Are Evenflo Car Seats FAA Approved? (Quick Fact)

As parents, before purchasing a car seat for your baby, there are some features you need to look out for. One of these features is whether or not you can use the car seat on an airplane.

The easiest way to travel with your child by plane is by using an FAA-approved car seat.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is an operating mode of the U.S. Department of Transportation responsible for the safety of air travelers. FAA is responsible for approving car seats for airplane use.

If you own an Evenflo car seat and are planning to fly with your little one, you must be sure of the car seat’s FAA approval status. So, are Evenflo car seats FAA approved? That’s our focus in this short article.

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Are Evenflo Car Seats FAA Approved?

Is Evenflo Car Seat FAA Approved?

Every Evenflo car seat with a harness system is FAA-approved. However, Evenflo infant car seat bases are not aircraft certified. That means you won’t be needing a base during a flight with your child.

Since you can install an Evenflo car seat with or without a base, there won’t be any safety concerns for not using the base on a plane. That would even help reduce the stress of traveling with too many items.

Also, you can’t use an Evenflo booster seat (without a harness) or any other brand of booster seat on aircraft. This is because booster seats require a lap and shoulder seat belt, which is hardly available on most airplanes.

However, even though booster seats are not aircraft certified, you can still bring them along with you and check them for free. You might be needing the booster seat after disembarking (when taking a taxi to your destination).

It is always advisable to contact the airline you wish to travel with prior to departure. Ask them every necessary question on your mind so that you can make adequate preparations for your child.

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Is Evenflo Chase FAA Approved?

Evenflo Chase LX and Chase Plus have harnesses, therefore, you can use the harness feature of Evenflo Chase for kids within the height and weight limits of the car seat.

Note: The reason for using a car seat on a plane is not to prevent injuries in case of a crash. The purpose of a car seat during a flight is to restrain and reduce the turbulence effects on your little one.

Is Evenflo Tribute FAA Approved?

Yes, the Evenflo Tribute convertible car seat is FAA approved because it has a harness to restrain your child. You can safely take a flight with your child on a Tribute convertible car seat without any concerns.

Just ensure that you stick with the airline car seat policy and make sure the installation is done correctly. It would make more sense if you could call the airline to inform them of your plans of coming with a car seat.

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Is Evenflo Maestro FAA Approved?

The Evenflo Maestro Sport convertible car seat is FAA approved when using it with the harness. However, the booster mode is not aircraft certified.

If your child has outgrown the Maestro harness mode usage, you may still want to carry the booster seat along with you. You might need it after embarking and driving to your final destination.

How To Know An Evenflo Car Seat That Is Airline Approved

If you have an Evenflo car seat with an internal harness, it is most likely to be airline approved. Most Evenflo infant car seats and convertible car seats are FAA-approved.

Nevertheless, you can confirm the FAA approval status of your car seat by checking on the label underneath or at the back of the seat. On the label, you will see whether or not your car seat is airline approved.

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A List Of Evenflo Car Seats That Are Airline Approved

For the sake of new moms interested in knowing Evenflo car seats that are FAA-approved, the list below will be of help to you.

  • SecureMax infant car seat
  • LiteMax DLX infant car seat
  • LiteMax 35 infant car seat
  • LiteMax Sport infant car seat
  • NatureMax infant car seat
  • Revolve 360 convertible car seat
  • All4One DLX All-in-one convertible car seat
  • EveryFit convertible car seat
  • Symphony DLX convertible car seat
  • EveryKid convertible car seat
  • Sonus 65 convertible car seat
  • Tribute convertible car seat
  • Maestro Sport booster seat (Harness mode only)
  • Chase LX booster seat (harness mode only)
  • Chase Plus booster seat (harness mode only)

Does An Evenflo Car Seat Need A Base In An Airplane?

Evenflo car seat base is not FAA-approved. Therefore, you don’t have to carry the base along when traveling by air with your child. Evenflo car seats can be installed with or without a base, which makes it pretty easy for parents.

The Importance Of Car Seats For Kids In An Aircraft

During a flight, Having your child on your lap is not secure because there are chances of severe turbulence or items falling out of the overhead bin. Also, kids may get injured due to burns or spills during drink services.

If you have a toddler, a car seat would be necessary because toddlers like to move around. You wouldn’t want to stress yourself trying to tame your child from running down the aisle.

Using a car seat for your child can be a recipe for your little one to fall asleep quickly.

For this reason, it is better to keep your child safe by bringing an FAA-approved car seat during a flight. However, if your child is about 40 lbs or above, the airplane lap belt can be used for your child.

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