Are DaVinci Cribs Safe? (Read This First!)

Before buying any crib, the first thing to put into consideration is the safety of your child. Since there are different brands of cribs available on the marketplace, you want to make sure you choose one of the safest cribs for your baby.

Landing on this page means you have narrowed down your search to a DaVinci crib. Nonetheless, you want to make sure you are not leaving any stone unturned, hence, your quest to know if DaVinci cribs are of good quality and safe to use.

To find out if DaVinci cribs are safe or not, we shall go through a few factors that determine the safety of a crib. Are DaVinci cribs GREENGUARD Gold certified? Are DaVinci cribs toxic? What sort of finishes do the cribs have? etc.

Are DaVinci Cribs Safe?

Are DaVinci Cribs Safe?

DaVinci cribs are safe in that the company puts in the effort to surpass national and international safety standards set out for cribs.

Before any crib can sell in the USA, it must go through ASTM and CPSC screening to certify the crib’s safety.

So far, DaVinci has been compliant with the rules and there haven’t been any cases of SIDS associated with DaVinci cribs. Annual testing is conducted on DaVinci cribs to be sure that the cribs are harmless to kids.

Apart from the safety regulations of CPSC (which some people think are not strict enough), there are other ways to ascertain the safety of a crib in terms of harmful emissions. This certification is known as the GREENGUARD certification.

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Are DaVinci Cribs GREENGUARD Gold Certified?

DaVinci Baby has dozens of crib designs, and virtually all the cribs from the company are GREENGUARD Gold certified.

Whether you choose to buy the DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1, the DaVinci Union crib, or any other crib from DaVinci Baby, rest assured that they are GREENGUARD Gold certified.

The GREENGUARD Gold certification is health-based testing that certifies products to emit a very low amount of VOC emissions and other harmful chemical emissions that could pollute indoor air.

Leaving your little one to sleep, play, and rest in a polluted environment is never a good idea because kids have delicate organs that can easily be affected by inhaling the polluted air.

For these reasons, the GREENGUARD Gold certification is the best way to know that a product doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. However, the GREENGUARD Gold certification is not compulsory for companies.

Some brands are not part of the GREENGUARD Gold certification program, but that doesn’t mean their products are harmful. Most brands work with third-party laboratories for testing their products to ensure they are safe for use.

Nonetheless, seeing the GREENGUARD Gold certification label on a product assures you that the product has been screened for harmful emissions. DaVinci Baby is part of the GREENGUARD Gold certification program.

Which DaVinci Crib Is Non-Toxic and the Best to Buy?

All DaVinci cribs have non-toxic finishes that are completely harmless to kids. DaVinci cribs are lead, formaldehyde, and phthalate safe.

The annual testing carried out on DaVinci cribs passes a strong message that the company places a huge priority on the safety of kids.

Choosing the best DaVinci crib to buy can be based on a few criteria – the best-selling DaVinci cribs and the best review ratings from parents who have the crib already.

Going by these criteria, the DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 convertible crib and the DaVinci Union 4-in-1 convertible crib are the two most sought-after DaVinci cribs.

With reviews of about 3,000 and over 4,000 respectively and a rating of 4.6/5, you can tell that Kalani 4-in-1 and Union 4-in-1 cribs are good.

Can I Use Other Mattresses With DaVinci Cribs?

DaVinci Baby sells both standard-size regular cribs and mini cribs. For the mini cribs, it is recommended that you buy the special mini crib mattress produced by DaVinci Baby.

Most mini cribs vary in size, and you may struggle to find another mini crib mattress that will fit a DaVinci mini crib.

For standard-size DaVinci cribs, you can easily find another mattress that will fit in the crib.

However, before using another mattress on DaVinci cribs, you must confirm that both the crib’s interior measurements and the dimensions of the mattress are compatible.

Since DaVinci Baby sells crib mattresses, it is better to check out DaVinci crib mattresses before looking out for other brands of mattresses.

DaVinci mattresses are specially made for DaVinci cribs, thereby taking out the issue of crib-mattress compatibility.


DaVinci Baby has some of the most durable and most affordable cribs in the marketplace. The cribs are constantly tested to ensure that they comply with the ASTM and CPSC safety standards.

Also, DaVinci cribs are GREENGUARD Gold certified, which is a huge plus for the company. When buying a crib from DaVinci, you don’t need to bother about the emission of toxic substances because the cribs have been tested and approved.

There are different designs and models of cribs to buy from DaVinci. However, if you wish to narrow down your options, you should tilt towards the DaVinci Kalani crib and the DaVinci Union crib. As I write this piece, both cribs are having excellent ratings from parents.

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