How Many Bassinets Do Parents Need? (Quick Facts)

Bassinets are where most babies spend the first 3 to 6 months of their lives. As a parent, you want to give your little ones the best comfort and safety they deserve.

Bassinets come in various forms – we have the standalone bassinets, pram bassinets, stroller bassinets, pack and play bassinets, etc.

Now, one common question from beginner parents is about the number of bassinets they need at home. Do parents need different bassinets or just one is okay?

We shall be looking at different scenarios that may warrant you to have one, two, three, or four bassinets.

Let’s begin by answering the most obvious question!

How Many Bassinets Do You Need For Your Baby?

How Many Bassinets Do You Need For Your Baby?

The number of bassinets you need for your baby depends on certain factors and the level of convenience you want to give to your child.

For example, if you live in a 2-story building, having one bassinet upstairs and one downstairs would make things more convenient for you.

Also, as a mom or a dad, it is a good thing to go out with your baby from time to time. If you plan on going out with your baby, having a pram bassinet or a stroller would reduce your burden.

Therefore, if we factor in all these basic needs, the number of bassinets you’d need will depend on how much you are willing to spend on your baby.

However, most parents don’t consider it necessary to have two or three bassinets at home because these devices are only used for a short time.

Now that you already have a picture of how things should look, let’s look at some different scenarios parents could find themselves in and the best thing to do.

Scenario One: Living In A 2-story Home

If you have upstairs and downstairs in your home, having two bassinets would be nice if you can afford it. You’d want to have a standalone bassinet in your room and a wheeled bassinet downstairs.

Since it is not a safe practice to leave your baby upstairs while you are downstairs, having a second bassinet would help you monitor your child perfectly.

More importantly, the bassinet downstairs should be the one with wheels so that you can easily move it to wherever you are.

In some cases, some parents like to have a pack and play that comes with a bassinet downstairs. If you think a pack and play would be best for you, you can go for it.

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Scenario Two: Living In One-Story Home

If you live in a single-story home, having one bassinet should serve you until you decide to move your child to his or her crib.

However, if what you have in your room is a bassinet without wheels, it will be difficult to move it around your home. In this case, you may consider having a bassinet with wheels.

If you own a bassinet with wheels, you don’t need to worry about having a second one. All you need to do is to wheel it around with you when you have chores in the living room or in the kitchen.

If you like, you can decide to have a pack and play or bouncer in the living room. This is not compulsory but it could make parenting more thrilling.

Scenario Three: Outdoor Purposes

For travels, grocery shopping, and other outdoor activities, having a pram or a stroller would be a great idea.

You don’t want to sit at home all day or leave your baby indoors all the time. Spending some time outside will add some flavor to the whole process.

Therefore, if you can afford a stroller, getting one would be good for you and your little one.

Do You Need Two Bassinets For Twins?

If you are a mother of twins, the manufacturers of bassinets had you in mind when making these devices. There are bassinets specifically designed to accommodate twins.

Just like the single bassinets, the double bassinets for twins can also be wheeled around the home. So, if you have twins, all you need is to get a bassinet that has two partitions for two babies.

There are also strollers for twins, which makes the whole parenting thing less burdensome for you while you are outdoor.

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One Vital Tip You Should Follow When Buying A Bassinet

Apart from durability and other safety measures to follow when buying a bassinet, you should also consider the maximum weight limit of the bassinet.

Most babies grow so rapidly and within about 12 weeks from birth, they exceed 15 pounds, which is the maximum weight limit of most bassinets.

As parents, transferring your baby to his or her crib at about 3 months old is not a good thing to do. The recommended age for a baby to start sleeping alone is from 6 months upwards.

Therefore, to be on the safe side, go for a bassinet that has up to 25 to 30 pounds as the maximum weight limit. This way, before your baby goes beyond the 30-pound mark, you should be thinking of moving him or her to the crib.

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Final Thoughts On The Number Of Bassinets You Need

The number of bassinets you need is a function of how much convenience you desire. While one bassinet can do the job, you may experience a little stress.

If you live in a 2-story home, getting two bassinets for the up and down rooms will save you some energy. However, it would mean investing more in your baby.

For outdoor activities, a pram or a stroller would also be great. In all, just go with what is technically convenient for you and should be fine.

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