Are Expensive Crib Mattresses Worth It? (Quick Facts)

There is a whole lot to invest in when raising babies. While some parents are comfortable splashing money on certain items, others don’t deem it fit.

Three things should be paramount to you when buying a baby product – the quality of the item, your budget, and your preference.

When it comes to choosing a crib mattress for your little one, there are a lot of factors to consider. The safety and comfort of your child should be at the forefront.

Therefore, does it mean the more expensive a crib mattress is, the safer and more comfortable it would be for your child? This is what we shall be focussing on in this short write-up.

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Are Expensive Crib Mattresses Worth It?

Are Expensive Crib Mattresses Worth It?

Buying an expensive crib mattress for your baby is worth it as long as you have the money to invest in it. However, this does not rule out the fact that other “cheap” crib mattresses would do the job for you.

If you have the funds to spend on an expensive mattress and you have a gut feeling to buy one, please never hesitate to do so. Moreover, we are talking about your precious child that’s worth more than anything in the world.

Nevertheless, you are never compelled to fork out $200 or $300 to buy a mattress for your little one. There are mattresses of less than 100 bucks that get the job done as well. It all boils down to what can get the job done.

As long as the mattress is firm, flat, and snugly fits the crib, you shouldn’t be so worried about how much you bought it.

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Why Are Some crib Mattresses More Expensive Than Others?

Generally, most organic crib mattresses are more expensive than non-organic ones. This is because organic mattresses are made from high-grade materials that are free of harmful chemicals.

Most non-organic crib mattresses are made from cheap synthetic materials, hence, making them less expensive than organic mattresses. Also, non-organic crib mattresses contain some amount of chemicals that are not good for babies when exposed to them for a long time.

However, before these products are released to the public, they go through multiple tests to ensure that they are safe for babies. Therefore, even though non-organic mattresses contain some amount of chemicals, they are still okay for babies.

Just ensure you don’t allow your baby to sleep on the bare mattress. There should be a crib mattress cover and a breathable mattress sheet on the mattress.

So, basically, organic mattresses are more expensive than non-organic mattresses because of the materials used for production.

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Does It Matter If You Buy A Cheap Crib Mattress?

Buying a cheap crib mattress doesn’t in any way mean your baby is exposed to danger. There are many good cheap crib mattresses that will get the job done, as long as they meet the standard safety requirements.

After all, there are many other baby things you will need money for. Yes, a more expensive crib mattress may seem more durable than the regular under $100 mattress, but you are not using the mattress forever.

Once your child outgrows the mattress, you have to pack it up and keep it for the next baby coming. Remember, we are talking about babies here and babies don’t weigh much.

As long as you can maintain the mattress by using a mattress cover, it should serve you for as long as you want.

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Investing More On A Crib Or A Crib Mattress?

Having a good crib and a crib mattress is great because both are needed to give your baby maximum safety. You don’t want a crib with missing parts and likewise, you don’t want a crib mattress that is indented or too soft for babies.

Nevertheless, if I should choose which I’d want to spend more on, it will be on a crib mattress. Cribs, no matter how cheap they are, are made to meet the safety standard. This means a crib will serve perfectly no matter the price.

As for a crib mattress, I can manage to invest more in it because that is the surface on which my little one would sleep. Babies spend about 15 hours per day sleeping, so it is good to have the best sleeping surface.

While I don’t like buying a used baby product, it is better to buy a used baby crib than to buy a used crib mattress. This is just to tell you that a crib mattress is more sensitive than the crib itself.

Therefore, if you are not sure where to spend the bulk of the money (between a crib and a crib mattress), you should spend more on the mattress.

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What To Lookout For When Buying A Crib Mattress?

There are a number of things to look out for when buying a crib mattress. Below is a list of things that make a mattress with buying.

  • The mattress should be firm and flat
  • It shouldn’t have any indentation to avoid suffocation
  • The mattress should be versatile – I prefer to buy a mattress that has both a firm and a soft side. This way you can use it for both infants and toddlers
  • A breathable mattress allows for good ventilation
  • Buying a waterproof mattress is good. However, your child should not sleep on a mattress made of plastic without the use of a mattress cover and a breathable sheet
  • Then, of course, your budget. Your budget will determine the kind of mattress you will get in the marketplace. Whether it is a $70 mattress or a $300 mattress, it should meet all the points listed above.

Final Thought

If you are planning to buy a crib mattress for your little one, just make sure you get something good. Whether it is a Graco crib mattress, Ikea crib mattress, or any other brand, as long as you have the money to spend on it, go for it.

There is no price range for buying a mattress. While some cost as low as $50, some cost as high as $500. Just do what’s best for your little one.

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