Are Strollers Allowed On Escalators? (Read This First!)

Using a stroller is a way of relieving parents of the stress of carrying their babies in their arms or babywearing. Having a stroller is recommendable for parents because it helps in outdoor events.

However, when it comes to using a stroller on an escalator, the situation can be really tricky. The first thing you need to ask yourself is, are strollers allowed on escalators? If they are, how safe is it to use a stroller on escalators?

In this short article, we shall be answering these questions and providing other ways you can get your little ones up and down the escalator.

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Are Strollers Allowed On Escalators?

Are Strollers Allowed On Escalators?

While some places allow you to use a stroller on an escalator, others are against it and may tell you to leave if caught doing so. Even if a mall or any other place doesn’t disapprove of the use of a stroller on an escalator, it is always a frightening thing to do.

For the safety of your child, the people on the escalator or elevator, and yourself, it is not a good decision to have your baby on a stroller while using the escalator. Try as much as possible to avoid it to prevent any form of mishap.

I have seen parents use strollers on escalators and elevators, but I don’t recommend it to anyone. As a matter of fact, in some malls and other places where escalators are being used, you will see a danger sign telling you not to use a stroller.

The thought of your little one tipping over is enough to get you freaked out. Different thoughts begin to flash through your mind as you attempt to do so and they are not usually good thoughts.

There are cases of accidents every year where babies are seriously injured from the carelessness of their parents. Therefore, if you cherish your little one so much, there are other ways to go up/down an escalator or elevator.

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How To Go Up/Down Escalators Or Elevators With Your Baby

So, you went out with your baby in a stroller and you need to go up/down an escalator. We have stated earlier that it is not safe to leave your child in a stroller while using the escalator. What are the other options available?

Option 1: Carry Your Baby In Your Arms While Using The Escalator

Instead of leaving your baby in the stroller, it is safer to carry him/her in your arms while going up/down the escalator. The stroller should be empty and folded if it is the collapsible type.

If there is a safe place to keep the stroller while going up, I’d suggest you do so. This is because it gives you the opportunity to hold your baby in one arm and hold the escalator’s railings in the other arm.

However, in most cases, you will likely be needing the stroller at the top. Therefore, you may need to hold the empty stroller in one hand and carry your little one on the other arm.

If I find myself in such a situation, I’d look for someone that is going up with me and explain the situation to the person. That way, the person can assist me with the empty stroller while you focus on your child.

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Option 2: Babywearing

Babywearing is another good option to consider while going up/down the escalator or elevator. With this method, you won’t be needing any assistance from anybody as your hands are free.

You can hold the escalator’s railings in one hand and the folded stroller in the other. Situations like this are one of the reasons why it is always recommended to buy a lightweight and foldable stroller for your kids.

Even without carrying a baby, I like to hold the escalator’s railings while descending or ascending. Doing this gives me a sense of safety, and it is good to do likewise when you are with your little one.

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Option 3: Don’t Leave Your Baby In A Stroller While Using The Escalator!

I am reiterating this point again just to discourage you from considering this as an option. The truth is, using anything with wheels on an escalator is not safe.

You must have come across parents doing it but that doesn’t make it right. Some of these people don’t know the implication of leaving their kids in strollers while using the escalator or elevator.

It is a good thing that you sought this information and it shows that you cherish your little one so much.

It is either you carry your baby in your arms or babywear when using the escalator. You can even plan ahead if you know you will be using an escalator. If possible, your husband or partner should be with you to make things easier.

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Final Thoughts

While some malls or other places with escalators or elevators may be indifferent to using a stroller on the lift system, it is your duty as a parent to be cautious.

You should not leave your child sitting in a stroller while you descend or ascend the escalator. The situation can be frightening and could be dicey if care is not being taken.

Therefore, to save your baby from getting injured, there are other safe ways to handle the situation. Save yourself, your baby, and the people on the escalator by not leaving your child in a stroller.

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