5 Best Baby Chairs That Attach To Tables (Complete Guide)

Being a mom comes with so much joy! As moms, we are constantly in search of the best products for our babies.

We are going to be looking at some of the best baby chairs that attach to tables. Just like every other product, we shall see the pros and cons of each baby chair that we consider the best in the market.

Also, we shall look at some reasons why you need this baby gear, what to consider before buying one. Finally, we shall look at some safety tips to follow when using a baby high chair.

Without much ado, let’s see some of the importance of owning a baby chair that attaches to a table.

Baby Chair That Attaches To Tables

Why you should get a baby chair that attaches to a table

#1. It doesn’t require too much space to use it

No matter how small the size of your house is, a baby chair with attachment features will easily fit in. All you need to do is to clip the baby seat onto a table and place your child on it.

#2. It makes your baby feel among!

No matter how small your baby is, he or she is part of the family and should be included during family time. With a seat that attaches to a table, a baby can take part in family mealtimes.

As it’s always said, a family that eats together is one that enjoys a healthy family relationship. You need to include your kids during family mealtimes at a tender age.

#3. Requires little effort to clean and store

After using the seat, you don’t need to stress yourself over the cleaning process. All you need to do is to wipe the chair with a clean cloth and detach it for storage.

If you like, you may leave it attached to the table if it won’t cause any disruption at home.

#4. Portable

Whether you are going on vacation or visiting a restaurant with your family, you can easily carry your baby seat along. Since the seat is collapsible, you can easily carry it wherever you want.

As moms, we want to keep our babies safe from dirt and germs. Therefore, it is better to use your baby chair with attachment features than to rely on the high chairs in restaurants.

Most of the chairs in restaurants may not be as clean as you expect.

Now that we have seen the benefits of having a baby seat that attaches to a table, let’s look at some factors to consider when buying one.

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Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Baby Chair That Attaches To Table

Before choosing the right high seat for your baby, you should consider the following factors below.

#1. The weight capacity of the baby chair

Since we care so much for the safety of our babies, we should always go for a sturdy baby hook-on seat. Most baby chairs with attachment features can handle between 30 pounds and 37 pounds.

Therefore, to be on the safer side, go for the one that can handle up to 37 pounds.

#2. Go for the one that you can easily convert to a booster seat

Did you know that you can buy a convertible baby chair seat with an attachment feature? This is a good way to save money because you will not be needing to buy another chair.

Your baby will outgrow a conventional baby high seat. However, going for a convertible one would serve for a longer time.

#3. The Color

For all the funky mamas in the house, this is for you! Baby chairs that attach to tables come in different colors. Therefore, you may want to choose the color that blends well with the table at home.

This is just to add some swag to the overall setting.

However, if you will be using the baby seat in restaurants or on vacation, you may want to go for a universal color that blends with almost anything.

#4. Carriage Bag

Not all baby seats with hooks come with a carrier bag. However, this won’t be a major issue if you will be using the chair at home.

But if you plan to use the chair away from home, you should go for one with a storage bag. It makes it easier and more convenient to carry about.

#5. Storage Pockets

Again, this feature is important if you plan to take your child on vacation or to a restaurant. Most of the top brands of baby seats with hooks come with storage pockets at the back.

With the pocket, you can store petty things like wipes and other soft materials.

#6. Consider the thickness of your table at home

One would think that a baby chair with a hook should fit on any table out there. Unfortunately, it is not so.

You should measure the thickness of your table at home before heading out to get a baby seat with hooks. The thickness of your table will determine the best option to go for when buying one.

While some seats can only handle a table skirt that is 1.5 inches thick, others can fit tables skirts that are up to 5.5 inches.

#7. Removable seat cushion

The essence of this feature is to make cleaning easier and quicker. Remember, we are dealing with babies here and things can quickly get messy.

With a removable seat cushion, you can easily wash it and get it ready for the next use.

#8. Protective grip

Since the seat will make contact with your table at home, a protective grip will prevent damage to the table.

Most hook-on high chairs have protective rubberized grips on the arms to prevent damaging the finish on your table.

If you can get a baby chair that attaches to tables that meets these factors listed above, then you are good to go.

Now that we have seen the benefits and factors to consider when buying a baby chair that attaches to tables, let’s look at the best ones available in the marketplace.

Top 5 Baby Chairs That Attach To Tables

In order not to bore you with a long list of hook-on high chairs that may even leave you confused, we have selected the best 5 you should go for.

With this list, rest assured that you are making the right decision as long as you choose from the list.

#1. Inglesina Fast Table Chair

During the time of writing this piece, this product is rated 4.8 out of 5 and has about 5,500 reviews on Amazon. Now you see why this table chair made it to the list.

Just as its name, you can easily and quickly attach the Inglesina Fast Table Chair to your table. Just beneath the seat is a hidden carrying bag that makes packaging easier.

Simply pull out the bag, package the foldable seat, and you are good to go. Inglesina Fast Table Chair can fit on table edges up to 3.5 inches.

According to the manufacturer’s manual, you should only hand wash the removable cushion. However, I have seen some parents use machines on it and it came out nice. I’m not sure if you’d want to take the risk.


  • Easy installation
  • Comes in 9 different colors

  • Has the capacity to withstand up to 37 pounds

  • Portable and lightweight

  • Comfortable backrest


  • It costs $79, which makes it a little bit more pricey than other baby chairs with hooks

  • Has only a waste belt – no shoulder straps

You can check it out on Amazon

#2. Phil & Teds Lobster Clip-On Highchair

This is yet another super light, compact, and ultra-portable baby chair that easily attaches to tables. The Phil & Teds Lobster Clip-On Highchair has aluminum clamps and non-slip grip pads for maximum safety.

You can conveniently use it for indoor and outdoor purposes. Just like the Inglesina product, Phil & Teds can withstand up to 37 pounds, making it safety certified.

With this design, the chair can accommodate babies between 3 months and 3 years old.

Other amazing features of this hook-on chair include a dishwasher-safe tray and carrier bag for seamless transportation.


  • Portable and lightweight

  • Easy to wash

  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoor use

  • Can withstand weight up to 37 pounds

  • Has firm grips for safety


  • Not suitable for some kinds of tables such as glass top tables, camping tables, card tables, table leaves, single pedestal tables, etc.

  • With a $90 price tag, it is more expensive than most baby seats out there

You may check it out on Amazon

#3. Guzzie+Guss Perch Baby Chair With Attachment Features

One of the major selling points of this baby chair is its extra padding that makes babies feel more comfortable. It can fit table skirts of up to 3.75 inches.

After using it, you can easily fold it flat and store it in a safe place.

It can also withstand weight up to 37 pounds, so you can use it for quite a considerable time. With an adjustable 5-point harness, the guzzie+guss perch helps to keep your child safe.


  • Rubberized grips prevent any damage to your table

  • Made with a material that is easy to clean

  • Has a convenient travel back hidden beneath the seat


  • The gap between the chair and the table may cause a child to mess up the area during mealtimes

  • With an $80 price tag, it is among the most expensive to buy

Here is a link to the product on Amazon.

#4. Chicco QuickSeat Hook-On Chair

When buying this product on Amazon, you can choose from 5 different colors (graphite, red, nature, isle, and poetic). It takes just a few seconds to attach this baby chair to a table.

Unlike most other baby high chairs that use screw-on-clamps, the Chicco QuickSeat uses a one-pull tightened that easily attaches the seat to the table.

Other features of this baby high seat include a snap-on tray, a built-in carry strap, and a comfortable cushion.

The Chicco QuickSeat costs $70 on Amazon


  • Comes in different colors

  • The seat cushion is washable

  • It is well-padded for maximum comfort

  • Less pricey than the others on our list


  • Only suitable with table thickness up to 1.5 inches

  • The metal piece can become rusty if not properly dried after use

#5. Toogel Baby Chair for Indoors & Outdoors

This is a dual-purpose baby chair that can be used as a booster seat or a clip-on seat. This Toogel baby chair is quite affordable and very useful in different situations.

The chair is made of durable material that is easy to clean. Toogel supports weight up to 37 pounds, putting it in the same place as other top brand products.

It has sturdy rubber grips to prevent any damage to your table and also has a storage pocket at the back of the seat.


  • Dual-purpose – can hook on tables or chairs

  • Has the capacity to hold up to 37 pounds

  • Made from durable materials


  • Not suitable for lipped tables

  • Leg holes may be too small for toddlers

It goes for $64 and here’s a link to the product on Amazon

Safety Tips When Using A Baby Chair That Attaches To Tables

While it is fun to see your baby seated close to you, there are safety measures to bear in mind to avoid any mishap. Below are some things to bear in mind when using a baby chair with hooks.

  1. Always follow the guidelines set out by the manufacturers, such as weight, age, and height.
  2. The table you are attaching the baby chair to must be strong enough to bear the weight of your child.
  3. Ensure that the chair is properly locked to the table.
  4. Using a high baby chair still requires your attention. Never leave your child unattended in a baby chair attached to a table.
  5. Always place your child well on the chair and use the safety straps to hold your child firmly.
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