Babies Sleeping On Soft Mattresses – Is It Okay?

A lot has been said about the mattresses on which babies should sleep. This subject matter is vital because babies spend most of their time sleeping.

For new moms, there are several things to get acquainted with. While the feeling of welcoming your first baby can be overwhelming, you want to make sure everything pertaining to your child is in order.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a phenomenon, and no parents want to imagine such happening to their little ones. Unfortunately, a few cases are still recorded in the US and other parts of the world.

Since SIDS occurs during sleeping hours, the mattress and the sleeping environment of your little one have a role to play in it.

Is It okay for a baby to sleep on a soft mattress? At What age should a baby sleep on soft mattresses? Are firm mattresses comfortable for babies? We’ll look into these frequently asked questions from parents.

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Is It Okay For A Baby To Sleep On A Soft Mattress?

If you have a baby that is a few months old, it is never okay to allow him or her to sleep on a soft mattress. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the mattress of newborns should be firm and flat.

During my first experience as a mom, I had always felt bad seeing that my baby’s mattress was not soft. it makes you feel your baby is not comfortable and there is always the urge to want to pad the sleeping surface.

You should never try to make the mattress of your little one softer than the recommended mattress. Doing this means you are exposing your child to the risk of SIDS.

A firm and flat mattress support the free flow of air in a baby’s air tract. Also, babies have delicate organs that are developing and a firm surface is what they need at the early stage.

Therefore, as a mom or dad, it is quite understandable when you want to use a soft mattress for your little one, but you should consider the risks that come with it.

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When To Start Using A Soft Mattress For Kids?

You should consider using a soft mattress for your baby only when he or she is about 12 months old. In some cases, you may have to wait till about 18 months if your baby’s growth and development process is slow.

Once a baby’s bones have developed to a reasonable level, it is the right time to start using a mattress that is more comfortable than the previous one used in the first few months after birth.

At this stage, a baby can crawl, sit, and even stand. Peradventure a baby rolls over face down, he or she can easily return to a more comfortable position.

Most crib mattresses out there come with both a soft and a firm side. The firm side is to be used until your baby is between 12 to 18 months old. The firm side is meant for infants.

At months 12 to 18, you can switch to the softer side that is more comfortable. At this stage, your little one has more control and can easily adjust to the best sleeping position. This soft part of the mattress is meant for toddlers.

As your child continues to grow and develop, you can transition to a twin mattress that is softer and cozier than the other two mattresses at the early stage.

Switching from firm to soft mattresses is a function of your child’s growth and development.

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Best Sleeping Practices For Babies

Apart from the fact that a baby’s crib mattress should be flat and firm, it is also recommended that babies should sleep on their backs. This way, the risk of babies sticking their faces on the mattress is eliminated.

Furthermore, in the early months after your baby is born, make sure your baby’s sleeping surface is free from items such as toys, pillows, bumpers, blankets, etc. These items are recipes for SIDS.

Don’t be tempted to share a bed with your little one! No matter how careful you think you might be when sleeping, your little one should sleep in a separate crib or bassinet.

If you want your child so close to you while sleeping, you can use the Arms Reach Co-sleeper. This way, you can easily attend to your child at any time of the night.

Final Thought

If your baby is just a few months old, it is not okay for you to use a soft mattress for him or her. You want to reduce the risk of SIDS as much possible as you can. Always go for a firm, flat, and safe crib mattress.

As your child continues to grow, the sleeping surface should start becoming more comfortable. You don’t need to rush the process just because you feel the sleeping surface is not soft.

Use a crib mattress at the right time, move to a toddler matters when it is necessary, and transition to a twin bed when the time comes.

Raising a child is a process. If you understand how it works, it would always be a joy to go with the flow.

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