What Comes With The Doona Car Seat?

Before you buy the Doona car seat, it is okay to want to know what comes with the Doona car seat. This would give you an idea of what to expect in your package and whether there’s a missing accessory in your Doona package.

Doona is a good car seat with dual functions and many parents find it quite relieving to have this car seat. You can use the Doona as a car seat, and it can also be converted into a stroller within a few seconds.

Let’s go through everything you will get when you purchase a Doona car seat.

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What Comes With The Doona Car Seat?

What Accessories Are Included In The Doona Car Seat Package?

If you purchase a Doona car seat, below is what you will get in the package:

Doona infant car seat

This is the main product in your package. You can either use Doona as a car seat or as a stroller to ride your baby for short walks.

Doona infant insert

With the Doona infant insert, you are sure of having your baby snug and tight in the car seat. You should remove the infant insert when your baby is about 5 to 6 months old.

Doona head support

Since babies are delicate and their heads can easily move, the head support will keep your child safe in a car seat. With Doona head support, your child’s head will be in a stable position, thus, preventing any form of head injuries.

Doona car seat base

You will get one Doona car seat base when you order your car seat. The base is to make car seat installation quicker and easier. You can also buy an extra Doona car seat base if the need arises.

Doona vehicle seat protector

The importance of the Doona vehicle seat protector is to protect your vehicle seat from wear and tear that could be caused by the baby car seat placed on the vehicle seat. However, make sure the vehicle seat protector does not in any way impede the car seat installation.

2 years manufacturer’s warranty

When you buy the Doona car seat, a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty is included in the package.

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Other Doona Car Seat Accessories Not Included In The Doona Package

Apart from what you get when your purchase a Doona car seat, you might want to add some accessories to have the best experience with the Doona car seat.

Doona Rain Cover

The Doona rain cover is meant to keep your baby dry in case of rainfall. It is well-ventilated to keep your baby safe and comfortable.

Check the product here

Winter Cover

You can use the winter cover to protect your baby from colder weather. The winter cover is designed to fit over your Doona car seat and stroller.

Here’s a link to the Doona winter cover


This accessory is designed to keep your little one warm and comfortable during colder weather. Footmuff features a removable blanket and water-repellent materials suitable for winter seasons. This accessory has a universal design such that it can fit in all car seats and strollers.

Here’s a link to a footmuff

Snap-On Storage

If you need additional storage when using your Doona car seat & stroller, the snap-on storage is what you need to store your extras. This storage can easily fit the back of the Doona car seat perfectly, and it is very easy to detach the snap-on storage.

Check this accessory here

Padded Travel Bag

The Doona padded travel bag is meant to keep your Doona car seat safe, clean, and easy to transport from one place to another. The bag is made from durable and water-repellent fabric to keep your Doona safe always.

Check this accessory here

360o Protection

The 360o protection helps to ward off insects, bugs, and direct sunlight, without preventing access to your little one. When not in use, you can easily store this compact accessory in a carry bag for future use.

Here’s a link to 360o Protection

Handlebar Cover

Apart from providing a comfortable grip with a luxurious feel, the Doona handlebar cover gives your Doona a premium look. The handlebar convert is made of durable faux leather.

Here’s a link to the handlebar cover

Insect Net

The insect net is a see-through accessory that protects your little one from insects and bugs. It is well-ventilated, and the Doona snap-on connectors make it quick and easy to attach and remove the insect net. The net comes in a compact carry bag for easy storage.

Check the Insect Net here

Sunshade Extension

The sunshade extension protects your baby from direct sunlight. It provides enhanced UV protection of UPF>50. The sunshade extension comes in a compact carry bag for easy storage when not in use.

Check the Sunshade Extension here

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The Doona car seat stroller is a complete travel system that comes with essential accessories. You will get one Doona car seat base in your package, but you can always buy an extra car seat base if you have a need for it.

Apart from the accessories included in your Doona package, there are other important accessories that are included in the package. You may decide to buy some of these accessories depending on how important they are to you.

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