Is Kalahari Resort Baby friendly? (Read This First!)

The Kalahari Waterpark Resort is the largest indoor waterpark globally with a lot of facilities. The resort tends to attract thousands of people every year, with many exciting activities for kids.

If you plan to visit Kalahari Waterpark with your family, you’d want to know how baby-friendly this place is. Is it safe to bring your kids here? Can you bring a stroller to Kalahari Resort? These are some of the questions you need to ask.

In this article, we shall be answering these key questions to determine whether Kalahari Waterpark Resort is baby-friendly or not.

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Is Kalahari Resort Baby Friendly?

Is Kalahari Resort Baby-Friendly?

Yes, Kalahari resort is baby-friendly because every safety and security measure needed for maximum safety is in place. Also, for a kid that is 48 inches and below, there is a need to use a life vest.

Whether you plan to use the outdoor or indoor Waterpark at the resort, the management of the place has put everything in place to meet and exceed the standard federal guidelines.

Even if your children have excellent swimming skills, as long as they are under 48 inches, they must wear life jackets for extra safety. You can either bring a life vest for your child or get a complimentary life vest at the facility.

If you plan to come with a life vest, it must be a U.S. Coast Guard-approved vest for safety reasons. As for the complimentary life vest, it is usually a first come first served situation.

Another thing, for the sake of the kids’ health, if your baby is under 3 years or not trained on how to use the toilet, he/she must use a swim diaper. You can buy that from the retail store in the facility.

Therefore, looking at all the measures put in place for kids, one can say that the management of Kalahari Waterpark resort cares so much about the safety and well-being of children.

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Can You Bring A Stroller To Kalahari Resort?

There is no law whatsoever restricting parents from bringing a stroller to the Kalahari resort. If you are going with your little ones, it is only reasonable to bring a stroller because it would be of great importance to you.

Most of the rooms in the facility are not that close to the shops, restaurants, and waterpark. This implies that there will be some sort of hiking from your room to these places.

It could be tiring for your kids to do the long walk after being exhausted from playing. The best thing to do is to use a stroller. This will also save you the stress of carrying and walking with your child over a long distance.

The resort is quite a big place, with different places to visit. You never know when and where your child would fall asleep. With a stroller on the ground, you won’t stress yourself carrying your child in your arms over a long distance.

You can come with a stroller. However, you wouldn’t want to use it to disrupt other people’s movements.

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What Is The Age Requirement For Babies To Use The WaterPark?

The Waterpark at Kalahari Resort is suitable for babies that can at least walk. Kids as young as 18 to 24 months old would love the place. However, strict supervision is needed from parents.

If you are looking for a place with a lot of activities for kids, this resort is probably one of the places to consider. Every safety measure is put in place and kids of different age groups can play and interact.

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Is There A Provision For A Safe Place For Babies To Sleep?

Yes, you can get a pack and play for your child, and it comes with a white plush baby blanket which you can take home if you like. However, you need to pay $25 per day to use the pack and play.

Also, depending on the kind of room you choose, you can get a rollaway bed for $25 per day. You should come along with a crib sheet that is well-fitting and safe for your baby’s sleep.

Final Thoughts

The Kalahari Resort is baby-friendly and safe for kids of all age groups. The management of the resort has done well in making children’s comfort and safety a top priority.

Kalahari is good for babies and they meet and exceed every safety standard set out by the relevant agencies. Just follow the safety rules and everything will be fine with your family.

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