Is Evenflo Car Seat Good? (Read This First!)

Just like buying any other product, you want to be sure if Evenflo is a good brand to purchase a car seat for your little one. If this is your case, it only means that you cherish your child and want to provide maximum protection.

Evenflo is an American company that has been in operation for over a century. However, we shouldn’t judge a brand just by the number of years it’s been in operation.

While Evenflo is known for the development of infant care and juvenile products, the focus of this article is on Evenflo car seats. Is Evenflo a good brand to buy a car seat? Let’s go through some facts about Evenflo car seats.

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Is Evenflo Car Seat Good?

Is Evenflo Car Seat Good?

Holistically, Evenflo car seats can be rated as fairly good when looking at safety, comfort, weight, and ease of installation. Since Evenflo sells different types of car seats, you might want to be sure of the right one to buy.

To determine whether a car seat is good, the key things to pay attention to are the safety of your little one, comfort, ease of installation, and ease of cleaning the seat.

Since Evenflo has infant car seats, convertible car seats, and booster seats, we shall go through each category to determine whether they are worth buying.

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Is Evenflo Infant Car Seat Good?

In terms of safety, comfort, quality, and installation ease, Evenflo infant car seats can be rated fairly highly. There are industry standards a car seat needs to meet, and Evenflo has gone above these standards to offer something better.

While Evenflo infant car seats may not be the best on the market, the key things you need in a car seat are present in Evenflo infant car seats – lightweight, safe, different recline positions, comfort, and vehicle belt lock-off for a quick and secure installation.

If you want a good Evenflo infant car seat, you should consider buying the Evenflo LiteMax Infant Car Seat. It is one of the most popular infant car seats, which means it is widely accepted by parents.

Some of the features of the Evenflo LiteMax Infant car seat are that it is extremely lightweight and has an ergo handle, perfect design, 4 recline positions, and comes with an easy-to-install base that has a 2-step vehicle belt lock-off for a secure installation.

At a price of $125.99, the Evenflo LiteMax infant car seat is one of the cheapest, yet the most durable infant car seats.

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How Good Is Evenflo Convertible Seat?

Just like Evenflo infant car seats, Evenflo convertible seats are carefully designed and tested to be sure that they surpass industry standards.

Evenflo has some of the most innovative convertible car seats that offer safety, comfort, and convenience as your child grows through childhood.

Even though Evenflo recalled some of its convertible car seats that were manufactured between 2011 and 2014, the company is concerned about the safety of your child, hence, the recall. Here’s a link to the recalled car seats.

Evenflo has some solid convertible car seats such as the Revolve360, Symphony DLX, EveryFit, EveryKid, Sonus, Tribute, etc. You can use most of these car seats for your child from birth up to about 10 years old.

While Evenflo has some good convertible car seats, if you need to pick just one, the Evenflo EveryFit 4-in-1 car seat would be a good buy for you.

Some of the features of the Evenflo EveryFit 4-in-1 convertible car seat include:

  • Manufactured in the US
  • A child can ride rear-facing beyond 2 years of age
  • it exceeds all required federal safety standards
  • It is made with airflow mesh fabric to keep your little one cool and comfortable
  • Features advanced side impact protection that reduces crash forces by up to 30%
  • Easy to install
  • 12-position headrest to fit your child as he/she grows
  • Machine-washable

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Are Evenflo Booster Seats Any Good?

Between 2011 and 2014, some Evenflo booster seats and convertible seats were recalled due to faulty harness buckles. However, the issue has been corrected and the company has put in extra features to make its booster seat safer and better for kids.

Evenflo has harness booster seats and belt-positioning booster seats, and they are suitable for kids from age 4 and above

If you are looking to buy an Evenflo harness booster seat, you should consider the Chase Sport Harnessed Booster Seat or Maestro Sport Harnessed Booster Seat. These two are the most popular Evenflo booster seats.

If all you want is just a belt-positioning booster seat, you should consider purchasing the Evenflo GoTime LX High back Booster Car Seat. It costs about $50 and is one of the most popular high-back booster car seats on the market.

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Conclusion – Is Evenflo Car Seat Good?

Evenflo has some good and affordable car seats for kids. Before buying a car seat for your little one, your priority should be safety and comfort.

As an American company, Evenflo knows what it means to sell baby products in the US. Before selling baby or juvenile products, there are safety standards to meet. Evenflo car seats surpass federal safety standards.

There are dozens of baby car seat brands in the world, and most of these brands test their products to be sure it is safe for use. As long as you follow the instruction manual of an Evenflo car seat, you shouldn’t have any issues using the seat.

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