Why Do Bassinets Have Hoods? (ExPlained!)

It is always normal for parents to be curious about whatever product they buy for their kids. As a parent with a newborn, it is expected of you to have a bassinet for your baby.

The portability and size of a bassinet make it a perfect sleeping place for a baby that’s just left the womb. Bassinets either come with hoods or come without hoods.

What are these bassinet hoods for? Are they meant to provide safety or are they just there to add more beauty to the bassinet? This is what we will answer in this article.

Why Do Bassinets Have Hoods?

Why Do Bassinets Have Hoods?

The hood feature on a bassinet is basically to offer good sleep for your baby and prevent any pet from coming close to your kid. During the daytime, if you notice the intensity of the sun is high enough to disrupt your baby’s sleep, all you need to do is to pull over the hood to provide shade.

Also, if you have dogs, cats, or any pet at home, you’d want to limit the amount of time these pets spend with your baby.

Apart from interrupting your baby’s sleep, it is not safe to allow your pet to cuddle your newborn. The safety of your precious child supersedes every other thing and you should make that your priority.

Therefore, the hoods you see on bassinets are to provide extra safety and comfort for your baby during sleep hours.

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Do All Bassinets Come With Hoods?

Not all bassinets come with hoods. However, if you are interested in getting one with a hood, there are many of them available in the marketplace.

The bassinet I bought for my kids is without a hood and it served us for quite a number of years. You shouldn’t be too concerned about the hood because it’s just an add-on feature for those who choose to use it.

What you should be more worried about is the durability of the bassinet and the maximum weight limit it can hold.

Once you are able to get a bassinet with a good maximum weight limit, it should serve you for up to 6 months.

Bassinets With Hoods Vs. Bassinets Without Hoods: Which Is Better?

Whether you go for bassinets with hoods or bassinets without hoods, they are all meant to provide a safe and comfortable space for sleeping.

Any which one you go for should not be a problem. If you have pets at home or receive excess sunlight, you will want to get one that has a cover.

On the other hand, if you believe your home is safe and doesn’t need extra protection for your baby, the hoodless bassinet should be fine.

When Is The Best Time To Use The Hood Of A Bassinet?

You should consider pulling over a bassinet’s hood if you think the environment is not conducive enough for sleeping. This could be caused by excessive sunlight or the presence of pets.

Also, if you think the weather is extremely cold and you want to provide a bit of warmth for your newborn, you can use the hood.

Using a bassinet hood is never a must, it is just an add-on feature for those who choose to use it. If you don’t have pets at home or you can control the amount of sunlight entering your home, you may never use the hood.

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How Safe Is It To Use Bassinet Hoods?

Bassinets hoods are very safe to use because they are mostly made with materials that are free from harmful chemicals.

The manufacturers of these products work with experts that test every feature of a bassinet to make sure they are safe for babies.

Also, the relevant regulatory bodies have strict safety rules that every manufacturer needs to follow. The organs of babies are delicate and extra care must be taken to avoid any case of SIDS.

Therefore, pulling over the bassinet hood is safe for your baby. The essence of it is to provide a comfortable and uninterrupted daytime nap for your jewel!

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The function of the hood in a bassinet is to provide the best sleeping space for your baby. However, not all bassinets come with hoods.

Are bassinets with hoods better than those without covers? Not exactly! If your environment doesn’t call for extra protection, you should not worry about the hood.

Some people hardly use the hood feature, so, it shouldn’t be something to disturb yourself about. If you think you need it, go for it.

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