Does The Doona Car Seat Come With A Base?

The Doona car seat is designed such that it can easily and quickly convert from a car seat to a stroller.

If you are looking for a car seat and stroller combination to use for your baby in the first 12 – 15 months after birth, Doona is what you need.

Now, because the Doona car seat is not designed like the traditional infant car seat, would there be a need to use a base with Doona? Does Doona even come with a car seat base in the first place?

In this short write-up, we shall explain everything that has to do with the Doona car seat and base. In the end, you will better understand how best to use the car seat to make life easy for you.

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Does The Doona Car Seat Come With A Base?

Does The Doona Car Seat Come With A Base?

Yes, the Doona car seat comes with a base to make installation easier for parents. Doona is just like other infant car seats, the only exception is the stroller feature Doona has.

When you purchase a Doona from a retail store or order online, among other things, a car seat base is included in your package.

The essence of using a car seat base is not to add some aesthetics to your vehicle. It is to make it easier and quicker for you to bring in or bring out the car seat from your vehicle. Doona understands this, hence, they included a car seat base in their package.

Therefore, if for any reason you ordered a Doona car seat, you should expect to see a base in the package. Peradventure you didn’t (which is very unlikely), you should contact the company ASAP.

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Can You Install The Doona Car Seat Without The Base

You can install the Doona car seat in your vehicle with or without a base. Whether the Doona car seat does need a base or not depends on you – if you have a base, you can use it, if you don’t have one, you can make use of your vehicle’s seat belt.

Most modern infant car seats are designed to be installed with or without the base.

You may be in a tight situation where you need to install a car seat in a friend’s or your grandparents’ car. In such a case, knowing that you can install the car seat without the base would be a great relief.

Doona and other top car seat manufacturers understand the importance of a baseless car seat installation, hence, they made it possible to install a car seat without the base.

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Installing Doona With Or Without The Base – Which Is Safer?

Whether you decide to install the Doona car seat with or without the base, both installation methods are safe if you do it correctly. There hasn’t been a safety concern about using any of the installation methods.

However, there are some benefits you enjoy from installing a Doona car seat with the base. First, with the base installed in your vehicle, it is pretty easy to click the car seat to the base for a secure connection.

Also, the Doona car seat base comes with features such as level indicators to help you get the right seat angle. The Doona installation indicator helps you to know when the car seat is safely locked in position.

Installing the Doona car seat or any other infant car seat without the base could be stressful and daunting. If you can, always try to use the base to make things easier for you.

But if you find yourself in a situation that leaves you with no choice other than to go for a baseless installation, then you actually have no choice other than to do a baseless installation.

Therefore, aside from the stress involved in a baseless installation, it is as safe as using a base as long as it is done correctly.

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What If I Need Another Doona Car Seat Base?

If you need another Doona car seat base, you can always buy an extra car seat base. When you purchase the Doona car seat, you will get one seat base. But you can purchase another base to install in another car.

If you have more than one car, you wouldn’t want to go through the stress of uninstalling a car seat base from one car and installing the base in another. In this case, you just need to buy an extra base to use in your second vehicle.

If your little one sometimes rides with your grandparents, you could also get a car seat base to install in your grandparents’ vehicle. You can buy as many Doona car seat bases as you want if you need them.

Yet again, even if you have two car seat bases in your two vehicles, you still need to carry the car seat from one vehicle to another. If this would stress you, then you can opt for a second car seat and have it permanently in your vehicle.

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Does The Doona Car Seat Come With Infant Insert?

Yes, the Doona Car Seat comes with an infant insert that provides newborns with the maximum safety and comfort needed. The insert has been certified by experts to provide support for your baby’s posture.

However, babies outgrow the insert quickly. Once this happens, the insert should be removed to avoid any complications.


While it is true that Doona car seat strollers come with bases, you can actually use the car seats with or without the base. Just make sure you follow the user’s guide and you should be fine.

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