Are Graco Car Seat Covers Machine Washable? (Beginner’s Guide)

Whether you are using your Graco car seat in a vehicle or stroller, you want to make sure the car seat cover is always clean. Keeping a car seat clean will make your child more comfortable and prevent the seat from becoming a breeding ground for germs.

For most parents, it could be daunting going through the cleaning process. First off, detaching the seat pad from the car seat could be challenging. Next, can you machine wash a car seat cover and dry it with a dryer? These are some of the questions parents need answers to.

In this short write-up, we will look at Graco infant car seats and how to take good care of the car seat covers. To start with, let’s see if you can machine wash Graco car seat covers.

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Can Graco Car Seat Covers Go In Washer?

Are Graco Car Seat Covers Machine Washable?

Yes, Graco infant car seat covers can go in the washer without any problems. However, if you must machine wash a Graco or any other car seat cover, it must be done on a delicate cycle and with mild laundry detergent.

You don’t necessarily need to wash the car seat cover for every stain you see on it. If the stain is mild, you can easily use a damp cloth to try to remove the stain.

However, if you think the seat cover is looking messy and due for an absolute cleaning, you can get it off the seat and machine wash it. Here’s a YouTube video on how to remove a Graco infant car seat cover.

When washing a Graco car seat cover with a washing machine, ensure that you use a delicate cycle, mild laundry detergent, and never use bleach. Following these conditions will keep the seat cover in good shape for a long time.

Can Graco Infant Car Seat Covers Go In Dryers?

No, Graco car seat covers cannot go in dryers and should be discouraged. The best way to dry the Graco car seat cover is by drip drying. That way, you are sure of not damaging the fabric.

Graco and other car seat brands forbid parents from using a dryer on car seat covers because the process disintegrates the fabric. Since washing the seat cover is not what you do always, you don’t have to rush the drying process.

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When Is The Best Time To Wash An Infant Car Seat Cover?

There is no best time to wash an infant car seat cover. You should know when the seat cover is messy and deserves a machine or hand wash. In some cases, you may not even see any reason to hand or machine wash the cover, spot cleaning might suffice.

If possible, you should avoid washing a car seat cover except for serious occasions where your little one vomits on the cover or any other occurrence that could lead to a serious stain. Washing the seat cover always weakens the fabric.

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Can I Wash The Harness Strap Of An Infant Car Seat?

You can only wipe the harness strap of any infant car seatnever dip it in water. These straps are for safety purposes and you should not in any way alter the strap’s composition.

Dipping the harness strap of an infant car seat in water or using bleach on it would weaken it, and over time, leave some cuts on it. You should replace the straps as soon as you notice any cuts on them.

Furthermore, any metal or plastic parts on the infant car seat may be cleaned by wiping them with clean water and mild soap. You don’t need to use bleach at all when cleaning your child’s travel system.

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How Do You Clean A Graco Car Seat Canopy?

Cleaning the Graco or any other car seat canopy should be similar to how you clean the seat cover. Simply remove the seat canopy and hand wash or machine wash on a gentle cycle. Here’s a short video on how to remove your Graco car seat canopy.

However, you may hardly need to wash the car seat canopy because it rarely catches tough stains. If there is a mild stain on the canopy, you can easily wipe it with water and mild soap.


I understand that some parents can be extremely concerned about the cleanliness of their children’s environment. That is a good thing and should be encouraged among parents.

Nonetheless, washing a car seat cover or canopy should be done only when necessary. Getting these fabrics in water always would weaken the quality of the material.

You should always try out spot cleaning first. If that doesn’t do the job, then you can resort to washing on a delicate cycle and air drying.

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