Where Are DaVinci Cribs Made? (Read This First!)

DaVinci Baby is an American-based company that is dedicated to producing baby furniture. The company is part of the MDB (Million Dollar Baby) family and has been in operation since 1990.

However, despite being an American company, there are speculations among parents as to where DaVinci cribs are made.

In this short article, we will cover where DaVinci cribs are made, what the cribs are made of, the quality of DaVinci cribs, and the best-selling DaVinci cribs.

Where Are DaVinci Cribs Made?

Are DaVinci Cribs Made In The USA?

No, DaVinci cribs are not made in the U.S., they are manufactured in Taiwan and China.

Even though DaVinci cribs are majorly sold in the U.S., the materials for the cribs are sourced outside the U.S., and the cribs are produced in an internationally-approved production facility.

In case you are scared of the quality of the cribs, rest assured that DaVinci cribs have been tested by ASTM International and CPSC. These bodies are responsible for making sure that companies produce products that adhere to safety standards.

Also, DaVinci cribs are GREENGUARD Gold certified. Most parents in the U.S. rely on this certification when it comes to choosing a product that is free from harmful chemicals and VOC emissions.

What Are DaVinci Cribs Made Of?

DaVinci cribs are made from 100% sustainable New Zealand Pine with a safe finishing. DaVinci Baby makes sure it tests its cribs every year to ensure that they are safe for babies to use.

The company produces cribs of various designs and models, but virtually all the cribs are made with pine wood. Pine is the latest trend of material for cribs, and most brands are beginning to tap into it.

Apart from the fact that pine wood is sustainable, cribs made with pine are solid and rarely shrink or swell after some time. Also, cribs made from pine are quite affordable when compared to cribs made from poplar and the like.

Can I Trust DaVinci Cribs?

Despite the fact that DaVinci cribs are made in Asia, the DaVinci cribs are non-toxic and are one of the safest cribs in the marketplace.

You shouldn’t turn down DaVinci cribs just because they are not as expensive as other cribs such as Pottery Barn cribs. Except you have a special kind of crib in mind, you don’t necessarily need to spend multiple hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy a crib.

As long as the crib is in good condition, the rails are well-spaced, and the finishing is safe, you shouldn’t worry too much about the crib. You probably would want to get a good crib mattress because that’s what your little one will be sleeping on.

Putting all the safety conditions into consideration, one can say that DaVinci cribs are trustworthy and can guarantee your little one a safe and comfortable sleep.

Which Is The Best-Selling DaVinci Cribs?

If you have to choose from the list of DaVinci cribs, there are a few of them that are doing well on the market. They include the Kalani 4-in-1 convertible crib, Jenny Lind 3-in-1, and Union 4-in-1 convertible crib.

The DaVinci Union crib sells for less than $200, while the Kalani and Jenny Lind are just slightly over $200.

With over 4,000 reviews on Amazon and a rating of 4.6 out of 5, the DaVinci Kalani convertible crib is the best-selling DaVinci crib, followed by the Union crib (almost 3,000 reviews and a rating of 4.6/5).

If you are looking for a durable, safe, and budget-friendly crib to buy, choosing any of the three DaVinci cribs listed above would be a good buy. With these cribs, your child’s safety can be guaranteed.

To find more details about DaVinci cribs, here’s an article on the best DaVinci cribs to buy.

Is Million Dollar Baby The Same As DaVinci Baby?

Million Dollar Baby and DaVinci Baby are kind of affiliated. The Million Dollar Baby has a family of brands that produce its products, and Davinci is part of the MDB consortium.

Apart from DaVinci, other brands that are part of the MDB family include Babyletto, Ubabub, and Franklin & Ben. Most people assume these brands to be the same as Million Dollar Baby.

Therefore, suffice it to say that DaVinci is associated with the Million Dollar Baby brand. However, there is more to MDB than just Davinci.


Even though DaVinci cribs are made in Taiwan and China, they undergo all the necessary screening before they are sold in the U.S. The cribs exceed CPSC and ASTM International safety standards, thus, making them safe.

If you were concerned about where DaVinci cribs are made, they are made in a world-standard production facility in Asia. Apart from being budget-friendly, DaVinci cribs are strong, durable, and GREENGUARD Gold certified.

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