Does The Egg Stroller Lay Flat? (Read This First!)

The Egg stroller remains one of the fanciest strollers out there. Its portability, lightweight feature, and stylish design give it the admiration it deserves.

If you are a parent and like going out, having a stroller or a pram would be a good one because it gives you some sort of freedom and allows your little one to view and enjoy the environment.

However, before you buy a stroller for your kids, there are some things you need to bear in mind – what are the reclining positions of the stroller? What are the weight and height limits? When is the best time to use it for your baby? These are some of the questions to ask before making a decision.

In this article, our focus will be on the egg stroller and we will be answering some vital questions about this stroller.

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Does The Egg Stroller Lay Flat?

Does The Egg Stroller Lay Flat?

The egg stroller seat unit doesn’t lay completely flat but the egg carrycot does. However, you need to buy the carrycot as an extra or you can use an infant car seat that is compatible with the stroller.

This means you will be using the carrycot or car seat for the first six months before switching to the seat unit.

When you buy the egg stroller, you will be getting the chassis and the seat unit. If you need a flat surface for babies younger than 6 months, then you will have to buy the egg carrycot or use a car seat that is compatible.

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How Long Should A Baby Lie Flat In The Egg Stroller?

The recommended time for babies to lie flat is from 0 to about 6 months. During this period, a baby needs to develop neck and trunk muscles before being introduced to the seat unit, which has 3 reclining positions.

The egg stroller’s manufacturer has put all these factors into consideration before making the stroller. During the first six months, you can use the carrycot or get an infant car seat that is compatible with the stroller chassis (as you read on, you will see the car seats that are compatible with the egg stroller).

Therefore, for the comfort and safety of your little one, you should use the carrycot or infant car seat for 6 months before transitioning to the seat unit.

How Many Recline Positions Does The Egg Stroller Have?

The egg stroller has 3 recline positions for kids at different levels of development. For babies that are just over 6 months, you would still want to use the 3rd recline position from vertical because you don’t want your baby to sit upright for a long time.

Once your child learns how to sit upright, you can adjust the seat position to give your child the comfort he or she deserves.

Another great feature of the egg stroller is that you can easily position the stroller to be rear-facing or front-facing. In my opinion, I like the seat to face me while I push until my child is about 2 years old. This will make it easy to access your child.

Once your child is about 2 to 3 years, he or she can start enjoying the front-facing view and start giving those charming smiles to passersby who deserve it.

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At What Age Can I Put My Baby In The Egg Stroller?

You can start using the egg stroller from birth. However, you need to start with the carrycot or infant car seat until about 6 months after the birth of your baby.

The egg-shaped seat unit doesn’t lay completely flat, which is not good for newborns. Therefore, you should wait for at least 6 months before you start using the seat unit.

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When Should I Stop Using The Egg Stroller For My Kids?

The egg stroller is suitable for kids from birth to about 4 years. The max weight recommendation is about 25 kg, which is high enough to hold even a 6-year-old child.

But you don’t want to push a 5 or 6-year-old child in a stroller unless you want to give him or her some occasional treats. The egg stroller is designed to meet parents’ needs from birth to as long as they want to use it.

I believe the 25 kg maximum weight limit is fair enough and remains one of the best you can get in the marketplace.

What Car Seats Are Compatible With The Egg Stroller?

Apart from the egg carrycot, there are some infant car seats that are compatible with the egg stroller. You can attach the car seats to the egg stroller chassis with the help of adaptors.

Below are some of the car seats that are compatible with the egg stroller for babies between 0 and 6 months:

  • Kiddy Egg Evo-Lunafix
  • Maxi-Cosi
  • Cybex
  • B-Safe
  • Recaro

Final Thoughts – Is The Egg Stroller Worth Buying?

With all honesty, the egg stroller is worth it and remains one of the best baby carriers in the marketplace. It is well-designed, lightweight, portable, and provides the safety and comfort your child needs.

The front tires can swivel or be locked in rough terrain. The versatility of the stroller is what makes it stands out.

For babies between 0 and 6 months, you can use the egg carrycot or an infant car seat. While from 6 months and above the seat unit can serve perfectly well with a reasonable weight and height limit.

Storing or carrying the egg stroller around is super easy as it can easily be folded. The 5-point harness, seat liner, apron, bar, and hood help to shield your child.

Overall, the egg stroller is worth buying and you shouldn’t hesitate to have one for your baby if you are contemplating doing so.

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