, our focus will be on the IKEA crib and the Newton mattress. How compatible are these two? Can I make the combination without any safety concerns? These are a few questions to seek answers to.

Before we do that, we must look at Newton crib mattress sizes.

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Does Newton Mattress Fit IKEA Crib?

What Are The sizes of Newton Crib Mattress?

Before buying the Newton crib mattress, you must understand that there are two types of mattresses – the standard crib mattress and the mini mattress.

The standard Newton mattress has dimensions of 52″ long by 28″ wide by 5.5″ thick. Whereas the mini crib mattress has dimensions of 37.75″ long by 23.75″ wide by 3″ thick.

Going by these measurements, you can see that the standard mattress has similar dimensions to other regular mattresses in the marketplace.

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Does The Newton mattress fit the IKEA crib?

Yes, a standard Newton crib mattress will fit the IKEA crib. There are standard measurements for cribs and mattresses and both Newton and IKEA adhere to these measurements.

However, there is a catch! Since the regular Newton mattress measures 28″ by 52″ and the IKEA crib measures 27 1/2 ” by 52, one would be kind of skeptical about the combination.

Nevertheless, the 1/2 inch difference in width won’t prevent the mattress from fitting the crib. Even with a mattress cover and a sheet, it will still fit in the crib. You only have to do a bit of compression to make it work.

Therefore, if you have an IKEA crib and a regular mattress from Newton, you can use them together without any safety concerns. The mattress will snugly fit the crib which is the recommended standard.

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Can I Use Newton Mini Crib Mattress On IKEA Crib?

No, you cannot use a Newton mini crib mattress on IKEA cribs because the measurements are different. Doing this means there would be too much space inside the crib which poses a threat to your little one.

IKEA doesn’t produce mini cribs, it only makes standard cribs. Even if IKEA produces mini cribs, they still might not be compatible with Newton’s mini-mattresses because mini cribs don’t have a specific size.

If you have a mini crib mattress from Newton, it is advisable to buy a mini crib from the same brand. That way, you are sure of not breaching any safety precautions.

Do IKEA Cribs Have Different Sizes?

IKEA has just one size for its cribs and that is the standard size for regular cribs. IKEA crib measures 27 1/2 inches wide by 52 long, thus, can accommodate standard mattresses from different brands.

Whether you have the IKEA Gulliver crib, Sundvik crib, or the IKEA Sniglar crib, they all come in the same size and can be used for different brands of mattresses.

Can I Use The Standard Newton mattress on any crib?

Yes, you can use a standard Newton mattress on any crib if the crib has the standard measurement. For example, If your preferred crib is Babyletto and you have a Newton mattress, nothing stops you from using them both.

I like to buy a less expensive crib that is durable and has the features of a good crib. My major investment is in the mattress because that’s where my baby will be sleeping.

Although the Newton original mattress costs $299.99, it is one of the most preferred on the market because of its safety and comfy features.

Final Thought – Make Sure The Mattress Snugly Fits The Crib

While it is true that cribs and mattresses have standard sizes, there is still some little variation in sizes from brand to brand. Therefore, before making a purchase, always check the measurements.

If the size difference between the mattress and the crib is less than 1 inch (just as in the case of the Newton mattress and the IKEA crib), you can use them together.

However, if the difference in length or width between the crib and the mattress is up to 2 to 3 inches, then it is not considered safe.

We hope you found this article helpful!

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