How Good are Mamaroo Sleep Bassinets? (Facts and Review)

Being a new parent is never easy and one of the most challenging parts is sleepless nights when your baby wakes up every 2-3 hours. When I had my twin boys, me and my husband could not sleep for 3 months and we tried every trick in the book – swaddling the babies, rocking the babies for hours, and even going for a drive just so that our boys could sleep. One of our friends was using Mamaroo sleep bassinet at that time and we were amazed how their daughter was sleeping so well for long stretches in the night.

What Is So Unique About The Mamaroo Sleep Bassinets?

Mamaroo sleep bassinet is a smart bassinet that comes with 5 unique motions that replicate how parents would rock their babies to get them to sleep. Plus, the bassinet comes with 5 speeds and 4 white noise options. Manufactured by 4moms, this bassinet’s features can be controlled by 4moms app which is really helpful late in the night when you don’t want to get out of the bed.  

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What Type Of Motions The Mamaroo Sleep Bassinets Have?

Mamaroo sleep bassinets have 5 motion types

  • Car ride
  • Kangaroo
  • Tree Swing
  • Rack-a-bye
  • Wave

All these motions function as per the naming convention. You would be surprised to know that babies usually have a preferred motion type and they would let you know with their response to each motion type.

Please keep in mind that the motion is only for 4 hours and then the bassinet stops the motion. You can restart the motion if you want to but there is no control either on the bassinet or on the app to increase the time.

How Good Is The White Noise On The Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet?

Mamaroo sleep bassinet has 4 calming white noise options —fan, rain, ocean, and shhhh. Some parents may find the white noise a little less loud but it all depends on your baby and how loud white noise they prefer. If you want louder white noise, maybe you can use another white noise machine as a replacement.

Our friend’s daughter loved the shhhh white noise with car ride motion.  

Would The Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet Soothe My Baby To Sleep?

Every baby reacts differently to sleep arrangements (even in the case of siblings) and this bassinet is no exception. Some babies react very well to the motion and white noise of this bassinet and can go to sleep in a few minutes. If your baby is not going to sleep after you put them in the bassinet, try to rock them in your arms and then put them in the bassinet with motion and white noise on. In the case of our friend, their daughter initially did not soothe to sleep in the bassinet but eventually, she got into the habit of sleeping to the white noise and motion.

Is Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet Safe For Kids?

Mamaroo sleep bassinet is compact in size which helps in keeping the baby safe and secure inside the bassinet. Plus, the mesh sides help in optimal visibility for you to keep an eye on the baby at regular intervals. Mesh also helps in breathability creating a comfortable experience for the baby.  

Mamaroo sleep bassinet follows AAP safe sleep guidelines which gives parents an assurance that these bassinets are built using American Academy of Pediatricians’ guidelines. Infants need a safe space during their sleep and Mamaroo sleep bassinet provides a safe and comfortable space for your baby.  

You can read more about the American Academy of Pediatrics SUID (Sudden unexpected infant death) program by clicking this link  

How Good Is The Mattress That Comes With The Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet?

The only drawback of Mamaroo sleep bassinet is the thickness of the mattress. The mattress that comes with the bassinet is thin which may not be your first choice. However, you can purchase the right size mattress to address this issue.  

Can I Adjust The Height Of The Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet?

Yes, you can adjust the height of the Mamaroo sleep bassinets. You can adjust the height by 4.5” which is usually enough for your comfort.

What Is The Maximum Weight Capacity Of The Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet?

Mamaroo sleep bassinet maximum weight recommendation is 25 pounds.

How Good Is The Mamaroo’s 4mom App?

4mom app has all the required features but it can be connected to only one phone (that’s the latest update till this article was written) which could be a hassle if you both are taking care of the baby at night. Mamaroo sleep bassinet is Bluetooth enabled that works well with the app.

Please note, app background is white which you may find very bright at night. Also, the light on the control panel on the bassinet could be too bright for you.

How Long The Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet Will Last For The Growing Babies?

Mamaroo Sleep basinet is 34 inches long and 24 inches wide. The maximum weight recommendation is 25 pounds. All these limitations mean Mamaroo sleep bassinet can be used till your baby is 3 – 5 months old. However, your baby may outgrow this bassinet earlier than 3 – 5 months or can stay longer depending on the initial weight and height of the baby plus, how fast are they growing.


Mamaroo sleep bassinet is a smart bassinet recommended by many parents as it helps them get sleep at night while their baby sleeps in a safe, comfortable, and cozy environment. This smart bassinet is equipped with features like automated motion, white noise, and a bluetooth connected app. This bassinet is easy to assemble, and has top safety ratings and its manufacturing company 4moms has excellent customer service records. Bassinet has a few drawbacks such as limited motion hours and limited app connectivity but at its price tag, it could be the solution sleepless parents are looking for.   

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