Baby Bedding Material: 5 Common Questions Asked (3-Minute Read)

As parents, taking care of babies comes with a lot of things to bear in mind. If you are new to parenting, it could be a bit daunting to follow all the rules needed to give your child the best childhood experience. Of all the numerous things to know about taking care of children, the surface on which babies sleep is often talked about. After receiving so many questions, I have decided to do a comprehensive write-up on baby bedding material and answer every possible question surrounding it. Without taking too much time, let’s examine some of the questions asked by most parents. Baby Bedding Material

Which Baby Bedding Material Is Best For Kids?

When it comes to baby bedding, two things should be of paramount importance to you – The safety and comfort of your child. Whether you are buying a brand new crib or a used one, you want to be sure that it meets the standard safety measures to avoid any form of mishap. When choosing a baby bedding material, you should go for soft material made of either cotton or wool (flannel). The mattress pad should also be waterproof to make cleaning easy. The advantage of choosing flannel is that it provides extra comfort, is cooler, and is safer than plastic or rubber bed covers. You may want to read the article “Do Vibrating Baby Chairs Help With Gas?”

What is the best fabric for baby Crib sheets?

Baby crib sheets are made from different materials or fabrics, making them unique in one way or the other. The fabric of a crib sheet has a lot to do with the quality of sleep a baby gets. Generally, fabrics for crib sheets are made from four different materials. We shall be looking at the different types of baby sheets to see which is the best for your child.

#1. Crib Sheets Made From Bamboo & Cotton Materials

A mixture of bamboo and cotton produces a comfortable and smooth sheet for a baby to sleep on. Another great advantage of this sheet is that it is 100% breathable. Crib sheets made from these two materials tend to retain their shape no matter how many times they go through the washing machine.  These sheets are the best for babies because of the softness, comfort, and quality of sleep they offer. The kind of feeling a baby gets when wrapped in a swaddle blanket is similar to what bamboo and cotton crib sheets offer. Unfortunately, some retailers claim to be selling bamboo crib sheets but in the real sense, are selling some low-quality synthetic products that aren’t eco-friendly.

#2. Crib Sheets Made From Pure Cotton

This is the most popular of all crib sheets and it is the standard you need when looking for crib sheets for your baby’s bedding. Apart from being 100% breathable, cotton materials are suitable for both summer and winter. They can offer some warmth during winter and can be cooler during summer. Cotton sheets are the most common in the marketplace and their prices vary a great deal, depending on where you are shopping from or on thread count. However, just like every other product out there, the cotton sheet has its own downsides. If you decide to get one with a high thread count, it may look rough, scratchy, or stiff at first. But after a few washes, it will become soft. A 100% cotton crib sheet is durable and prevents babies from having any skin irritation. If you care about having crib sheets in multiple colors, then your best bet would be the cotton sheets.

#3. Crib Sheets From Polyester Material

If you are looking for a budget-friendly sheet for your child’s crib, this could be a good option. Some of the advantages of polyester are that it hardly gets wrinkled and is less likely to shrink after washing. However, there is a list of reasons that makes polyester not the best option to go for when choosing the best baby bedding materials. Synthetic polymers used for making polyester can be irritable to a baby’s skin. The material also contains chemicals that could negatively affect the general health of your child. Since we are dealing with babies here, there is every possibility that babies would chew on their bedding sheets. Chewing on polyester could be detrimental to children’s health. Other downsides of polyester include not being 100% breathable as cotton materials and being flammable. Truth be told, parents should avoid buying polyester baby bedding material because its disadvantages exceed its advantages. Unfortunately, they are cheap and very common, making them tempting to parents.

#4. Crib Sheets From Flannel

Flannel baby crib sheets are only suitable for colder climates because they produce enough warmth to keep your baby comfortable. However, if you live in a warmer climate or during summer, you don’t have anything to do with this material. You should kindly keep flannel-backed sheets away during warm weather to avoid overheating. Also, flannel sheets are not breathable, making them suitable for only winter. However, you can decide to have one that can be used during winter. The sheet is durable and will serve its purpose for a longer period. Here are the 5 Best Baby Chairs That Attach To Tables.

Our Top Picks Of The Best Baby Bedding Material

Just by going through the four baby bedding materials above, one can tell which is the best for babies. However, to make it lucid, we shall be making out judgments based on certain factors.

#1. What Sheets Are Breathable For Babies?

If you are looking for sheets that are breathable for babies, you should go for either a sheet made from a combination of bamboo & cotton or one made from 100% cotton. If you are looking to get one that will serve you perfectly during winter and summer, you should opt for 100% cotton material. Also, 100% cotton sheets are safe for babies and prevent skin irritation that may be caused when you use polyester.

#2. Are Polyester Baby Crib Sheets Okay For Babies?

It could be really tempting for parents to opt for a baby bedding material made from polyester because it is cheap and always available in most stores. However, you should be wary of this material because it has many downsides. Some of the reasons why you should avoid polyester sheets for babies include: being flammable, can cause irritation to your baby’s skin, being not 100% breathable, and containing harmful chemicals. Going by our judgments, one can easily tell that baby bedding materials made from cotton, bamboo, and flannel are the best sheets to get for your babies.

The Best Baby Crib Sheets To Buy

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