5 Common Questions On Vibration For Babies (Solved!)

As parents, it is your wish to provide soothing relief to your baby whenever the need arises. No parent wants to see her baby cry uncontrollably without knowing how to pacify the situation.

A baby’s needs such as hunger, sleep, etc. can be easily solved by providing the necessary needs. However, when the need is unknown, it could be quite disturbing.

Of all the different methods of pacifying a baby, one common interest that is widely talked about is VIBRATION.

In this article, we shall be covering everything you need to know about using vibration on your baby.

Does vibration prevent SIDS? Does it help with gas? How safe is it to use vibration on babies? These and more questions will be discussed in this write-up.

Does Vibration Help Prevent SIDS?

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is common among babies aged 1 to 12 months. Vibration is a good way to mimic the womb, which tends to be safe for babies when done in moderation.

However, there is still no clear answer to the cause of SIDS. This frightening syndrome always occurs during sleep time and it mostly affects babies that sleep on their stomachs or sideways.

Therefore, if you place your child the right way on a vibrating bassinet or a vibration chair, you don’t need to worry about SIDS.

When using a vibrating bassinet or a vibrating chair for your child, you want to make sure the resting surface is free from any material that could lead to suffocation.

Hence, the best way to prevent SIDS is to have your eyes on your baby whenever he/she is asleep. As parents, you should wake up at some point to check if your baby is having a good sleep.

Vibration Help With SIDS

Does Vibration Help Baby Sleep?

The vibration mechanism is primarily designed to offer babies a womb-like environment. Hence, it is a good way to initiate sleep for babies. Most vibrating chairs and vibrating bassinets come with music for the best results.

However, when your baby falls asleep (as a result of the vibration), you should stop the vibration or carry your kid to stationary bed space. You don’t want to leave a baby on vibration mode for hours.

Also, just like every other thing, the vibration must not be too intense if you want your baby to sleep. Since these kids are still tender and have developing organs, things must be done in moderation to prevent any complications.

Therefore, the answer is YES! Vibration can initiate a baby’s sleep, especially when there is soothing music in the background. But you should transfer your kid to a better sleeping surface once he/she falls asleep.

Does Vibration Help Baby Gas?

Gas can enter a baby’s stomach through different means and this can cause discomfort for babies. Vibration has been one of the ways of solving this issue and it’s been proven to work by most parents.

With vibration, gas bubbles in the stomach are released faster. Vibration also helps in providing relief to stomach pain and helps in sleeping.

Some of the ways to know if a baby is gassy are crying, a baby raising his/her legs, belching, swollen stomach, and arching the back.

Once you notice any of these symptoms, you should consider getting gas out of your baby and vibration could be a good way.

However, if the gas problem occurs too often or the issue becomes severe, you should visit a pediatrician for a proper checkup.

But in most cases, gas in a baby’s digestive tract shouldn’t be a big deal because there are home remedies for it.

You may want to get more details on this and know the best vibrating chair to buy by reading “Do Vibrating Baby Chairs Help With Gas? (Quick Facts)”

Does Vibration Help Baby Poop?

For babies that are less than 12 months old and are experiencing constipation, vibration is a good way to remedy the solution. Placing your child on a vibrating chair would initiate a bowel movement and eventually help your baby to poop.

Different things could lead to constipation in children. One common cause is the change of diet (when a baby is shifting away from liquid food to solid food).

As parents, it is not always a pleasant feeling knowing that your kids are struggling to poop. While vibration can help in some cases, you shouldn’t hesitate to visit your doctor for severe cases.

Using a vibration mechanism to help a baby poop and get rid of gas in the digestive tract work in a similar way. The bouncing helps the gas bubbles to move and is eventually expelled.

Before the invention of vibrating chairs and vibrating bassinets, mothers always use the manual technique of bouncing babies on their knees and it works for us! The same principle is applied to vibrating gadgets.

Is Vibration Good For Babies?

Vibration has a lot of benefits when it comes to pacifying babies or offering soothing relief. However, you should consider the amount of time a baby spends on a vibrating chair or crib so as not to cause any mishap.

This is a very common question for parents because they want to be sure if it’s okay to use vibration on their kids.

World Health Organization recommends that a baby should sit in one position for at most 1 hour. Therefore, if you are using a vibrating chair for your child, it shouldn’t exceed 1 hour.

For a child of about 4 months old, the recommended time to sit on a bouncer at a stretch is 20 minutes. You can repeat the process at certain intervals, but you shouldn’t leave a child on it for too long.

So, generally, vibration is good for babies if you follow the standard safety precautions. A lot of parents have attested to the benefits of vibration on their kids.

Just make sure you don’t go too intense with it and you will enjoy having a vibrating chair for your baby.

Final Word

If you were worried about using a vibrating chair or crib for your child, I believe your questions have been covered in this write-up.

The safety of your child matters a lot and you are doing the right thing by making a research before venturing into using a bouncer for your baby.

Overall, vibration offers a list of benefits to kids. Most parents count on it and it has been a great addition to a baby’s needs.

When using vibration to provide relief for your child, just make sure you follow the advice on this page. Once you stick with the standard safety measures, you should be fine.

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