Does IKEA Have Cribs? (Read This First!)

IKEA is an international company that is focused on giving homes around the world great additions. The company is known for selling furniture, home accessories, and kitchen appliances, among others.

If you’ve used or are using IKEA products, you’d know that they do well in making durable items. However, does IKEA make and sell baby cribs? If they do, which of the models is best for me to buy?

That’s what we’ll be looking at in this article.

Does IKEA Have Cribs?

Does IKEA Have Cribs For Sale?

Yes, IKEA has cribs for sale and has been in the production of cribs for years now. Many parents like the IKEA cribs because they are simple and affordable.

To get an IKEA crib, you should visit any of the IKEA stores around you. However, their cribs are easily sold out, so you may want to check to see if the one you want is available close to you.

The price of an IKEA crib could be as low as $130 or as high as $400 if you want a crib with extra features.

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Can I Trust IKEA Cribs For My Kids?

Before you buy a crib, the major things to consider are safety, comfort, and versatility. Does the crib meet the safety standards set out by the Consumer Product Safety Commission? And can the crib be converted into a toddler bed?

Going by these standards, IKEA cribs are good and you can trust the products for your little one. Among other features of IKEA cots, the simplicity of the design is what I like.

You don’t need to struggle to assemble the crib because the company made it easy for anyone to do so. Also, the materials used are non-toxic and the finishing is baby-friendly.

Apart from selling safe cribs, IKEA also makes standard crib mattresses that can either be used on IKEA cribs or any other standard crib.

Therefore, in summary, below are what makes IKEA cribs trust-worthy:

  • The cribs meet and exceed every safety standard set out by regulatory agencies around the world
  • IKEA cribs are made from solid wood material
  • Their designs are simple, and the cribs are easy to assemble
  • Versatility – You can use IKEA cribs from infancy to toddlerhood. They also come with 3 adjustable sleeping positions for your child’s safety
  • With the price tags on the cribs, you are getting the worth of your money
  • Materials used for making the cribs are non-toxic

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How Many Model Of Cribs Does IKEA Have?

IKEA has 6 models of cribs, all of which are doing well on the market. The prices of IKEA cribs range from about $130 to $400. Below are the different models.


This model of IKEA crib sells for $200 and it is made from non-harmful materials. You can lower the bottom and remove one of the long sides of the crib as your little one grows.

It is a simple crib that can easily fit into space in your home.


With a price tag of $130, the Sniglar model is the cheapest and one of the most popular in the market.

Just like every other model, Sniglar is made from renewable materials that help to keep the planet safe.

As your child grows, you can take off one of the long sides to remove the stress of bending over to drop him/her.


The Gulliver model usually comes in white color and it provides a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your child.

You can use this crib until it’s time to get an adult bed. You can adjust the sleeping position to suit your baby’s demands.

As your child grows, you can lower the crib to prevent him/her from climbing and eventually falling. You can also remove one of the long sides.

This model sells for $150.


This model of IKEA crib sells for $180, and just like other models, it provides a safe and comfortable place for kids to sleep.

The price is fair, considering the type of materials used in making it. You don’t have to worry about toxicity because the materials are harmless to babies.


This is one of the two models that come with a drawer at the bottom. If you want a crib that has extra features, the Myllra model would be a great choice for you.

However, it’s more expensive than other cribs without drawers. The IKEA Myllra crib model sells for $400, making it the most expensive IKEA crib.


This model also comes with a drawer, but it is not as expensive as the Myllra model. The Gonatt model costs $300, making it the second most expensive IKEA crib.

It has a spacious drawer, well-constructed, and made of durable materials.

Which IKEA Crib Model Is The Best?

Whichever IKEA crib model you choose to go with would be fine. All the models are solidly built with safe materials. If you want a crib with a drawer for storing baby items, the Myllra or Gonatt model is what you need.

However, going by popular demand, Gulliver, Sundvik, and Sniglar are what most people buy. You shouldn’t feel daunted choosing any one of these models listed above as they all tend to serve perfectly.

Apart from getting a good crib, you should pay more attention to getting a good crib mattress. A mattress is where your child will sleep, therefore, it must be safe and comfortable.

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