Do Baby High Chairs Expire? (Quick Facts)

Most parents have seen baby high chairs being passed from one baby to another for years. If this is the case, does it imply you can use a high chair for as long as you want?

There have been a lot of talks about the lifespan of high chairs and whether it is safe to use them for several years.

If you are a parent searching for the answer to whether a baby’s high chair expires or not, this article should answer your question.

My parenting experience coupled with the research I have made should give you the best answer you are looking for.

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Do Baby High Chairs Expire

Do Baby High Chairs Expire?

Although there is no definite expiration date for baby high chairs, two things can make them not safe to use anymore – either it is worn out or it fails to meet the updated safety requirements.

As parents, the safety of our babies is paramount to us and it is in our best interest to follow safety measures when dealing with babies.

You are not going to see an exact expiration date on a baby high chair. However, you can say a baby chair is expired if it’s not fit to serve its purpose anymore or has been recalled by the company.

So, what’s the best way to know there is a recall on your baby’s high chair? You should register with the company in charge of the product. This way, information would be sent to you if need be.

In the case of a worn-out chair for babies, a parent should be able to tell if the chair is safe or not. If you notice any parts of the chair getting worn out, you can check if there is a replacement in the marketplace.

Most brands tend to make parts of the chairs available so that parents can prolong the lifespan of baby products.

However, if it’s hard to get a replacement or the available one is not good enough, you may start planning to get another baby high chair for your kids.

I know how attached some people could be with their properties, but you need to let go if that’s the best solution to it.

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How Long Should I use A High Chair For My Baby?

I believe with the answer to the preceding question (do baby high chairs expire?), you should be able to judge by yourself.

Now, we shall be looking at this question from two different perspectives:

Using A High Chair Based On Durability

You should continue using the chair for as long as it remains durable. If you buy a durable one, it should serve you for years and can even be given out as a gift.

Just make sure all the parts are in good shape and the chair meets the updated safety requirements

I have seen baby high chairs that lasted for decades and I have also seen some that didn’t last up to 3 years. If you go for one of the best high chairs for babies, it should serve all your kids.

Using A High Chair Based On The Growth Of Your Baby

Some parents want to know when to stop strapping their babies on a high chair. Once you start noticing some weird behavior from your kids, you should stop placing them on high chairs.

If a kid can unstrap himself/herself or if a toddler tries to stand on the chair, you should discontinue the usage of the chair.

While 6 months is the ideal time to introduce a child to a high chair, there is no ideal time to stop your child from using a high chair.

Kids can be naughty at times and would want to try some dangerous moves. As parents, you have to monitor your child to prevent any mishaps.

Therefore, you should discontinue the high chair if a child can start doing things on his/her own.

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What Are the consequences of using an expired or worn-out high chair?

When it comes to your baby, you don’t have to keep managing a gadget when you know it is worn out. The consequences can be grievous and no parent would wish for that.

You don’t want to have any issues with Consumer Product Safety Commission. I know things could be difficult sometimes, but you can get another high chair for your baby for as low as $40.

So, please don’t wait to see the consequences of using a worn-out product on your baby. It may cost you more than what you are trying to save.

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What Should I Do With An Expired High Chair?

If a high chair is expired or worn out, the first thing to do is to check for replacement parts. If you can replace these parts, you should do so to prolong the lifespan of the chair.

You need to be sure that the replacement parts are strong enough to fit in well. If you are buying the parts online from Amazon or any other store, read customers’ reviews to make the right decision.

However, if the worn-out parts are not available, you just have to kiss the chair goodbye and let it go.

You can look for a recycling program within your vicinity and put a call through to them to know if they’d accept it. In most cases, recycling companies should accept it.

Peradventure they didn’t accept it, you should completely dismantle the high chair so that no one can use it anymore as it is unsafe to use. You may even write “expired” on it before disposing to dissuade people from trying to use it.

Can I Buy A Used High Chair For My Baby?

You should only consider buying a used high chair only if the chair is in good shape and meets the required safety standard.

The list of babies’ needs is very long and it can be financially burdensome for quite some people. If you are on a budget and are considering buying a used high chair, just make sure it is in a good condition.

Some parents are willing to sell their baby gadgets, especially those that are not planning to have kids anymore. If you are lucky to land a good deal, go for it.

However, be mindful of people who are willing to sell because the high chair is not in a good condition. Take your time to assess the product and be sure it meets the safety standard.

I have seen parents getting good deals buying used products for their kids. So, you might want to give it a try.

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Are There Standard Safety Guidelines For High Chairs?

You need to consider some things before and after buying a high chair for your kids. Check them out below:

Factors to consider before buying a high chair


Whether you are buying a brand new or a used baby high chair, durability should be one of your top priorities. You want something that will last you for years.


Some high chairs are designed to serve infants and toddlers. As your child grows, you can convert the chair to meet other needs

Multiple Harnesses

You want to make sure your baby is well-strapped on the chair to avoid any mishap.

Chairs with wheels and lock features

With this, you can easily move the chair around your home and lock the wheels to prevent your child from strolling away.

Reclining Back

The chair should have different reclining positions to offer maximum comfort to your child.

Easy to Clean

You need something that is easy to clean. The removable tray should be dishwasher washable and the seat pad should be machine washable.

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Things to take note of After buying a high chair

Now, assuming you have bought a good high chair, you should bear the following rules in mind when using it for your kid.

Never leave your child unattended to

Just because you have your child strapped on a chair doesn’t mean you should leave him/her alone. Always have your eyes on your baby.

Clean After Use

After use, you should clean the chair before folding and storing it for future use. Hygiene should be at the top of your priorities when dealing with your child.

Use the Lock feature of the wheels

After moving the chair to where you want it to be, lock the wheels to prevent it from strolling away with your baby on it.

Final Word

Getting a durable high chair for your baby should be your utmost goal. You don’t want to use an expired (worn-out) product on your baby.

Therefore, whether you are buying a used or brand new high chair for your baby, just make sure it’s in good condition and meets the safety standard.

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