Wages For Unlicensed babysitters (Quick Facts)

As an unlicensed babysitter, there is no fixed rate to expect from your clients. It all depends on the state or area you live in and your negotiating power.

I have read and heard so many stories where babysitters thought they were underpaid. The truth is, so many factors come into play when trying to figure out what to charge.

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Wages for Unregistered Babysitters

How Much Should An Unlicensed Babysitter Get Paid?

While some unlicensed babysitters charge up to $20/hr, some go as low as $7 – $8/hr just to make some extra funds.

As an adult unlicensed babysitter, you have more responsibilities and should charge at least the minimum wage. However, if you are not up to the legal working age, you should consider less.

One thing you must know is that looking after infants and toddlers is not an easy ride. It takes a lot of energy from you and you should be fairly compensated for your effort.

To do justice to this topic, we are going to analyze it from different angles to get a clearer picture.

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6 Factors To Consider As An Unlicensed Babysitter

Even though most parents are scared of leaving their kids with unlicensed babysitters, a lot of parents still do. For some parents, it is a good way to cut down on expenses. Other parents may need emergency help for a short time and would need the services of a relative, neighbor, or friend.

Whichever the case may be, as an unlicensed babysitter, you should know how much to charge or settle for.

Below are some factors to use as yardsticks when operating as an uncertified babysitter.

1 – Your Location

Since minimum wages vary from location to location, one should expect differences in the price of services.

For example, according to 2022 statistics, Hawaii is the most expensive state in the US, and Oklahoma is one of the cheapest. Therefore, an unlicensed babysitter in Hawaii shouldn’t charge the same as one in Oklahoma.

The bottom line is, what you charge should correspond to the standard of living in your state.

2 – Find Out What Licensed Babysitters Charge

Most parents are only willing to pay an unlicensed babysitter less than what their licensed counterparts charge. Having an idea of what is a normal price in your state or location will help a lot.

If you know of any certified daycare specialist in your area, you could make your findings. However, you shouldn’t charge the same fee as a certified nanny.

In most cases, you should consider bringing your price down by about 20 to 30 percent. For example, if a certified babysitter is doing $15/hr, an unlicensed one should be on between $10 – $12/hr.

If you can’t find a certified babysitter around your area, you can go online to get information. Doing this will help you strike a good deal.

3 – Your Age

As earlier stated, a working-class adult should charge more than what a teenager would charge. I know of unlicensed nannies who work full time and make some good money.

Teenagers with lesser or no responsibility would appreciate whatever they get for the job. This is not so for adults with responsibilities because we’ve got bills to pay.

4 – Number of Hours Per Day

Taking care of children is not an easy task especially when you are doing so for longer hours per day. If your job is to spend more hours with the kids, you should charge more than when you are doing just 2 hours per day.

5 – Your Relationship With The Parents Of The Child

Your relationship with the parents of the child to babysit also plays a role in how much to charge. If you are doing it for relatives or close friends, you may want to consider their financial power.

Also, some people may need your services for only a few days. You should consider if they have the financial power to pay what you are asking for.

6 – The Number Of Kids You Are Attending To

The rule of thumb is, for every additional kid, you should add an extra $3 to $6. For example, if your price per hour for a child is $15, then you should expect around $18 to $21 for two children.

However, if you are dealing with up to 3 or more children from the same parents, you may want to be lenient with your pricing.

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What Are The Responsibilities Of A Babysitter?

Whether you are a certified or non-certified babysitter, the responsibilities are the same. Below are some of the things to expect as your responsibilities.

1 – Provide Adequate Care For The Children

Parents are leaving their kids with you because they believe and trust in you. You should be able to feed, dress, and change diapers when it is needed.

2 – Make Sure The House Is In Order

The area where the children play must be kept clean. It is also your duty to ensure the kids don’t mess things up while in your care.

3 – Engage Kids In Fun Activities

Every kid wants to play! As a babysitter, you should know how to engage kids in fun activities. Remember, you were hired to make the kids happy while their parents are away.

4 – Know What To Do In Times Of Emergency

Even if you are an unlicensed babysitter, you should try to take some training on life support. These skills could be handy while you look after kids. You should also be able to call the cops when it is needed.

5 – Ensures That The Kids’ Behavior Is Acceptable

Whether a babysitter spends one hour or ten hours with a kid, he/she should make sure the child’s behavior is under check. It is your responsibility to help correct any wrong behavior while the child is with you.

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As an unlicensed babysitter, what you charge per hour or per day is dependent on many factors. Your location is a major factor that determines what you earn.

You should also make findings on how much a licensed babysitter charges to get an idea from it. Of course, you would want to charge a little lesser than a registered babysitter.

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