Do Babies Age In Heaven? (2-Minute Read!)

So I came across this question about babies dying and what happens to them next. Are they going to heaven or will they remain in the grave?

While it is never any parents’ wish to have their babies die, some people are just curious to know some things.

In this short article, all I will be sharing is just my personal opinion. There is no fact backing my claim but it may help you stay strong peradventure you lost a baby.

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Do Babies Age in Heaven?

Do Babies Age In Heaven?

Whether babies age in heaven or not is something no one is certain about. While a lot of people are trying to prove some facts by using the Holy Bible, the truth is that no one is certain of the answer.

Come to think of it, the heavenly realm is strictly spiritual and I’m not sure if spirits age. I think aging is something of the physical and it has nothing to do with the spiritual.

Nonetheless, it is not a bad thing to take solace from the idea that a dead baby is in heaven with his or her creator. But you shouldn’t get worked up with aging in heaven because nobody can give you a definite answer.

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What Happens When A Baby Dies?

Babies are humans and so we should expect the same thing that happens to adults. When a person dies, he is practically unconscious of what is happening in the world.

If we are to go by Biblical teachings, a dead person remains asleep until judgment day when everybody will experience a spiritual awakening.

Some people have argued that if a person dies, he or she goes to face judgment on his or her deeds on earth. Is this correct? Well, I can’t say and nobody can guarantee a definite answer.

As for babies, if we are to consider heaven and hell, it is certain that babies are going to heaven. This is what Jesus Christ has to say about entering the Kingdom of God:

Matthew 18:3 – Truly I tell you,” He said, “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

We can deduce from this scripture that children are guaranteed a place in heaven. This is because their hearts are pure and they never keep grudges against people.

Therefore, rest assured that your baby is in a safe hand and has returned to where he or she came from.

What Next After A Baby Dies?

It is never easy going through the pain of losing your loved ones. You are allowed to grieve for some time to get over the painful exit.

However, you shouldn’t allow the loss to define your life. Babies are gifts from heaven and it is always painful if someone collects the gift he or she gave to you.

However, the mystery in this life is far greater than what you can think. You could grieve for as long as you want but don’t let that define your life.

If you lost a baby, you can still try for another. So, you should thank God you didn’t die with your baby. There are thousands of cases in the world where both mom and baby kicked the bucket.

Therefore, if it happens to anyone, try to forget about it with time (I know it’s not easy) and look at the positive sides of life.

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Final Thoughts

Babies aging in heaven should not be our focus. If you must think about heaven for a dead child, know that your baby is in heaven with his or her creator.

I just felt like sharing my opinion on this subject because I came across different forums discussing it. I hope you find this helpful and are able to draw some courage from this short write-up.

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