7 Common Questions About Pram Bassinets (Solved!)

There are a lot of questions on pram bassinets that parents need answers to. Finding answers to these questions boils down to one thing; the safety of your baby!

In this article, we shall be going through some of the common questions that look confusing to some parents.

Do newborns need bassinet prams? Why are there straps in pram bassinets? Should you swaddle a baby in a pram? What’s the difference between a pram and a stroller? These and more are what we will cover.

Without wasting much time, let’s begin with the first question.

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Why Do Pram Bassinets Have Straps?

The primary reason why prams have straps is to provide extra safety for your baby. Having a strap loop over your wrist ensures that you are always attached to your baby.

However, bassinet prams don’t come with straps for babies because it is not necessary. Since we are dealing with babies that are just a few months old, strapping them while lying down on their backs could be risky.

You don’t want to strap a baby that is lying down on his or her back. Suffocation and entrapment are two hazards parents should be worried about.

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Why Do Pram Bassinets Have Strap?

How Long Do You Use The Bassinet On A Pram?

You should keep using a bassinet on a pram for as long as your baby’s neck muscles and spine keep developing.

The essence of a pram bassinet is to provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your baby while you are outside. During the first 3 to 5 months after delivery, pram bassinets are good for moving your baby around in a sleeping position.

This would take some stress off parents and allow parents to move freely. But when your baby starts to roll or begin to sit up, you should stop using the pram bassinet.

At the age of around 6 months, a baby begins to sit up. You can get a bassinet stroller with different reclining positions at this age.

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Does A Newborn Need A Bassinet Pram?

If your baby is less than 6 months, the safest way of moving your baby around is with a bassinet pram. This is according to experts’ recommendations.

Using a bassinet pram at such a tender age ensures that a baby is lying down flat, which is good to keep a baby’s airway clear.

During the first few months of a baby’s life, development is taking place rapidly. To facilitate the development of the spine and neck muscles, a flat and firm surface is what a baby needs.

Also, since a bassinet is free from external materials such as pillows, bumpers, and blankets, it is safe enough to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

So, if you have a newborn that is less than 6 months and you like strolling out, having a pram bassinet will be handy for you.

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Can A Newborn Baby Sleep In A Pram Overnight?

While it can be tempting for parents to want to leave their babies to sleep overnight in a pram, it is never the right way to give your baby the best sleeping environment.

Prams are meant to provide a temporary sleeping environment for your baby while you are outdoors.

If A Standalone Bassinet Is Suitable For Overnight Sleep, What Makes A Pram Bassinet Not Suitable?

The manufacturers of these devices are experts in baby nurseries and know what is best for babies. There are reasons why we have standalone bassinets and pram bassinets.

First, pram bassinets tend to be narrower than normal sleeping bassinets. Babies below 6 months breathe heavily through their nostrils, thus, needing enough space.

Also, the standalone bassinets meant for overnight sleeping have some sophisticated features that make them perfect for long hours of sleep.

Although some parents leave their babies in pram bassinets overnight, it is not a safe practice and should be discouraged.

Be it as it may, whether you are outside with your baby in a pram bassinet or you have your baby inside a bassinet at home, you should never leave your baby unattended.

Should You Swaddle A Baby In A Pram?

Swaddling your baby in a pram is never a welcome idea and should not be done. While your baby is lying down flat, you want to make his or her hands and legs free.

Instead of using a blanket to swaddle your baby, it is best for you to use a pram suit. Doing this will help reduce any risk of SIDS.

What Is The Difference Between A Stroller And A Pram

Most people use stroller and pram interchangeably and it is never their fault. Both devices have similar features which make it difficult for some people to figure out.

Both have wheels, they are meant for outdoors, and they provide a perfect environment for babies when outside.

However, there are some differences between a pram and a stroller!

A pram is usually flat and is primarily for babies less than 6 months old. Whereas, a stroller has different reclining positions and is suitable for infants and toddlers that can sit up or stand.

Prams tend to be heavier and take up a lot of space when compared to strollers.

Prams do not come with safety belts because you don’t need to strap a baby lying down flat. All strollers come with straps that help to hold your child to prevent any falls.

Final Word

A pram bassinet is a good thing especially if you like going out. The best time to use a pram bassinet is when your baby is between 3 to 6 months old.

When using a pram, you must ensure that you stick to the safety guidelines to avoid SIDS. The pram bassinet should be free from pillows, bumpers, blankets, etc.

Also, you should not leave your baby to sleep overnight in a pram bassinet because that’s not what a pram is meant for. A pram bassinet is a temporary sleeping surface for your baby while you are outside.

Finally, whether you have your baby in a pram bassinet or a standalone bassinet, you should always monitor the state of your baby at all times.

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