Does Pottery Barn Assemble Cribs? (Read This First!)

After buying a crib, you want to be sure no part is missing and the assembling is done correctly. Miss-assembling a crib is a safety hazard that every parent needs to avoid.

If you own or are planning to buy a crib from Pottery Barn Kids, you want to be sure if the company does crib assembling or not. That is because some people are not technically inclined to do the assembling.

Apart from being not technically inclined, you may want to save time and the stress involved in crib assembly. So, does Pottery Barn assemble cribs for customers?

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Does Pottery Barn Assemble Cribs?

Does Pottery Barn Assemble Cribs?

If you want Pottery Barn to assemble your crib in your home, there is a special delivery service that covers that for you. It is known as In-home Delivery and Assembly.

With this service, after you order your crib, it is brought to the location in your home where you want to set it up. The staff then go ahead to unpack and assemble the crib.

Usually, you will get a 4-hour window call from a representative of Pottery Barn Kids to arrange for the delivery and assembly process. If you are cool with the appointment date, you have to confirm it with them.

However, the in-home delivery and assembly service is not available everywhere. It is only available in the contiguous 48 states in the United States.

Note: Doorstep delivery is different from in-home delivery and assembly. With the former, you only get your item delivered to your doorstep. You’d be responsible for bringing the item in and assembling it.

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Are There Extra Fees For Using Pottery Barn Assembly Services?

The charges for doorstep delivery and in-home delivery and assembly would be different. The latter should cost a bit more than the former.

I’m not sure what exactly customers need to pay for the assembling, but I know it shouldn’t be much higher than doorstep deliveries.

You can decide to call the company’s representatives to make further inquiries. To get more details on this, you may want to go through the shipping page of Pottery Barn Kids.

Can I Assemble A Pottery Barn Crib AT Home By Myself?

Of course, you can assemble Pottery Barn cribs yourself even if you have the slightest technical skills. However, you may need your husband, your grown child, or a friend to assist you with the assembling.

There is always an instruction manual to follow to make the process a no-brainer. Since Pottery Barn sells different baby cribs, each comes with its assembling instructions (More on that at the end of the article).

If you struggle to assemble the crib even with the manual, you are likely to find a YouTube video that’d show you how to do so. That way, you can watch and do it yourself.

Nevertheless, if you think you don’t have the time to assemble the crib, going with the in-home delivery and assembly option would be your best bet. Your money would do the work for you.

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Can An Assembled Pottery Barn Crib Fit Through Doorways?

Most Pottery Barn cribs and other cribs won’t fit through doorways. However, it depends on the width of the doorway you are trying to get the baby crib through.

You’d need to measure the width of the doorway and compare it with the width of the crib. If you believe the doorway is wider, then you are good to go.

When you have your new baby crib delivered to you, it is better to assemble it in the room where it will be used. Some people have made the mistake of assembling a crib outside only to realize it won’t fit through the doorway.

If you are moving to new accommodation and you have a baby crib, you may want to check if it would go through the door. If the crib is too wide, then you have to disassemble it. That can be a tough thing to do but you’ve got no other option.

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Instruction Manuals For Different Pottery Barn Cribs

There are different cribs available for purchase at Pottery Barn Kids – From Kendall, Larkin, Emerson, Sleigh, to Rory. Below are the manuals for assembling Pottery Barn cribs.

Pottery Barn Emerson Crib Manual

For Pottery Barn Emerson Crib Manual, here’s the link that shows you all the steps for assembling the crib.

Pottery Barn Sloan Crib Manual

For the Sloan Acrylic crib, use this pdf file to get the assembling instruction

Pottery Barn Catalina Crib Manual

For the Catalina 3-in-1 crib, here’s the link for the instruction manual.

Pottery Barn Larkin Crib Manual

Use this link for the Larkin 4-in1 crib’s instruction manual.

Pottery Barn Rory Crib Manual

For the Pottery Barn Rory crib manual, this pdf file will help you.

Pottery Barn Sleigh Crib Manual

Here’s the link for the Sleigh crib manual.

Pottery Barn Kendall Crib Manual

Use this link to assemble the Pottery Barn Kendall 4-in-1 baby crib.

Pottery Barn Madison Crib Instruction Manual

Get the pottery Barn Madison crib manual from this link.


Pottery Barn Kids has a delivery service that helps you assemble your crib in your home. However, this comes with a fee. If you have the time and the technical ability, assembling a crib should be a big deal for you.

Simply use the instruction manual and follow the steps there. You can also check YouTube for any assembling video on your particular kind of crib.

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