Do Babies Like Bassinets? (Important Facts To Know)

Parenting comes with a lot of questions especially if you are having your first child. Even those with one or two children still revert to asking some beginners questions.

When it comes to determining where your baby will sleep in the first few months, bassinets and cribs are the two options for parents.

Do babies like bassinets or is it okay to go straight to using a crib for newborns? These are some questions most parents want definite answers to.

Also, even if bassinets are the best place for babies in the first 3 to 5 months, do they feel comfortable and safe for babies?

In this article, you shall get answers to the majority of the questions that have to do with babies and bassinets.

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Do Babies Like To Sleep In Bassinets?

Do Babies Like Sleeping in Bassinets?

During the first 3 to 6 months of your baby’s life, the bassinet seems to be the perfect place to place your baby.

A bassinet is portable and a bit bigger than the womb, making it a perfect mimic of the womb. Also, you can move a bassinet around your home, making you have your eyes fixed on your precious little one.

Furthermore, a bassinet is designed to give a baby the best platform for organ development. Having your baby lie down on his or her back on a flat and firm surface plays a crucial role in clearing your baby’s airway.

Therefore, if you consider the functions of a bassinet, you will see that it is the best thing to get for your baby before he or she starts sitting up or standing.

Now, there are cases where some babies start crying when placed inside bassinets. What could be the reason for this? This takes us to the next subheading.

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Why Do Some Babies Cry When Placed Inside Bassinets?

Even though bassinets seem to be the perfect place for babies to sleep when they are under 6 months old, there are some babies that feel uncomfortable when placed in bassinets.

What could be the reason for a baby crying and resisting the use of a bassinet? There are different reasons for that.

Getting Used To The Comfort of The Arms

As a mom, if you are used to allowing your baby to sleep in your arms all the time, your baby may cry when you try to make him or her sleep in a bassinet.

While it is good for your baby to enjoy the comfort of your arms, you should also try to make him or her get used to the bassinet.


As an adult, you would hardly sleep comfortably if you go to bed with an empty stomach. While an adult will not cry if he feels hungry at night, the only way a baby could pass the message is through crying.

Not feeding a baby when due implies that you don’t want him or her to sleep. To erase hunger from the list, just make sure your baby is not hungry before going to bed.

It Could Be A Habit

Babies are fond of developing habits at a very tender age and it is the responsibility of parents to help out.

The good news is that such habits can be easily corrected if you put in the effort. Try to always get your baby inside the bassinet during naps and night sleep. With time, he or she will get used to it and stop crying.

Being a mother, I understand how it feels to see your baby crying. We want to give our babies the maximum care they need, and if possible, not to see them cry.

A few minutes of crying inside a bassinet won’t hurt your baby. You can even try to offer some comfort by touching him or her inside the bassinet.

This way, your baby will get used to the bassinet and with time, it will be the perfect place he/she would want to be.

Therefore, a baby crying when placed inside a bassinet doesn’t mean the bassinet is uncomfortable. It could be caused by any of the factors listed above. There may even be other factors not listed here.

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How Long Should A Baby Sleep In A Bassinet?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the recommended duration for a baby to use a bassinet is about 3 to 6 months.

This could vary from baby to baby because growth and development rates vary. The rule of thumb is that when your baby begins to roll, kick, or sit up, you should start preparing his/her crib.

However, if you buy a bassinet that has a maximum weight limit of about 15 to 20 pounds, this may leave you in dilemma at about 3 months.

Most babies tend to clock 15 pounds at around the 12th week, which means a bassinet with 15 pounds weight limit won’t be suitable anymore.

If this happens to you, you may have no choice but to make the transition to a crib if you have enough space in your room.

If you have limited space in your room, your best bet would be to get an arm’s reach bassinet that has up to 30 pounds weight limit. This way, you can have your baby in your room for about 4 to 6 months.

Bassinets Are So Hard! Can I Make A Bassinet Comfortable For My Baby?

It could be tempting for parents to try to provide more comfort for their babies by adding extra materials such as pillows, bumpers, blankets, etc. However, you should not do that!

A flat and firm surface is what a baby needs in the first few months and that’s what a bassinet offers. We must be wary of SIDS which is majorly caused by suffocation.

A baby’s bassinet should be bare, without any form of cushion that may lead to suffocation. Babies are very delicate and you don’t want to put their lives at risk.

You should not worry about how firm the surface of a bassinet is because most of the bassinets in the marketplace meet safety standards.

Bassinets Vs. Cribs: Which is Better?

Both bassinets and cribs are unique in their respective ways. While bassinets are suitable for babies under 6 months, cribs are perfect for infants and toddlers.

Both are great places for babies to sleep. I have seen parents who hardly use bassinets for their babies. Instead, they start by using cribs from birth.

If you want to follow the standard recommendation, then using a crib for a newborn is not the best thing to do. You should start with a bassinet before transitioning to a crib.

Therefore, it is safe to say both bassinets and cribs are important. Each plays its role in the life of a child.

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Are Bassinets Necessary?

Bassinets are necessary for the first few months after your baby is born. At that early age, a baby needs a place that is not too big and similar to the womb. That’s what a bassinet offers.

If you can afford it, you should get a bassinet for your baby and use it for the first 5 to 6 months. However, there are people who barely use bassinets for their kids.

Are there any consequences if you don’t use a bassinet? Well, not really! You just want to follow pediatricians’ recommendations to keep your baby as safe as possible.

When it comes to raising children, the safety and comfort of the children are what we are all about. Once you are able to provide these two things, you should be fine.


Babies don’t necessarily hate bassinets. It could be either they are not used to it or are reacting to something subtle.

Once you can make your baby get used to the bassinet, there shouldn’t be any issue moving forwards.

Bassinets are good for babies and parents are encouraged to have one at home. However, when buying, you should go for one with a maximum weight limit of 25 to 30 pounds.

I hope you found this helpful and are able to make a wise decision.


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