Does IKEA Minnen Bed Fit Crib Mattresses? (Explained)

The IKEA Minnen extendable bed is a special kind of bed designed to meet children’s sleeping demands as they grow. With this type of bed, you don’t have to worry about finding a perfect sleeping environment for your little one.

However, the popular question parents need an answer to is whether the IKEA Minnen bed can accommodate a crib mattress.

Since the bed can be extended to varying sizes, is it possible to get a size that will fit a crib mattress? That is what we will discuss in this short write-up.

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Does The IKEA Minnen Bed Fit Crib Mattresses?

Does IKEA Minnen Bed Fit Crib Mattress?

No, the IKEA Minnen Bed won’t fit a crib mattress because the dimensions of the bed and that of a crib mattress are different.

For you to use a mattress on a bed, it must snugly fit and that’s not the case with IKEA Minnen bed and crib mattresses.

To give you a clear picture, let’s look at the measurements of the Minnen bed and that of the crib mattress.

What is the size of the IKEA Minnen Bed?

Although the IKEA Minnen bed has a fixed width, the length can be adjusted to give you 3 different settings that can accommodate almost anybody.

Below are the dimensions for the bed:

Width: 40 1/8 inches

Minimum length: 49 1/4 inches

Second length: 62 1/4 inches

Maximum length: 76 3/4 inches

Headboard height: 36 1/4 inches

Footboard height: 28 3/8 inches

Height under furniture: 9 inches

Maximum load: 220 lb

Mattress length: 38 1/4 inches

Mattress width: 74 3/4 inches

What is the size of a Standard crib mattress?

For a standard crib mattress, the width is between 27 1/4 to 28 inches, while the length is between 51 5/8 to 53 inches.

Therefore, if you should compare the dimensions of the IKEA Minnen bed to the size of a regular crib mattress, you can see that they are not compatible. A crib mattress must snugly fit to avoid the risk of suffocation.

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What Mattress Can I Use With The IKEA Minnen Bed?

IKEA made a unique mattress that is specially meant for the IKEA Minnen bed. The Minnen mattress is a 3-part mattress that is 3 7/8 inches thick and can be extended as your child grows.

The IKEA Minnen mattress usually comes with two different surfaces – one is smooth and firm, and the other is semi-firm. With the firm surface, it means a child can start using the mattress at an early age.

Also, when extended, the Minnen bed can accommodate a twin mattress, which is an interested and important thing to know.

Considering the maximum length (~76 inches) and maximum load limit (220 lb) of this bed, suffice it to say that it’s a lifesaver when it comes to finding the perfect sleeping space for children.

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When Is The Right Time To Start Using The IKEA Minnen Bed?

You can introduce your little one to the IKEA Minnen bed anytime between 2 to 3 years old. The bed and the mattress have features that make them safe for kids.

The height between the floor and the bed base is about 9 inches, which means a child of about 3 years can easily climb or get off the bed. Also, there are rails on the four sides of the bed to prevent your dear child from falling.

With a reversible mattress that has two different sleeping surfaces, IKEA designed this sleeping gear to serve for a pretty long time.

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How Long Can A Child Use The IKEA Minnen Bed?

A child can keep using the Minnen bed for years without worrying about any transition. An adult can even use this bed because it has a maximum length of about 76 inches and a maximum load limit of 220 lb.

The IKEA Minnen bed is probably an all-in-one bed that was borne out of the need to solve the sleeping demands of children. Having a sleeping surface that can serve for a long time is what most parents are looking for.

With the perfect size of the Minnen bed, it can fit in small rooms and can be used from childhood to adulthood.

Does IKEA Minnen Bed Expire?

No, the IKEA Minnen bed doesn’t expire and can be used for as long as the parts are not worn out. Unlike car seats and other baby products that expire, a bed is only unfit to use when the parts are worn out.

To make the IKEA Minnen Bed last for a long time, IKEA has made sure there are replacement parts for anyone who wishes to replace any worn-out parts.

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Final Thoughts

The IKEA Minnen bed is not meant to work with crib mattresses. However, there is a special mattress designed by IKEA and it is sold separately. This mattress is extendable just like the bed to serve for a long time.

You can also use a twin mattress on the Minnen bed when it is on the maximum length.

With a bed that is close to the floor, has rails to protect your child from falling, comes with a maximum load limit of 220 lb, and has a reversible 2-side mattress, the Minnen bed is a good one for any household with kids.

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