Does The Doona Car Seat Fit In Shopping Carts?

There are a lot of good reviews about the Doona car seat on how it makes life easier for parents. With Doona, if your child is less than 15 months old, you can easily convert the car seat to a stroller without stress.

Having known the dual function of the Doona car seat, how convenient is it to use the Doona car seat in a shopping mall? Does the Donna car seat fit in a shopping cart or how best is it to use the car seat while shopping?

If you have a baby less than 15 months old and are thinking of the best way to go shopping with your Doona car seat, this article will give you the best ways to go about it.

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Does The Doona Car Seat Fit In A Shppping Cart?

Does The Doona Car Seat Fit In Shopping carts?

You might find it difficult to get a shopping cart that will accommodate your Doona car seat because Doona is bigger than the regular infant car seat. However, there are some big supermarkets with bigger shopping carts that will accommodate the Doona car seat.

Assuming you are going grocery shopping in a mall with small shopping carts and you have your Doona with you, there are different ways to solve the challenge. Let’s consider these ways below.

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Best Ways To Go Grocery Shopping For Parents With The Doona Car Seat

Just as there are amazing benefits of owning the Doona car seat, so also are some not-too-good situations that surround Doona. If you decide to go shopping with your Doona car seat, it is very likely that the seat won’t fit in the shopping cart.

If that’s the case, what then is the best way to handle shopping if you have the Doona car seat stroller? Below are some of the best ways to go about it.

  • Going with a family member: If you have your husband/partner or a grown-up child at home, going to the mall with any of them would help a lot. You can focus on the shopping cart while the other person takes charge of the Doona stroller.
  • Use a baby carrier: You can decide to get a good baby carrier such as the Ergobaby carrier. That way, you can easily push the cart while your little one is safely and comfortably positioned close to you.
  • Get the regular car seat: Peradventure you have the regular infant car seat or can borrow one from a friend, that would help. The regular infant car seat will easily fit in a shopping cart.
  • Push the Doona and the shopping cart simultaneously: While this is never the most convenient thing to do, I have seen moms doing this a lot. Push the Doona with one hand and pull the cart from behind you with the other hand.
  • Get a babysitter: If the shopping is so critical that you can’t do without it at that moment, you may decide to get a professional babysitter for about an hour. This would give you time to do your shopping.
  • Always go to malls with big carts: If you could find a mall around you with big shopping carts, that should be your go-to place whenever you decide to shop with the Doona car seat.

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Conclusion – Can you grocery shop with the Doona car seat?

Whether you can go grocery shopping with the Doona car seat depends on the mall you wish to attend. If the mall has bigger shopping carts, good for you! If not, you will have to devise another alternative.

Since the Doona is larger than the conventional infant car seats, it won’t fit in most shopping carts. Your best bet would be to go to the mall with your partner so that he can assist you in pushing the Doona stroller.

With all the alternatives listed in this article, just look for the one that is best appealing to you and go for it.

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