Baby Bath Toys for Fun and Learning

Bathing your baby is an essential part of our daily routine, which makes your baby look healthy and have a pleasant fragrance. However, bathing your baby is not about being clean alone; adding some play times makes daily baths memorable; it’s an opportunity for exploration, learning, and bonding.  

Therefore, learn about the best bath toys for babies to transform this time into a fun and educational experience and make bath time a fun and engaging adventure every day.

Importance of Baby Bath Toys

Bath time isn’t solely about getting clean; it’s a crucial part of a child’s routine that contributes significantly to their development. Bath toys can turn a simple bath into an exciting adventure. Colourful and engaging toys capture your baby’s attention to make bath time more enjoyable.

Beyond entertainment, bath toys stimulate sensory development, fostering skills like hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Toys have proven to enhance many forms of development in babies.

Choosing the Best Baby Bath Toys

Bath time can be a great opportunity to bond with your baby while helping them with their developmental milestones. When selecting bath toys for your baby, safety is paramount. Opt for toys made from non-toxic materials without small parts that could pose a choking hazard. 

Additionally, choose toys that encourage interaction and imagination. Choosing suitable baby bath toys can make this experience more enjoyable and educational. The tips below will help you consider the best baby bath toys when selecting bath toys for your little one:

Safety First

Always choose bath toys made from non-toxic materials that don’t have small detachable parts that could pose a choking hazard. Look for toys labeled BPA-free and phthalate-free. Avoid toys with sharp edges or small detachable parts. Rubber duckies and soft plastic toys are popular choices for their safety features.

Consider Age and Stage

Choose age-appropriate toys that match your baby’s developmental stage. Toys that encourage pouring, squirting, and floating can enhance cognitive development in babies.

Think Engagement and Interactivity

Look for toys that allow for imaginative play and those with sensory elements like textures, sounds, and water interactions. Toys that allow for imaginative play or those with sensory elements like textures, sounds, and water interactions are ideal. Consider toys that can be squeezed, filled with water, or even float.

Waterproof and Easy to Clean

Opt for waterproof toys that are easy to clean to avoid mold build-up. Rubber duckies, bath books, and toys specifically designed to prevent mold build-up are great choices.

Educational Value

Toys like alphabet or number sets that stick to the tub walls encourage learning during bath time. Floating puzzles and squirt toys also make for engaging and educational options. You may want to look at these factors while shopping for bath toys for your baby

  1. Consider your baby’s interests when choosing bath toys.
  2. If they love animals, consider animal-shaped toys.
  3. If they enjoy music, look for toys that play songs or make sounds.
  4. Are you trying to address any specific issue such as baby not comfortable in water, baby needs a distraction so you can apply soap, etc?

Choose the best bath toys for your baby to make bath time more enjoyable and support their cognitive and sensory development. Remember to regularly clean and properly store bath toys to ensure a fun and healthy bathing experience for your baby.

How to Clean Baby Bath Toys

Ensuring the cleanliness and longevity of bath toys is essential for your baby’s health. These are methods for regular cleaning and proper storage of baby bath toys:

  1. Clean bath toys regularly by soaking them in water and mild soap. 
  2. Rinse thoroughly and allow them to air dry. 
  3. Periodic sanitization helps prevent mold or bacteria build-up.
  4. Store bath toys in a dry place to prevent mold growth. 
  5. Mesh bags or containers with drainage holes to keep toys dry and tidy between uses.

Best Baby Bath Toys 

Here is a list of types of baby bath toys which you can use while making a purchase. Please do your own research by looking at the product descriptions, reviews, and videos as you want to buy safe, entertaining and reusable toys for your cutie pie.

Stacking Cups

These colorful cups are not just for stacking; they teach concepts like pouring, scooping, and stacking while having a blast in the tub. Since these cups do not hold water, the risk of these toys catching mold is minimal. We suggest shaking excess water off after use and putting these toys in a net bag with suction cup to hang on the tub wall.

Rubber Duckies

A classic bath toy that never goes out of style! They promote imaginative play and can even help introduce concepts like floating and sinking.

Babies bath toy rubber duckies

Waterproof Books

Floating bath baby books with waterproof pages are fantastic for teaching reading and storytelling in a water-friendly environment. These books are fantastic for keeping your baby engaged in learning while enjoying their time in the water. If your baby likes to stand up and climb while taking a bath, which can be a disaster when you add soap and water to the mix, you may want to use these books to keep them sitting with minimal movement.

Squirt Toys

These toys allow little ones to explore cause and effect by squeezing and releasing water. They often come in various shapes and characters, adding to the fun. You may want to do some research before buying squirt toys as kids tend to chew on these toys and if the quality of material or paint on these toys is not good, it may cause health issues.

Baby bath squirt toys

Floating Puzzles

Floating puzzle pieces that stick to the tub walls when wet engage kids in problem-solving and hand-eye coordination while they enjoy their bath. Just like the floating books, these floating puzzles help babies learn while enjoying their time in the water.

Baby bath toys - puzzles

Interactive Bath Toys

Interactive toys can be attached to flat and smooth surfaces such as bathtub walls and kids can play with these toys themselves. As the name suggests, kids can interact with these toys which helps in improving their motor skills and makes bath time even more fun.

Baby bath toys - interactive toys

Bottom Line

Investing in the best baby bath toys enhances bath time and supports your child’s cognitive and sensory development. Choosing safe, engaging toys and maintaining them properly ensures your baby has a fun and healthy bathing experience.


Are all bath toys safe for babies?

Not all toys are suitable for babies. Ensure they are made from safe, non-toxic materials without small parts that could pose a choking hazard.

How often should I clean bath toys? 

It’s advisable to clean bath toys weekly using mild soap and water. Sanitize them occasionally to prevent mold or bacteria.

Can I use regular toys in the bath?

Stick to toys specifically designed for bath time to ensure they are waterproof, easy to clean, and safe for your baby.

When should I replace bath toys?

Replace bath toys if they show mold, mildew, or damage. Regularly inspect toys for any wear and tear.

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