What Every First-Time Parent Should Know

Parenting can be a daunting task! Everyone has opinions on the right way to raise a child and the process can be overwhelming for first-time parents.

As a new mom, what you need is a list of newborn care basics, and with time you and your baby will figure out what works best. We will go through some useful tips every new mom needs to know about parenting.

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5 Parenting Tips For New Parents

Below are 5 tips that can help first-time parents navigate this journey of parenting.

What Every First-Time Parent Needs To Know


It is important to pay attention to your baby’s feeding habits. Whether you are a breastfeeding or formula-feeding parent, here are some useful tips:

  • Newborns will nurse or take the bottle every 2-3 hours on average. It’s important to not lay the baby down while feeding to avoid choking. Burp your baby by holding them on your shoulder or chest and lightly patting their back.
  • Most babies are ready for solid foods at 4-6 months (at your doctor’s recommendation). When introducing solids, do one food at a time for a few days to make sure there are no allergies. Also, prepare mashed foods to optimize nutritional value.


Dressing your baby can be a beautiful experience for first-time parents. Buying baby clothes for the first year, parents should be ready for the baby to move from one size to another very quickly.

When dressing and undressing your baby, it is best to be careful to avoid twisting and pulling and avoid clothes that have buttons and ribbons for newborns because of choking hazards.

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The importance of sleep cannot be overemphasized for the baby and the new parents. It takes a while to learn the sleep pattern of your baby.

Always keep a log of your baby’s sleep habits. This will help you understand your baby’s sleep pattern. More daytime feeding will reduce the number of night feedings and help you rest at night also.

Babies should sleep on their backs and place your baby’s head in alternating directions as they sleep.


Regular doctor visits are an important part of your baby’s growth process. Usually, these visits are scheduled to monitor the baby’s health and development and to give the baby the necessary vaccines to prevent illnesses that may be life-threatening.

First-time parents are also afforded the opportunity to talk to childcare experts and ask questions relating to their babies’ well-being.

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Talking to your baby helps to promote bonding. In communicating with the baby, first-time parents should have regular skin-to-skin contact, cuddle, make constant eye contact, sing to the baby, and play with the baby.

Not all babies bond with their parents quickly and that’s okay. The major thing is consistency which helps the baby feel safe.

Final Thoughts On Tips For Parenting

Being a parent is really exciting and also challenging. Knowing techniques and activities that can help in this process and being consistent with them can make parenting a smooth and enjoyable process for you and your baby.

It is also important to note that there will be times you won’t meet your standards as regards your baby. Do not be discouraged, it’s also part of the learning and growing process.

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