Does A Double Stroller Fit Through Doors? (Explained)

When buying a double stroller for your twin babies or kids, there are certain factors you need to consider. Apart from the fact that the stroller needs to be lightweight and sturdy, the width is also important.

I have read some funny stories where parents head to the store to get a double stroller without considering the main doors in their homes. They ended up buying products that can’t go through most doors.

In this article, we shall be dissecting this topic for parents that are planning to buy double strollers.

Do all double strollers fit through doors? What are the two types of double strollers on the market? What is the average width of a double stroller? These are some of the questions to be treated.

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Dose Double Stroller Fit Through Doorways?

Does Double Stroller Fit Through Doors?

Most modern-day double strollers are designed to fit through doorways. However, there are still some products in the marketplace that struggle to fit through all doors. It all depends on the brand you are going for.

Before buying a double stroller, you should consider the major doors in your home. It can be really frustrating to find out that you bought a buggy that can fit through the entrance door to your home or stores.

Most stores and restaurants have doorways that are wide enough for a double stroller to go through. However, there are cases where you would need your double stroller to be narrower enough to go through.

The width of most doors should be between 32″ and 36″. Therefore, if you are getting a double buggy for your kids, it should measure less than 32″ in width.

However, you shouldn’t be worried about some doorways in your home because there will be no need to pass through them with a stroller. For example, the doorway that connects your house with the garage shouldn’t be of concern to you.

Now, talking about double strollers, they come in two styles; the tandem style double stroller and the side-by-side double stroller. Let’s go through them briefly.

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Double Stroller: Tandem Style Double Stroller Vs. Side-By-Side Double Stroller

Since double strollers are of two types, it is expedient that we go through them, especially for new moms who may not know about this.

What Is A Tandem Double Stroller?

A tandem double stroller is one that has two compartments to accommodate twins or two kids at a time. It is designed such that a seat is in the front while the other is behind.

Pros of Tandem Double Strollers

Pros Of A Tandem Double Stroller

  • They have the same width as the single stroller, making it easier to maneuver in a narrow walkway
  • If you have limited space in your home, the tandem-styled stroller is easier to store
  • Tandem double strollers are more flexible in that they can easily convert to a single stroller
  • Some models can accommodate infant car seats for babies between 0 and 8 weeks
  • It is suitable for kids of different ages

Cons Of A Tandem Double Stroller

  • Since it has in-line seats, it is not the best when it comes to accessing kids on the move
  • While it looks narrower and easier to maneuver on narrow walkways, a tandem double stroller is not the best in terms of the convenience of pushing it around.
  • Reclining the seats may not be as easy and smooth as the side-by-side model

What Is A Side-By-Side Double Stroller?

This is a type of double stroller that has its seats lined side-by-side. Even though the side-by-side double strollers are wider than the in-line strollers, they tend to be very popular on the market.

Side-by-side Double Stroller

Pros Of A Side-By-Side Double Stroller

  • It is easy to push around on a broad walkway. This is because its weight is centered to allow for easy turning
  • Since both kids are sitting side-by-side, parents can easily access their kids
  • It is more suitable for twins or kids of the same age group
  • Some side-by-side double strollers can make room for infant car seats
  • The seat can be easily reclined without stress
  • They seem to be the most preferred by most parents

Cons Of A Side-By-Side Double Stroller

  • They are wider than the tandem stroller, making it difficult to maneuver in a narrow walkway
  • If you have limited space in your house, it may be difficult to store this product.

How Wide Are Double Strollers?

The width of double strollers varies from brand to brand. If you are planning to buy one, you need to consider the width of the entrance door to your home or other most visited places to determine which stroller is best for you.

For a standard doorway, it should be between 32 inches and 36 inches. Therefore, you should be looking at getting a double stroller that is about 30 inches and below.

Note: When talking about the width of a double stroller, our emphasis is only on the side-by-side double stroller. The tandem double strollers have the same width as the single stroller, so it shouldn’t be a problem going through any doorway.

To make things easier for you, we have made a list of the narrowest double strollers or buggies. This would help you make a good decision when buying one for your kids.

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The Narrowest Double Strollers Or Buggies On The Market

The table below shows the top 5 narrowest double strollers that fit through doorways:

Name ImageFeatures of the strollerPrice Product
BOB Revolution Flex Double StrollerDoes BOB Double Stroller Recline?Item weight: 33.1 pounds
Width: 30.5 inches
Minimum weight recommendation: 5 kg Maximum weight recommendation: 100 kg
Material type: Canvas

$750View Product
City Mini Double StrollerCity Mini Double StrollerItem weight: 36.5 pounds
Width: 29.5 inches
Age range: Infants
Material type: Rubber
$650View Product
Summer Infant 3DPac CS+ Double StrollerDouble Strollers That Fits DoorwaysItem weight: 23 pounds
Width: 30 inches
Minimum weight recommendation: 15 kg
Maximum weight recommendation: 100 kg
$269View Product
Joovy Kooper X2 Double StrollerThe Best Narrow Buggies That Fit Through DoorsItem weight: 28 pounds
Width: 30.31 inches
Minimum weight recommendation: 4.5 kg
Maximum weight recommendation: 45 kg
$460View Product
Jeep Destination Double StrollerBaby Buggies That Fit Through DoorwaysItem weight: 28.7 pounds
Width: 29.5 inches
Maximum weight limit: 80 pounds
Material type: ‎Aluminum, 1680D fabric
$200View Product

What To Look At When Buying Double Strollers For Your Kids

Before you buy a double stroller for your kids, there are certain factors to consider to get the best product. Check them out below:

Your Lifestyle

You probably like outdoor activities that’s why you are opting for a buggy. Now, we have the jogging double stroller and the normal double stroller for leisure walks and for visiting stores and other places.

Does it mean that the jogging stroller is designed for only parents involved in some sort of jogging? Not exactly true.

Most double joggers such as the BOB Revolution have features that make them suitable for both jogging and leisure walks. Double joggers have three tires and you can lock the front tire while jogging.

As for the normal double buggies, they usually come with more than three tires and are not suitable for jogging.

Therefore, if you think you may one day engage in jogging, you should go for the double jogger because it has features for both jogging and leisure walks.

Weight And Height Limit

You are buying a double stroller because you have more than one kid, right? If that’s the case (which always is the case), you should consider the weight and height of your older child.

Most strollers come with minimum & maximum weight recommendations and height limits. You should take this into consideration when choosing the one that fits your needs.

The Width Of The Stroller

You don’t want to have difficulties going through doorways because your stroller is too wide. Consider the doorways in your house and other stores and restaurant before choosing the best stroller for your kids.

Choosing any one of the 5 side-by-side double strollers in the table above will solve the issue of width. If you can get a buggy that is 30 or lesser inches wide, you should be fine.

The Ability To Easily Maneuver

The ability to easily maneuver in a crowded environment should also be considered. Some strollers can be thorns in the flesh when it comes to maneuvering and you don’t want to have such a stroller.

Transitioning Features

Unless you are buying a bassinet stroller, you shouldn’t use a stroller for newborns less than 8 to 10 weeks old. A bassinet stroller lays flat, which is the best for newborns.

Nevertheless, you can get a stroller that makes it possible to attach an infant car seat for little babies. The BOB Revolution Double Stroller and some other brands have such features.

All you need to do is to buy an infant car seat adapter for installing the car seat.

The Trunk Of Your Car

You may decide to spend some time in your parents’ home or go for any outdoor activities away from your vicinity. In such a case, you would need to carry your kids’ stroller in your car’s trunk.

The double stroller you are buying should fit in your car’s trunk to make it hassle-free moving it from one place to another.


Most of the double strollers out there fit through doorways. However, there are other key things to be mindful of when buying a side-by-side double stroller.

We listed some of the top 5 side-by-side double strollers for you. Picking one from the list should serve your kids perfectly.

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