Is Luray Caverns Kids Friendly? (Important Facts)

Since the discovery of Luray Caverns in 1878, it has been a source of attraction to visitors from different parts of the world. However, if you are planning to visit with your kids, you need to be sure Luray Caverns is good for kids.

We have researched the most-asked questions by parents who wish to bring their kids to the cave and have provided prompt answers to these questions.

Is Luray Caverns kids friendly? Is the place too scary for kids? Can parents use strollers in the cavern? These are some of the questions you’ll find answers to as you read on. At the end of the article, we’ll draw a conclusion to see if Luray Caverns is worth visiting or not.

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Is Luray Caverns Kids Friendly?

Is Luray Caverns Kids Friendly?

Yes, Luray Caverns is kids friendly. You can visit with your kids and there are provisions in place to ensure your children are safe throughout the adventure.

As a matter of fact, you don’t have to buy a ticket for kids 5 years old and below. For children between 6 and 12, you’d need to get a ticket for $16, which I believe is worth the fun and adventure in the caverns.

However, visiting an underground cave comes with its hazards. Never should you allow your children to visit Luray Caverns or any other cave without an adult’s supervision.

For more information about cave safety, here’s what the U.S. Department of Agriculture has to say.

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Can You Bring A Stroller To Luray Caverns?

Yes, you can bring a stroller to Luray Caverns and the paved walkways are not too steep for strollers. Just make sure you come with a stroller that is lightweight, portable, and foldable.

Why do you need a stroller with all these features? You’ll have to walk down a staircase to get to the cave, which means you will be carrying your stroller in your hands. Also, you wouldn’t want to obstruct other tourists’ movement in the caverns.

If you are coming with kids below 5 years, walking through the caverns would be a tough one for them. You wouldn’t want to stress yourself carrying a kid in your arms.

Therefore a stroller will be handy and there are no restrictions on strollers. I usually encourage parents to take a walk or tour places like Luray Caverns once in a while because it allows your little ones to enjoy nature’s gift.

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How Long Does it Take To Walk Through Luray Caverns?

Touring Luray Caverns takes about an hour to complete the 1.25 miles of a paved walkway. The actual time spent on the paved walkway can vary a lot because there are side attractions along the way.

The temperature and weather conditions inside Luray Caverns are independent of the outside weather. This means that no matter the weather outside, tours are rarely called off.

The cave can be somewhat cold even in summer (it is around 54 degrees inside the cave), so you need to wear thick clothes and the appropriate shoes to go through it. You must also make sure your kids are fully kitted and prepared for the tour.

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Is Luray Caverns Too Scary For Kids?

Luray Caverns is well lit and there is nothing inside to get your kids scared. You shouldn’t have any problem taking your kids there because everything is well taken care of.

However, I have seen adults who feel the place looks too scary for them. Therefore, if your kids or your spouse say the place is scary, you just have to respect their opinion and do what you think is right.

Generally, in my opinion, Luray Caverns is not scary. Instead, it has some strange things inside that will leave you awed whenever you visit.

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How Safe Is Luray Caverns?

Apart from the general hazards associated with caves, Luray Caverns is safe and there hasn’t been any case of casualty inside. Just make sure you are well-prepared by putting on the right shoes and clothes and you will enjoy your time there.

As for your children, do not allow them to go on their own. There should be an adult with them to supervise their activities while touring the cave. Luray Caverns is safe and it is an exciting place to visit with family.

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Final Thought – Is Luray Caverns Worth It?

While the adventure inside the cave is great, a lot of people complain about the tickets. For an adult, the ticket is $32, while for seniors, it is $29. For kids between 6 and 12 years old, the ticket price is $16.

If you are not bothered about the price, Luray Caverns is family-friendly and a great place to have fun with your family.

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