Are Baby Chairs Good For Babies? (Read This First!)

A few weeks or months before your baby’s arrival, there are preparations you need to put in place. While parenting can be very exciting, it could be sometimes daunting, especially for new moms.

Apart from the bassinets, baby cribs, and other baby products, most parents also make plans for baby chairs. Do babies need baby chairs? Are baby chairs good for babies and toddlers?

In this article, we shall be answering some questions that border around baby chairs. Without further ado, let’s begin with the first question.

Are Baby Chairs Good For Babies nd Toddlers?

What Are Baby Chairs?

Just as the name implies, these are chairs that are specifically designed for babies for sitting up. They come in different types and play some roles in the development of babies.

Some of the types of baby chairs available in the market include:

  • Baby floor seats
  • Baby chairs that attach to tables
  • Baby chairs that attach to chairs
  • Standalone baby high chairs with feeding trays
  • Baby vibrating chairs
  • Baby car seats
  • Baby chairs for showers
  • Baby chairs for bikes

Whether you have or are planning to buy a baby floor seat, a baby high chair, or a baby vibrating chair, the essence always boils down to two things: keeping your baby excited and at the same time, creating a little freedom for yourself.

Of course, you don’t need to buy all these types of baby chairs (you can if you want) because they will take up a lot of space at home.

A baby chair that attaches to a table or chair, or a standalone baby high chair should serve perfectly when it comes to feeding your child.

If you don’t want your child to be lying down all the time, a Bumbo floor seat might be a good idea. However, you should know that babies outgrow these floor seats pretty quickly.

Are Baby Chairs Good For Babies And Toddlers?

Yes, baby chairs are good for babies and toddlers as long as you follow the safety guidelines. You shouldn’t worry about using a sit-up floor seat or a high chair as long as your baby can sit comfortably on it.

These chairs are good for feeding babies, and also save babies the boredom of lying down in a place all the time. However, there should be a limit to how long a baby should sit on a chair.

Typically, spending 30 minutes at a stretch on baby seats should suffice for babies. For babies that are developing the sitting up skills, you don’t want to strain their spines for a long time.

Other than the time constraint, baby chairs are good and can be handy for different occasions.

If the family is visiting a restaurant for dinner, carrying a foldable baby chair that attaches to tables would help. This way, all of you can sit around a table, including your little one.

Also, if you are visiting family members or going for outdoor activities, having a baby chair for your child would save you some stress. You don’t need to have your baby in your arms always!

Generally, whether it is a bumbo floor seat or a baby high chair, babies feel excited when placed on these gadgets.

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At What Age Should Babies Start Using Baby Chairs?

Of course, you want your baby to be able to sit up before introducing him or her to baby chairs. Babies’ development varies greatly and you shouldn’t try to hasten the process for your child.

Going by general observations, a baby should start having neck control at about 6 months from birth. At about the 9th month, a baby should be able to sit up with little or no support.

Therefore, you should be planning to introduce your baby to a baby seat when he or she crosses the 6 months mark. Another thing to take note of is the instructions from the manufacturer of the seat.

Every brand wants the best for its customers and wouldn’t want any reports of accidents with its products. For this reason, there are instructions to guide parents on how to use these gadgets.

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Which Baby Chairs Should Parents Buy For Their Babies and Toddlers?

The baby chairs you get for your baby or toddler depend on what you want, your budget, and the space in your home. To be conservative, a baby chair that attaches to tables or chairs should be fine.

Although getting a high chair won’t be a bad idea, you may want to consider the space in your home first. Remember, there are other baby toys and gadgets you’d need apart from chairs.

The Bumbo isn’t a bad idea either, but you can only use it for a short time. Babies grow quickly and with time, their legs barely fit in the Bumbo chairs. Also, the back support for Bumbo isn’t great enough.

Therefore, if you want something that will serve you for a long time and is easy to carry about, the baby chair that attaches to tables or chairs is the best. It can be used for both infants and toddlers.

What Are Other Parents Saying About Baby Chairs?

According to what most parents are saying on forums, babies of about 15 to 20 pounds weight hardly fit in the bumbo. This means that you can only use it for a short time.

Some parents also talked about having limited spaces in their homes to accommodate baby high chairs. Instead, they opted for chairs that attach to tables or dining chairs.

Another alternative is to look for a foldable high chair. This way, you can easily fold it after use and keep it for future use. You can also use it for outdoor purposes.

Therefore, going by what other parents are saying, you can easily deduce what option is best for you. If you have enough space and are not tight on budget, you can get as many good things as you want for your precious one.

Safety Measures For Using Baby Chairs or Sit Up Chairs

When buying or using a baby chair for your little one, you want to make sure you follow the safety measures below.

  1. If you are buying a foldable baby chair, you have to be safety conscious each time you are setting it up for your baby. You must lock it properly before getting your child on it.
  2. Don’t forget to use the straps that come with the chair. There is a reason for including those straps in the chair. Use the straps to avoid any accident that could lead to injury or death.
  3. When using a baby chair that attaches to tables, make sure the table is strong enough and the chair is properly locked to the table.
  4. Always go for baby seats that can’t be tipped over easily.
  5. Lastly, never leave your child alone in a baby seat. You should always have your eyes on your child. Once the need for the chair is over, get your baby off it and store the seat in a safe place.

Final Word

Using a baby seat for your baby is not a bad thing as long as you don’t go against the rules. Since there are different types of baby seats, you need to decide which is suitable for your baby.

You could decide to go with a bumbo seat, a baby high chair, a chair that attaches to tables or chairs, or even a walker with a feeding tray.

The space in your home and your budget should be the two factors to determine what you go for.

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