Ikea Baby Cribs, Safety, and More (Read This First!)

When it comes to buying baby products, there are always options for you. As each year passes, parents are presented with more and more options, making it a bit daunting to make a decision.

As parents, if you want to buy a baby crib, the two most important things to consider are your child’s safety and comfort.

For you to have landed on this page, you must have made a little research and decided to find out more about IKEA baby cribs.

However, before you take any further steps, we shall be analyzing the IKEA baby cribs to see if they are safe for babies.

Some of the questions to be answered include; Are IKEA cribs safe for babies? are they non-toxic or Greenguard certified? Do they meet the standard crib size? etc.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the first question on our list

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Are IKEA Baby Crib Safe

Are IKEA Baby Cribs Safe?

IKEA is a top player in producing baby furniture and the company has been in the business for years. To ensure the safety of babies, IKEA sticks to the strictest safety measures set out by the relevant regulatory bodies.

The sidebars of the cribs are well-spaced to prevent any mishap and the edges of the cribs are round to prevent any injury.

Also, apart from the safety of the cribs, most IKEA baby cribs are convertible and can be adjusted to meet your child’s sleeping needs from infancy to toddlerhood.

Whether you are looking for a high-end baby crib or just a basic crib for your child, IKEA has some of the safest cribs at varying prices in the marketplace.

Therefore, IKEA nursery furniture is not only safe, but it is also versatile and has varying price tags to meet the budget of most parents.

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Are IKEA Cribs Non-Toxic?

Whether it is IKEA GULLIVER, IKEA Sniglar, or any other type of IKEA baby crib, they are all made of materials and finishes that are non-toxic.

When buying a crib, you want to make sure the materials used in producing the crib is free from harmful substance such as lead or any heavy metal.

Babies have developing organs and are easily susceptible to health challenges. So, to protect the overall health of your child, getting a non-toxic crib should be your priority.

IKEA GULLIVER and other IKEA baby cribs are non-toxic and don’t pose any health risk to children. The brand has been one of parents’ favorite when it comes to buying baby nursery furniture.

Are IKEA Cribs Greenguard Certified?

IKEA is a great brand when it comes to baby furniture, but IKEA cribs are not Greenguard certified. Does this make it a bad product to buy? of course not!

When it comes to chemical policy, IKEA has one of the strictest policies that ensure baby products are free from harmful chemicals.

A big brand like IKEA wouldn’t want to jeopardize its name by making products that are not compliant with the law. All IKEA products are eco-friendly and are safe to use.

Producing furniture that is completely free from harmful chemicals takes a great deal and IKEA is doing its best to limit or ban any chemical that has health risks.

Some of the chemicals IKEA has banned include phthalates, BPA, mercury, lead, and a few others. This has made the brand a trusted brand that is putting in the effort to provide the best products for public use.

Therefore, even if IKEA baby cribs are not Greenguard Gold certified, they remain one of the top choices for parents.

Also, the company remains one of the most considerate baby furniture brands out there that put parents in mind. With a wide range of prices, you can get a good quality baby crib that falls within your budget.

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Can I Adjust The Height Of IKEA Cribs?

Yes, IKEA cribs give you the opportunity to adjust the height of the crib base to 2 to 3 positions. Whether you want to lower your IKEA baby crib or want to raise it upward, you can make it happen.

As long as you know how to assemble the crib, it should take you about 10 to 15 minutes to carry out the process. Once you have an Allen Wrench, you should be able to adjust the height of your crib.

Note that this height adjustment feature is available with all IKEA cribs – GULLIVER, SNIGLAR, SUNDVIK, MYLLRA, GONATT, or SMÅGÖRA.

So, if you are looking for a baby crib that has height adjustment, you can choose to go with an IKEA baby crib.

Are IKEA Baby Cribs Standard Size?

Yes, the dimension of IKEA baby cribs meets the general standard size. According to Consumer Products Safety Commission, the standard dimension of a baby crib should be 52 inches long and the width should be between 27 1/4 and 28 inches wide.

For IKEA, their baby cribs have a dimension of 27 1/2 x 52 inches, thus, meeting the general standard size for baby cribs.

With this standard size, whether you choose to use IKEA standard size mattress or any other standard size mattress, it will fit in perfectly.

Final Word

If you are planning to buy an IKEA baby crib for your child, they are safe and non-toxic to babies’ health. They also come at varying prices, giving you plenty of options.

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