Where Are Babyletto Cribs Made? (Read This First!)

Babyletto is an American company that was founded in Los Angeles. The company started operation in 2011 and it is known to manufacture nurseries essentials such as furniture, mattresses, etc.

Babyletto cribs are known as some of the best affordable and safest cribs. However, despite being an American company, it seems to so many people that Babyletto cribs are not made in the United States.

To give a clear answer to where Babyletto cribs are made, we have decided to provide some useful information to as many that are interested in knowing more about Babyletto cribs.

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Where Are Babyletto Cribs Made?

Are Babyletto Cribs Made In The U.S.?

No, Babyletto cribs are manufactured in China and Taiwan.

Despite being an American company, Babyletto cribs are not manufactured in the United States. The company sources its materials mostly in Asia and has a regional production facility for making cribs.

Although the cribs are not made in the U.S., the quality of the cribs is tested by relevant authorities before being sold in the country.

Apart from the fact that Babyletto cribs meet the safety measures put in place by CPSC, they exceed ASTM standards.

The cribs are also GREENGUARD Gold certified, which means they are free from harmful emissions that could pollute indoor air.

Babyletto has different designs of convertible cribs that are durable, safe, and considered some of the best cribs with excellent reviews from customers.

Therefore, whether you want to buy Babyletto Hudson, Gelato, Lolly, Bento, Scoot, or any other model, they are all made in China and Taiwan under the highest standards.

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What Are Babyletto Cribs Made Of?

Babyletto cribs are made from 100% solid wood. The types of woods and materials used for making Babyletto cribs include New Zealand Pine, Poplar hardwood, and Walnut veneer.

The company is known for making both full-size cribs and mini cribs. The mini cribs are made of New Zealand pine wood and CARB 2 compliant MDF.

Cribs with under drawers are made from solid wooden material and Carb 2 compliant MDF.

Cribs made from New Zealand pine wood are known to be sturdy and durable. New Zealand pine is renewable and sustainable in that its forests are growing rapidly, with enough wood production for years to come.

Also, to use any product that contains MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard), you must adhere to CARB (Califonia Air Resource Board regulations), which is in charge of regulating formaldehyde emissions in MDF.

CARB mandated that all MDF must be purchased from a certified MDF manufacturer. For this reason, all MDF contained in Babyletto cribs and other products are bought from CARB-certified manufacturers to maintain the highest safety measures.

As for the paint and finishes, Babyletto cribs are free from lead, formaldehyde, and phthalate. Prolonged exposure to these chemicals can be harmful to babies because they have a delicate respiratory system.

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Babyletto Cribs: What You Should Know About Their Shipping Policies

Babyletto.com ships to the contiguous 48 United States only. If you live in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or any other US territory, unfortunately, the company doesn’t ship to these locations.

Also, Babyletto.com does not ship to international destinations. However, if you live in Taiwan and other Asian countries, Babyletto.asia is there to serve you.

If you buy a crib from Babyletto and you notice some parts are missing or the crib is damaged, you should report the case to the company within 14 days from the time of purchase.

As for the return policy, you have 30 day return time frame from the time you received your package. Some details would be required from you before you can return an item bought from Babyletto.

To learn more about the information you need to return a Babyletto item and details about shipping, here’s a link to the company’s shipping page.

Are Million Dollar Baby And Babyletto The Same Company?

Million Dollar Baby (MDB) and Babyletto are not the same company. Million Dollar Baby Co. is a family-owned business that was founded in 1990 and headquartered in Los Angeles.

However, Million Dollar Baby Co. has a family of brands that work with them. Among these brands include Babyletto, Ubabub, DaVinci, Franklin & Ben, etc.

Since Babyletto has something to do with Million Dollar Baby Co., some people assume both companies to be the same. MDB works with different brands and Babyletto is just one of the brands affiliated with MDB.

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Although Babyletto is an American company founded in Los Angeles, Califonia, Babyletto cribs are made in China and Taiwan. However, making cribs in Asia does not take away their qualities and functionalities.

All Babyletto cribs are screened before being sold in the United States. The cribs exceed ASTM standards and the company adheres to all the strict safety rules set out by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Babyletto cribs remain one of the best cribs in the marketplace and most parents trust the brand.

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