Do Bassinets Need Covers? (Read This First!)

After having your baby, you want to make sure you get somewhere safe and cozy for your baby’s sleep. Most parents prefer using a bassinet in the first few months before switching to a bigger nursery such as a crib.

Whether you own a crib or a bassinet, there are a lot of questions about babies’ safety that keeps popping into your mind.

In this article, we shall be looking into one of these common questions, which is, using a bassinet with covers. Do you need a cover for your bassinet? Are bassinets with covers safe? Let’s find out!

Do Bassinets Need Covers?

Do Bassinets Need Covers?

Having a cover for your baby’s bassinet is very important because there are certain conditions that call for covers. It could either be bassinets with mesh covers or bassinets with waterproof covers, depending on the condition.

As a mom, you don’t want to keep spending your whole day just sitting at home and keeping your baby in a sleeping mode all the time.

Going out with your baby should be fun for you. There is always a special feeling you get whenever you stroll out with your baby inside a bassinet.

However, while strolling with your baby inside a bassinet, you want to erase any worries about the safety of your child. To do that, a bassinet cover is what you need to get.

There are different conditions when bassinet covers are needed and the kind of condition determines the type of covers to use.

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Different Conditions That Warrant The Use Of Bassinet Covers

Buying a bassinet cover is a good thing, but you need to know the one that is suitable for each condition. We shall be going through different conditions and the right covers to use on your baby’s bassinet.

Condition #1

Whether you want to visit the beach, fly in an airplane, go for dinner, or even grocery shopping, you may want to use a bassinet cover.

Some parents feel uncomfortable when they are out with their babies and people start glaring at their babies. If you fall under this category, you can get a cover that will completely shield your baby from public eyes.

However, if you are cool with people seeing your baby inside the bassinet, getting a mesh cover should be fine.

Condition #2

If you are going out with your baby and you think the intensity of the sun is too high for your baby, you don’t need to have a change of mind because a bassinet cover can help in such situations.

Some covers are made primarily to protect your baby from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Most of these sun shades can block about 95% of light, keeping your baby in a safe and comfortable condition.

Condition #3

You may decide to stroll out with your baby and a couple of minutes after leaving home, it begins to rain. In such a situation, the best thing to do is to cover your baby with a waterproof cover.

Also, if you are a sports enthusiast and you like jogging, you can do so with your baby by using a jogging stroller with a bassinet attachment. This way, you can exercise while having your baby safe.

Note: If you decide to jog with your baby inside a bassinet, please make sure your baby is up to about 6 months before running with him or her. Also, you should mind your pace and see how your child reacts to the whole thing.

Condition #4

If you are strolling with your baby inside the bassinet and you noticed there are flying insects around, the best thing to do is to use a cover to shield your baby.

Apart from insects, while outside, if you feel an atmosphere is not safe for your baby, using a bassinet cover would help prevent germs from getting closer.

Since babies have very delicate organs that are still developing, we, as parents, want to make sure we give our kids optimum protection.

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Is It Safe To Use Bassinet Covers For Babies?

Using bassinets is safe because the makers of these products followed the strictest safety guidelines set out by the relevant regulatory bodies.

Whether it is bassinets with mesh covers, bassinets with waterproof covers, or a bassinet cover to prevent UV rays, they are all engineered to protect your baby while inside.

Most of the covers you see in the marketplace are 100% breathable and permeable, hence, making it possible for your baby to sleep on the go.

The good thing about bassinet shields is that they are lightweight and take just a few minutes to clip on the bassinet if the need arises.

A good bassinet shield can be used from birth to toddlerhood. Also, when buying, you should go for a universal cover that is suitable for prams and strollers.

While there are many good covers out there, it could be daunting for some parents to choose the right one. For this reason, I will just list about 9 bassinet covers to buy for your baby.

Top 9 Bassinet Covers to Buy In The Marketplace

Bassinet shields are not expensive and it is something you need to have if you enjoy spending some time with your baby outdoors. below are some really nice covers to go for.

Bassinet Sun Shades

Bassinet Rain Covers

Bassinet Net Covers

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