Are Boori Bassinets Safe? (Important Facts)

With the different brands of bassinets and baby cribs available in the marketplace, parents need to be sure they get the best for their little ones.

When it comes to choosing the right bassinet for your kids, you need to first consider the safety of your child and then the comfort derived from the product.

Boori bassinet is produced in Australia and has gotten some good recognition in other countries around the world. Nevertheless, are there any risks attached to using a Boori bassinet for your baby?

Let’s take a look at some key things about the Boori bassinets.

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Are Boori Bassinets Safe For Babies?

Are Boori Bassinets Safe For Babies?

Just like other bassinets, Boori bassinets are designed such that they provide maximum safety for babies. Boori bassinets are sturdy, compact, and provide a conducive and safe place for babies to sleep.

Although there are no regulated safety standards in Australia, Boori bassinets are made to meet all the safety standards there are. A friend of mine used Boori for her kids and she said a lot of nice things about it.

If you are planning to get one for your baby, you should go ahead with it since there are a lot of positive reviews about the product. However, there is more to having a safe sleeping environment for your little one.

Whether you are using a Boori Bassinet, an antique bassinet, or any kind of bassinet, you have a responsibility to play as parents. You must ensure that the bassinet mattress is not soft and that the mattress is free from any soft material that might lead to SIDS.

At a tender age, a baby is vulnerable. You shouldn’t use a bumper, pillow, or any soft items in the hope of providing comfort. The mattress pad inside the bassinet is all you need.

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When To Start And Stop Using The Boori Bassinet For Your Baby?

Whether you are using the Boori Tidy bassinet of any other type, you can start to use it for your baby from day one after arriving from the hospital. Bassinets are meant for newborns.

Since bassinets are usually portable and compact, they give a vibe that is similar to what babies experience in the womb. These special features of bassinets make them perfect for babies.

As for when to stop using Boori bassinets, it is usually around the 6 month period after birth. When to transition to a crib depends on how soon your little one start rolling over.

Some parents can only use a bassinet for 4 months, while others use it for up to 6 months. It all depends on the growth and development rate of your baby.

What Are The Features Of Boori Bassinets That Make Them Good For Babies?

The portability, compatibility and versatility of Boori bassinets are what make this brand a special one among others. Boori bassinets can be transformed into a toy box, changing station, etc. as your child grows.

If you want to be sure that Boori is a good brand of bassinets, the following additional points should convince you.

  • Ther are made from top-grade materials with good finishing that is void of harmful chemicals
  • In terms of safety, the Boori bassinet meets and exceeds CHOICE’S safety standards
  • It comes with a foam mattress that is comfortable for babies. There is also a removable mattress cover that is easy to wash
  • The paint finishes on these products are nursery-friendly and the bassinet design matches any room decor
  • Boori bassinets have mesh sides for maximum airflow and visibility. The mesh fabric is washable too.
  • For safety reasons, there is an adjustable strap that provides extra support as your little one grows
  • The wheel feature of the bassinet means that you can easily move it around your home without stress
  • Boori bassinets have 3 positions for storage tray. You’ll get one tray when you buy the product, and you can buy extras separately if you need them

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Final Thoughts On Boori Bassinets

If you are contemplating buying a Boori bassinet for your little one, rest assured that you are getting a good product. Boori bassinets are safe and there hasn’t been any news on SIDS.

A lot of parents use this brand, with a lot of amazing reviews for the product. There is nothing to worry about as Boori passes the CHOICE safety tests.

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