Mesh Bassinets Vs. Non-Mesh Bassinets? (Quick Facts)

As parents, providing a safe and comfortable nursery for your baby should be your top priority as soon as you leave the hospital with your child.

During the first 4 months after your baby is born, having a bassinet is a good thing because it provides a sleeping environment similar to what babies get in the womb.

However, since we have both mesh bassinets and non-mesh bassinets, some parents don’t know which is safer and more comfortable for their kids.

In this article, we shall be exploring this subject matter to see which is best for babies. We shall also look at some safety measures to follow when buying a bassinet.

Let’s begin with the mesh bassinet!

Mesh Bassinet Vs. Non-Mesh Bassinet

Are Mesh Bassinets Safe For Babies?

Since mesh bassinets allow free flow of air in and out of the nursery, it is considered safe for babies. It also helps to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) which may occur if a baby rolls over to the side of the bassinet.

However, when it comes to your child’s safety, there is more to look at than just the mesh thing. The materials used in making the bassinet must be free from harmful chemicals.

Since babies have delicate organs, you want to make sure nothing poses health risks to them. The bassinet needs to meet CPSC safety standards for you to consider it safe for your baby.

Therefore, all things being equal, having a bassinet with mesh sides is a good one because it allows free air movement necessary for a good respiratory mechanism.

Here’s a comprehensive article on bassinets with mesh sides.

Are Non-Mesh Bassinets Safe For Babies?

Most of the manufacturers of bassinets follow the strictest rules laid out by CPSC to ensure they make safe and comfortable nurseries for babies.

While some parents are worried about their non-mesh bassinets, these bassinets are actually made with breathable materials for the safety of your child.

As long as bassinets materials are well-treated and free from chemicals that may pose health risks, your baby is safe in a non-mesh bassinet.

What happens if your child wedges against the side of a non-mesh bassinet? Most of these non-mesh bassinets are breathable and one can actually breathe through them.

I had the same worries when I had my first child. I had to stuff my nose on the sides of the bassinet to see if I can actually breathe through it, and it was actually breathable.

Therefore, just like bassinets with mesh sides, non-mesh bassinets are also safe and comfortable for babies.

While SIDS is mostly caused by suffocation, using bassinets without mesh does not actually cause infant death. Just ensure the bassinet is free from pillows, blankets, etc. and you’d be fine.

Best Time To Use A Mesh Bassinet And A Non-Mesh Bassinet

From the explanation above about the mesh and non-mesh bassinet, you can easily tell that one is more suitable for the summer and the other for cold weather.

If you are planning on strolling out with your baby during cold weather, the non-mesh bassinet can be handy. It provides some warmth that helps to keep babies more comfortable.

On the other hand, a mesh bassinet can be a great asset when the weather is hot because it allows maximum ventilation.

So, does it mean non-mesh bassinets aren’t suitable for hot weather? Not exactly! These bassinets are made by experts who put a lot of things into consideration for the sake of safety and comfort.

Nevertheless, there is always a balance! If you are the type of parent who likes the outdoor, getting a bassinet cover should solve any risk that you may encounter while outside with your kid inside the bassinet.

If you think the weather is too cold, too sunny, raining, or there are insects out there, getting a bassinets cover will solve the problem.

Therefore, whichever type of bassinet you choose to buy, it can be safe and comfortable for your child if you follow the safety rules.

What are the safety rules for bassinets? Let’s look at them below.

Safety Rules To Follow When Using A Bassinet For Your Baby

Whether you own a mesh bassinet or a bassinet without mesh, following the safety rules below should help minimize any risk of SIDS.

Leave The Bassinet Bare

Most parents always feel that bassinets mattress pads are too flat and are tempted to add extra padding. You shouldn’t do that because adding external materials might lead to suffocation.

You don’t need pillows, bumpers, blankets, etc. inside your baby’s bassinet. Just leave it bare to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Bassinet Must Meet The Safety Standard Set Out By CPSC

Any bassinet you are buying must be in compliance with Consumer Product Safety Commission. You may not need to worry about this because most brands stick to the safety rules set out by CPSC.

Also, if your bassinet is worn out, you should make plans to get another one because you wouldn’t want to gamble with your child.

Is buying a used bassinet a good idea? Well, it depends on the condition of the bassinet. Some parents may decide to sell a bassinet in a good condition because they don’t plan to have any baby anymore.

If you are lucky to find such, you may want to go for it if you are on a budget. However, you should avoid any bassinet that looks old. Your baby is your jewel and deserves the best!

Register With The Brand You Bought Your Bassinet From In Case Of A Recall

When you purchase a bassinet from a brand, you should register with the brand in case of any further information.

Some brands do recalls if they notice any defect in their products. To be on the safe side, you should drop your details with the company so that they can easily reach you.

Never Leave Your Baby In A Bassinet Alone In The Room

To avoid any stories, parents should have their eyes fixed on their babies at all times. You don’t want to be in the kitchen while your baby is all alone in the room.

You should get a bassinet with wheels and lock features. This way you can easily move your baby around your home without stress.

The lock feature is also important to avoid the bassinet from rolling away.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are going for mesh or non-mesh bassinets, as long as they meet the safety standards set out by relevant safety authorities, you should be fine.

Non-mesh or mesh bassinets will not cause SIDS if you follow the rules. Leave the bassinet bare and never leave your child in the room alone.

The truth is that the causes of SIDS are not clearly known. However, you have to follow every safety measures to minimize the risks.

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