Do Babies Like Back Rubs? (Quick Facts)

As a mom with a little one at home, there are a thousand and one questions you’d want to ask about parenting. Whether you are a new mom or a mom with experience, you always want to get ideas on certain things.

In this article, our focus will be on back rubs for babies. Do babies like back rubs? What are the benefits of rubbing your little one? These are some of the questions we’ll answer in this write-up.

Let’s begin with the first question…

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Do Babies Like Back Rubs?


Do Babies Like Back Rubs?

Rubbing your baby’s back is good when you do it the right way. However, not all babies are comfortable with back rubbing. While some babies find it soothing, others may see it as discomfort.

As parents, you need to understand that babies have personalities. They are small and can’t speak, but they have their likes and dislikes just like adults.

You need to carry out the experiment to know whether back rubs are something your baby wants or not.

I have four children and out of the four, I noticed that one of them didn’t like back rubbing during his babyhood. Instead, he preferred it when I rubbed his belly.

So, as moms, you need to be sensitive and observant to know your baby’s likes and dislikes. What works for A may not work for B. Some things in parenting need experimentation and you have to be confident enough to get the best for your baby.

Nevertheless, all babies enjoy it when you touch them in a gentle and loving way. It boils down to where a baby wants you to touch him or her, how long you should do so, and the best way to do so.

Some babies want you to rub their backs, some want you to rub their bellies, and some may prefer head rubbing. Others may not like rubbing at all! Instead, they want to be patted or bounced.

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How To Know If A Baby Likes Or Dislikes Back Rubs

Unlike adults that can express themselves whenever they want or don’t want a thing, this is not so with babies.

I could still remember a funny situation between me and my first child. He was around 5 months at that time, and for some reason, he wasn’t comfortable with something and the only way to show it was through crying.

As a new mom then, I was so perplexed with the whole thing and really wished my boy could speak to me at that age. Such kinds of situations happen to moms most of the time.

Now, concerning rubbing, a baby can’t tell you if he or she is enjoying the rubbing, tell you where to rub, or tell you the rubbing is a discomfort. It is your responsibility as a parent to figure that out. All you need to do is pay attention.

The easiest way to know that a baby likes back rubbing (or any kind of rubbing) is when the baby feels relaxed, smiling and cooing. This is a great way of saying “mom, you are the best in the world! Just keep doing that thing to me.”

On the other hand, if your baby squirms, cries, or makes upset sounds during rubbing, it only means one thing. “Mom, could you please stop that thing? This is not the time for that.”

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What Are The Benefits Of Back Rubs?

Giving your baby back rubs comes with some benefits. Below are some of the good things about rubbing your baby.

  • Back rubbing (or any other rubbing) puts your baby in a relaxed state. This helps to initiate the sleep mode
  • Rubbing is a way of creating a strong bond between moms and babies.
  • It helps in circulation and initiates gas movement through your baby’s system
  • Rubbing your baby is a way of passing the message of love. Even though babies can talk or understand words, they could feel love through your gestures or touches.

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Likely Reasons Some Babies Don’t Like Back Rubs

The most obvious reason some babies don’t like back rubbing has to do with personality. Just like adults, we have our likes and dislikes. Back rubbing may not be your baby’s thing and you can’t force him or her to like it.

Another uncommon cause could be a sensory problem. Some babies could be suffering from Sensory Processing Disorders, which could affect their sense of touch. In such a case, you should visit your paediatrician for better advice.

Finally, your baby may not like back rubbing, belly rubbing, head rubbing, or any form of rubbing because you are not doing it rightly. Babies have very tender skins which require gentle touches. If your rubbing is so hard on your baby, it may become a nightmare for him or her.

Final Thoughts

As parents, you need to do some experimenting to understand some things about your kids. Babies have personalities and it is your responsibility as a parent to figure out your baby’s preferences.

Whether your baby wants belly rubbing, back rubbing, heading rubbing, feet rubbing, etc., it is up to you to figure out. Take your time to understand your little one and give him or her the best treats.

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