Are Strollers Allowed In Costco? (Read This First)

Going shopping can be somewhat challenging for moms with babies. While using a stroller can help relieve stress, not all shopping malls allow parents to come in with a stroller.

In this article, we shall be looking at some of the best ways you can shop at Costco with your little one.

Are you allowed to bring in a stroller to Costco? How challenging could it be shopping with a baby in a store? What are other options to consider when shopping with your baby? These are some of the questions we will look at.

Without wasting much time, let’s start with the first question.

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Are Strollers Allowed In Costco?

Are Strollers Allowed In Costco?

Yes, strollers are allowed in Costco and there is no restriction whatsoever to using your stroller while shopping. However, it could be challenging for you when you buy many items that may not fit into the storage of the stroller.

If you want to go to Costco with your baby in a stroller, make sure you are going there to pick up just a few things. You need to understand that Costco is a warehouse store and most of the things you get there can be a bit heavy.

If you must shop for heavy items or many items, then going with a stroller would be challenging because you will be pushing a stroller and a cart.

The best option for heavy shopping is to have someone with you. If your partner or husband is around, it is good if he can go with you to make shopping easier for you.

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You May Want To Use The Shopping Carts In Costco

The shopping carts in Costco are one of the best when it comes to shopping with your little one. If your baby can seat up already, you can use an infant car seat on the cart to give you more freedom while shopping.

Simply get a cart cover and some kind of cushion to make your baby comfortable while you shop. You don’t want to go to Costco pushing a cart and a stroller at the same time. That could be stressful and uncomfortable for you.

If your husband or a friend is available, you can go with any of them to make things easier for you when you need to shop for heavy or many items. While you are pushing the stroller, the other would assist with the cart.

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Babywearing Can Be Another Option To Consider At Costco

When going to Costco, most moms like to babywear when buying items a stroller can’t contain. I used to babywear each time I visited with my kids and it was kind of helpful for me.

However, babywearing and lifting heavy items could be challenging sometimes. If for any reason, you need help lifting an item, you will likely find help from someone around.

Also, if you feel you are not comfortable shopping by babywearing, you may want to start the back carrying. Back carrying is a good option most moms have not explored and it can be very handy when shopping heavily in Costco.

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The Best Is To Go With Your Husband Or Partner When Going To Costco

Of all the options listed above, the best one is to go with your DH (dear husband) to make it easier for you. Unless you are going for a few items, using a stroller in a store like Costco won’t be easy for you.

While it is true that employees or other shoppers would want to help you when they see you with a baby, it is better to have your support with you. Your husband is the best support you can get when shopping with your little one.

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